Should Oklahoma take a stand against the NDAA?

Kaye Beach

Feb 15, 2012

I don’t know about you but I want my state to go on record as opposing this dangerous legislation.  If you agree, make a call or send an email today letting the head of the Rules Committee know that it is important to you.  (contact info at the bottom of this post)

HCR 1025 is a resolution filed by state Rep. Charles Key would petition Congress and President Barack Obama to repeal sections of the National Defense Authorization Act that are in conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

 “President Barack Obama has said he would not hold citizens indefinitely, it is deplorable that he would sign into law legislation that contains clauses that would authorize him to do just that,” said Key ( R-Oklahoma City ). “Oklahomans have taken notice of this repugnant new law and as state lawmakers it is our duty to apply pressure to Congress and the president to undo this debacle.” link

Read HCR 1025

Oklahoma joins at least five other states in pushing back against the unconstitutional NDAA which is terribly ambiguous at the least and at the worst will allow the government to detain indefinitely those that are merely suspected or in any way can be associated with terrorism.

HCR 1025 has been referred to the House Rules Committee but has yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

Please call or send an  email encouraging Rep. Banz, Chair of the Rules Committee, to give HCR 1025 a hearing in his committee.


5 responses to “Should Oklahoma take a stand against the NDAA?

  1. You betcha

  2. Thanks Kaye for bringing this to our attention.

    I just sent my 2 sentence request to Rep Banz to hear HCR 1025.

    Mark in Midwest City

  3. Already been after my critters on this one…

  4. Thanks guys, will call our reps.

  5. Virgil Bankes Hulbert, Ok

    I got a email about Texas and NDAA, so I look it up on yahoo for Oklahoma, sure glad I did, I will pass the info. on to the Tulsa tea party and put it on my facebook page and all my email address friends so we can get all the help we can even in other states.
    “We got the internet why not use it!”

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