Oops! Ellis’ Gun Right’s Constricting Bill Was a Mistake

Kaye Beach

Feb 1, 2012

On  Jan 28th I re-posted this Action Alert from OK2A

OK2A ACTION ALERT: Senator Ellis Wants To Disarm CCL Holders

On Jan 30, 2012 Fox 25 reports;

Gun rights bill confusion

Gun owners are outraged over a senate bill that would restrict gun rights.  But hopefully they won’t be upset for long.  It ends up the bill itself and subsequent outrage is all one big mix-up.  more

OK2A, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association writes;

The language contained in the bill would do away with all reciprocal agreements for concealed carry permits in Oklahoma.  Senator Ellis, the author, and the Oklahoma Rifle Association, the sponsor, have both said that the language in the bill is an error.

Fox 25 spoke with Sen.Ellis and Tim Gillespie, founder of OK2a on Monday;

See Video Here

OK2A says SB 1550 is still a bad bill even with the offending language removed;

They say the bill was meant to make it illegal for Oklahoma residents to have a concealed carry permit from another state.  It is still a bad bill.

This notion treats a symptom rather than dealing with the real problem.  Oklahoma’s concealed carry permit is too expensive.  To get an Oklahoma CCL you are going to spend at least $175 between the class, the Sheriff, OSBI, etc., while in other states you can get it for much less.  That is why we are sponsoring SB1550, authored by Senator Shortey, which would lower the fee to $35 for OSBI and the Sheriff.

We don’t like the notion that people are being charged at all for exercising their God-given, Constitutionally-recognized rights.  But at least this bill brings the fee down closer to what it should be, $0, and makes it more affordable for people to get the CCL from Oklahoma.

Please continue to call Senator Ellis.  Tell him SB1556 is still a bad idea.  Ask him to withdraw it and support SB1550 instead.  You may reach Senator Ellis’ office at (405) 521-5614.


7 responses to “Oops! Ellis’ Gun Right’s Constricting Bill Was a Mistake

  1. SB 1556 is a bad bill> Its author is a bad Senator….Vote both of them down.

  2. Take Back Our Rights

    To quote Mr. Lizard the Wizard, “Twizzle, twazzle, twozzle, twome; time for this one to come home.”

  3. I spoke with an Oklahoma republican senator about this ellis gun restricting & here is what he said.

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  5. Good job Arlene!

  6. It is fairly common for states to prohibit citizens from taking advantage of concealed carry reciprocity by getting a non-resident cwp (concealed weapons permit) from another state for use in their home state. Reducing the fees is a good start!

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