Pre-Crime Detection Scanners Coming Soon…

Kaye Beach

Dec 7, 2011

Barring legal hurdles and adverse public response, this is what we have to look forward to.  I have little faith that legal hurdles will trip this program up.  It is up to us to provide a public response that will stop DHS and its spy machines that scrutinize us with cameras, sniff us, detect our heart rate, respiration and gender, and decide whether or not we are naughty or nice by algorithm.

From the SEO Law Firm Legal News Center;

Pre-Crime Detection Scanners Heighten Legal and Scientific Debates

By Krystina Steffen, staff writer – November 17, 2011

The Department of Homeland Security has already successfully tested a pre-crime detection scanner on humans. Barring the legal hurdles and public response once this is officially unveiled, these scanners will gauge facial expressions and other biometric data to detect if someone is giving cues for mal-intent. [1] The DHS’ algorithm also includes scanning a person’s gender, ethnicity, breathing, and heart rate in a non-intrusive way via video and audio scanning. The DHS would like to utilize this technology not only at airports, but in bigger settings such as sporting events, border checkpoints, and more.

As society gets acclimated to full body scanners at many U.S. airports, it begs the question of having scanning in more facets of our life. Remote sensors could become a reality to track our eye movement, thermal cameras could target our respiration, and high-resolution videos could detect a whisper or subtle movements of the eyebrow. Pheromone detection is also on the table. [2]

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2 responses to “Pre-Crime Detection Scanners Coming Soon…

  1. PRE-CRIME !!! My God what are we turning into? Sounds like it came straight out of George orwell’s 1984

  2. Fascism is alive and doing quite well in the U.S.S.A….

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