The Oklahoma House is Rocking

Kaye Beach

Dec. 8, 2011

The legislative session hasn’t even begun but the rumblings can be heard already.  Maybe we have found the source of the unusual earthquakes that Oklahoma has been experiencing- The Oklahoma Republican Caucus.

Last session there was a concerted effort to pin all the discord on the staunch conservative GOP House members but as time goes by it becomes more and more obvious that the friction extends far beyond merely a few members.  House leadership has a real problem and containing the growing ire within its own   ranks is not going to be easy from the looks of things.

below are two recent articles about the annual two day retreat for GOP House members to get together and discuss the work before them in the upcoming legislative session.  The actual down-to-business meeting was very short and certainly not sweet.

The Oklahoma Truth Council notes;

Some supporters of Steele are finding it harder and harder to ignore the train wreck his leadership is creating. There are whispers of a possible revolt and move to oust Steele from the Speaker’s office once the House opens for business on February 6, 2012.

Read more from the Oklahoma Truth Council- Caucus Chaos


The McCarville Report Online posts an email about the retreat written by a very unhappy Rep. Gus Blackwell whose story makes Speaker Steele seem positively Grinch-y.

My question on the abuse of power, by the Speaker, extended well past the replacing of Rep. Trebilcock and into the myriads of other firings and resignations, which have occurred in the House.  Another firing of a House employee happened yesterday, while this topic was being avoided. An employee with just two days to go until her 25th year of service to the House of Representatives was fired and escorted out, like a criminal. No longevity check
in her stocking this year. 

Read more; Blackwell: GOP Caucus Was A Sham, Steele Abused Power Of Speaker’s Office



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