NYC to Use Scanners to Find People Carrying Guns

Kaye Beach

Jan 18, 2012

Disturbing news about the NYPD wanting to use technology to peek under your clothes as you walk down the street.


Submitted by Mark Berman Opposing Views on Jan 17, 2012

New York City is looking towards high-tech scanners to find people who are carrying guns on the city streets.

The New York Daily News reports that in his State of the NYPD speech on Tuesday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department wants to use technology similar to infrared imaging that detects radiation coming from a person’s body.

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From Gizmodo;

The NYPD Wants Mobile Weapon Scanners for Drive-By Patdowns

The NYPD is in hot water with civil rights groups over its controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy. But, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has a solution—handheld weapons scanners that see guns under clothing! Fourth Amendment? What’s that?

As Kelly told a State of the NYPD breakfast Tuesday, the department is developing a mobile, infrared scanner mechanism that would allow officers to detect concealed weapons similar to the way that full-body scanners at airports work. The Department of Defense is also working with the NYPD to develop the technology


One response to “NYC to Use Scanners to Find People Carrying Guns

  1. someone needs to sue this xxxxxxx, ray kelly, for millions.

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