The Plan to Entrench ObamaCare and How Oklahomans Can Fight Back

Kaye Beach

Jan 28, 2012

Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius reveals the plan to ensure that the government takeover of our health care becomes hopelessly entrenched.

(For Oklahoman’s who are serious about resisting this there are three things listed below that you can do now to stop it.)

First they shock the heck out of us with the whole health care reform law, then wear us out fighting it (even in our own states where leaders have vowed to oppose it), we pass our little resolutions, throw some papers at the court  and wonder what else we can do.  We are tired.

Sebelius plans to add a little sugar and if history bears her out, we will get used to the idea and eventually accept it and forget all about our silly little principles and move on to the next big battle that Big Momma Gov. also  intends to win.

January 19, 2012 –

 “The more we educate people about the law, the more they’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits. The more they take advantage of the benefits, the harder it will be for opponents to take those benefits away. Once you have something and you like it and you’re using it, you will fight with your own member of Congress to keep it.” (HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius)

This strategy may insult you but it may not a bad one.   When you really break it down you will find the reason in it.

While most Americans say they oppose the Health Care Reform Laws what most really oppose is the government forcing an individual to purchase health insurance.  But there are a lot of other little goodies mixed in to ease that bitter pill.  Goodies like insurers being forced to cover your kids till they are 26.

Big Momma Gov. has been taking our temperatures;  continuous polling of the American public shows that we aren’t nearly so opposed the portions of the law that happens to directly benefit us.  We should be though.  Those goodies come at the same price as the individual mandates-more government control and less liberty.  Remember that.

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.   –Thomas Jefferson

So while we are outraged (and rightly so!) on principle, Sebelius is simply betting that our love of comfort and expediency is stronger than our backbone.

At some point we must either prove our mettle or just give up and go quietly into that good night.  I am telling you all this for a reason.  We have a small window of opportunity right now to actually stop this.

Please don’t wait for the Supreme Court.    No matter what the Supreme Court says about the individual mandate, the takeover of our health care will still proceed.  It may proceed a little more or less quickly,  but it will proceed unless we choose to take action.

Obama lawyers argue rest of health law can survive

If you do not want ObamaCare and you are tired of rolling over for one outrage after another here are three important things that you can do to put Big Momma Gov. back in her place.

#1 Get educated! 

The policies placed by our state legislature, more than anything,  will determine the future of health care in Oklahoma.  Learn how the legislative process works so you can advocate effectively for the correct outcome.

OK-SAFE is conducting its’ annual Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process training.

OK-SAFE writes;

. . .last year’s  HB 2130, dealing with the health insurance exchanges, is still a live round. This highly controversial bill passed the OK House by a narrow margin on March 17th, 2011.  Due to backlash the bill was not heard in the Senate; however, since it passed the House and simply was not heard yet in the Senate, it is still an active bill.

. . .What has to happen is a reversal of the groundwork laid out already, by repealing past enabling legislation.  (See OK-SAFE’s Exposing Health Care Reform website, Oklahoma Timeline, for details.) read more from OK-SAFE

Norman, OK –

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Location: First Assembly of God Church in Norman, 2500 E. Lindsey, Norman, OK

Go to this class.  Amanda Teegarden will give you a crash course in how to make a difference in the outcome at the state capitol and with your legislators.  If you don’t get OK-SAFE Action Alerts-sign up now!  They are infrequent, informative and free.

#2 Get Informed!

Knowledge IS power! There are people out there that actually make a living understanding government policy.  A few of those people also have a passion for free markets and free people.  Never miss a chance to learn from them.

Oklahoma Defend Your Health Care Freedom! Important Meetings Begin Feb. 7th

Here is the information you need to really understand the issue so that you can communicate clearly with your elected officials, your family, your friends.  Never doubt the power of persuasion especially when you have the facts to back you up.

Also see;

A whole lot of work has went into compiling, researching and comprehending all of this information that is neatly presented on this website just for you to put to good use in keeping Oklahoma free.

Exposing Health Care Reform  – New Site

OK-SAFE, Inc. is developing a new website dedicated to one subject: Exposing the Truth About Health Care Reform in Oklahoma.

#3 Get Inspired and Get busy!

We are not overpowered and we are not alone.  Other states are throwing Big Momma out on her tail.  Only 17 states so far have passed the legislation needed to set up Health Insurance Exchanges.  

Refusing an insurance exchange is a win-win for Idaho

Rejecting health-care exchanges

Final Strings Video Says It All: Governor Walker Hits One out of the Park on Health Care


2 responses to “The Plan to Entrench ObamaCare and How Oklahomans Can Fight Back

  1. When I first read Sebelius remark, I thought she should have been in the movie,”1984″ but I realize she is nothing but a punk dope dealer peddling addiction. She wants to rock my world with the super-H so I can’t give it up.
    Where is Charles Bronson when we need him!

  2. Something else to get in touch with my critters for. Although I have to say I’ve gotten a good response from my rep. He liked my ideals about ‘instead of grow revenue try cutting givemment’ and ‘for every law passed two have to be repealed’.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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