Big Momma Gov says No Smoking Young Okies!

Kaye Beach

Feb. 14, 2012

House Bill 2314 to gradually raise the legal age to smoke to 21  passed the House Public Health  Committee today. The next stop for the bill will be for a hearing on the floor of the Oklahoma House.

If you have an opinion on this measure, you will want to contact your Representative in the  House soon and let them know what you think about it. Link

Personally, I consider those that are 18 years old to be adults and while I wish that no one would choose to smoke, I think the loss of personal autonomy to be the bigger threat here.  Big Momma Gov appears to be alive in kicking in the great state of Oklahoma!

Proposed Legislation Could Raise Smoking Age Limit



5 responses to “Big Momma Gov says No Smoking Young Okies!

  1. We sent these people there with a mandate to stop doing what the libtard dems were doing… The system is rotten to the core…
    That ought to get me on another list….

  2. This is truely nuts! 18yr olds are old enough to serve and die for their country; to elect a President/Gov etc. However they are not old enough
    to make their own choices to smoke or not!
    To those who wanted Madam Diety as Gov, you got what you deserve, the fact she was a better choice than Geri Atkins, we should never had her
    (Fallin) as our candidate for Gov.
    Dave Lowe

  3. Your right Dave and this is the back and forth I’m having with my critters…
    Who would you have as a candidate for Gov.?
    As I said the system is rotten to the core.
    Oh ya Kaye, I just read the new DHS directive on who to watch out for and I just might pass you on list’s…

  4. it is a mistery to me as to why they would be wasting time with something like this . Are these people high or just ignorant

  5. I call it “control maniac depression” lol! Those people need an excuse to tax you more, and diminish you more!

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