The Race for Nominee – Okla. GOP Insider ‘We must find delegates who will stop Ron Paul’ The Oklahoma Truth Council

Kaye Beach

Jan. 19, 2012



As you already know, in order for any candidate to become president,  he must win the GOP nomination first.   What you might not know is that it is the delegates, not ordinary voters, who will be voting to pick the GOP nominee.  This is where the grassroots activists passion and mettle can make all the difference.

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to explain the importance of the delegate process to other Ron Paul supporters on Inforwars Nightly News with Aaron Dykes. You can access that video here 

Oklahoma Ron Paul grassroots caught the eye of the popular news site when Tulsa area activists for Paul wrote this article, How to Get Ron Paul Elected, that Infowars subsequently published.

The Oklahoma GOP Precinct meetings begin the first week of February.  Find out more.

The Oklahoma Truth Council has posted a very good article explaining the process and its pitfalls.

From the Oklahoma Truth Council posted on Jan. 16, 2012;

Delegate Decision

The Race for Nominee is Not Over… It’s Barely Started!

Oklahoma Precinct Meetings have not even taken place, yet the battle for Oklahoma’s votes for the Republican nomination for President are already in contention. While much focus has been placed on the actual “voting” for President, sources inside the Oklahoma Republican Party have confirmed that Super Tuesday is not where the battle is being fought.

New rules adopted by the Oklahoma Republican Party state that while Delegates to the National Convention must vote in accordance with the mathematical split will of the Oklahoma Electorate, they are only required to do so through the second round of balloting. On the third ballot, delegates are free to vote for the nominee of their choice.

This, added to the fact that many states changed their rules to similar formats like Oklahoma means that if no candidate has the required 1,144 delegate votes at the time of the convention, then it will be the delegates and NOT the voters who actually select the nominee for President.

While the press seems to be determined to proclaim that Mitt Romney is the de facto nominee for winning two states, the fact is that the proportional delegate counts from New Hampshire and Iowa makes the race extremely close. Romney leads with 14 delegates, Paul has 10 delegates, Rick Santorum has 8 delegates, Huntsman, Gingrich, and Perry each have two delegates.

This has led some within the Republican Party to begin shaping the delegate pool to insure that they have people on board to “play ball.” There are even reports that the recruitment of delegates is at the exclusion of one candidate. One Republican Party insider even stated that “we must find delegates who will stop Ron Paul.”

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