WikiLeaks Begins Info Dump ‘The Spyfiles’

Dec 1, 2011

WikiLeaks: The Spy Files

Mass interception of entire populations is not only a reality, it is a secret new industry spanning 25 countries

It sounds like something out of Hollywood, but as of today, mass interception systems, built by Western intelligence contractors, including for ’political opponents’ are a reality. Today WikiLeaks began releasing a database of hundreds of documents from as many as 160 intelligence contractors in the mass surveillance industry.  Working with Bugged Planet and Privacy International, as well as media organizations form six countries – ARD in Germany, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the UK, The Hindu in India, L’Espresso in Italy, OWNI in France and the Washington Post in the U.S. Wikileaks is shining a light on this secret industry that has boomed since September 11, 2001 and is worth billions of dollars per year. WikiLeaks has released 287 documents today, but the Spy Files project is ongoing and further information will be released this week and into next year.




Assange: ‘iPhone, Blackberry, Gmail users – you’re all screwed’

Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware


Wikileaks’ Spy Files paints damning picture of tech surveillance


Kaye Beach

Dec 1, 2011

Wikileak Spyfile find #1

Alcatel-Lucent Unified  Lawful Interception Suite (These are the guys implementing Oklahoma’s Smart meter/grid communications system) 1357 ULIS adds lawful interception functions to Alcatel-Lucent products, adapting their internal interfaces to the standard lawful interception interfaces of law enforcement agency monitoring facilities.

More about Alcatel Lucent’s Smart Metering for Energy Utilities
•Access and Backhaul Networking:
•Allows bi-directional communication —ultimately enabling the utility to not only measure consumption, but also to actively influence or control it.
•Meter Data Management:
•The meter data management system manages the collection of metering data and organizes it: by customer, customer type, geography, retailer or any other relevant criteria.
•Tariff Management:
•Allows providers to charge flexibly for electricity service—structuring tariffs in ways that ultimately change energy consumption.
•Asset Management:
•The asset management system allows operators to keep track of their many assets and the interconnections of those assets to form smart metering network.



One response to “WikiLeaks Begins Info Dump ‘The Spyfiles’

  1. Looks like werph aucht.

    Total Information Awareness – Full Spectrum Dominance…

    Do Amerikan TVZombies understand the English language?
    No it’s all INSOC to them. 1984 redux doojie voojie all over again, like ‘Groundhog Day’.
    Thanx for the lollipop kids.


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