OK2A ACTION ALERT: Senator Ellis Wants To Disarm CCL Holders

Jan 28, 2012

From OK2A;

ACTION ALERT: Senator Ellis Wants To Disarm CCL Holders

Senator Jerry Ellis (D – Valliant) wants to do away with all of Oklahoma’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements with other states, in effect, disarming Oklahoma CCL holders when they travel out of state.  Senate Bill  1556 would nullify all other states’ concealed carry licenses in Oklahoma, which would then cause other states to no longer recognize Oklahoma’s CCL.  This is a ridiculous bill and a huge step backward for the freedoms of Oklahomans.

Even though the 2012 Legislative Session will not begin for another 10 days, it is not too early to call Senator Ellis’ office and ask him to withdraw this terrible bill.  You can reach Senator Ellis at (405) 521-5614.



An Act relating to crimes and punishments; amending 21 O.S. 2011, Section 1289.13A, which relates to the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971; deleting certain license to allow for lawful transportation; amending 21 O.S. 2011, Section 1290.26, which relates to the Oklahoma Self Defense Act; rescinding certain reciprocity authority; requiring certain concealed license under certain circumstances; providing penalty; and providing an effective date.


Read the bill SB1556


4 responses to “OK2A ACTION ALERT: Senator Ellis Wants To Disarm CCL Holders

  1. On the bright side, Sen. Steve Russell, R-Oklahoma City, has filed Senate Bill 1092. It’s a really nice open carry bill. I’ve already got in touch with my critters about it.
    What is it with these gun fearing wussies?
    Here’s a link straight to the bill as introduced: http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf/2011-12%20INT/SB/SB1092%20INT.DOC

  2. That’s a ridiculous bill to propose. We don’t give up what we have gained. This guy needs to be reminded that his chances in the next election will be severely diminished if he doesn’t withdraw this bill. That’s the way most of these liberal idiots are when they get elected, they represent you until they are in office and then all that matters what they and their good ‘ol boy buddies want. I can’t understand what the advantage of this bill would be.

  3. We don’t need anymore firearms laws period! Zip , zero , ziltch. I don’t like any new firearms proposals. We have the right to bear arms just like the constitution says.

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