DHS Disregards Public Comments, OKs ‘Global Entry’ Program

Kaye Beach

Feb 16, 2012

From EPIC the Electronic Privacy Information Center;


The US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a law enforcement
agency of the Department of Homeland Security, has issued a final rule
approving Global Entry, a traveler-screening program, despite the
substantial privacy and security risks brought to the agency’s
attention. Under the Global Entry program, the CBP would collect
detailed personal information about airline passengers, including Social
Security numbers and biometric information such as iris scans, which
normally would be subject to Privacy Act safeguards.
Global Entry allows travelers to expedite their entry into the United
States at US partner airports. To participate in the program, travelers
must meet specific requirements and undergo pre-screening by the CBP,
which will use biometrics “to validate identity.” The CBP claims to have
legal authority to share travelers’ personal information with US law
enforcement agencies.
In public comments submitted to the agency in 2010, EPIC stressed that
the Global Entry program should “(1) provide individuals judicially
enforceable rights of access and correction; (2) create suitable
retention and disposal standards; (3) limit the distribution of
information to only those necessary for the screening process; (4) and
respect individuals’ rights to their information that is collected and
maintained by the agency.”  EPIC also noted that implementing the
Global Entry program without first conducting a Privacy Impact
Assessment would violate federal law. Finally, EPIC underscored the
importance of a Privacy Impact Assessment, “particularly in light of
the fiasco encountered under Clear, a similar registered traveler
The CPB’s final rulemaking, however, rejected EPIC’s recommendation
that the agency comply with the Privacy Act by limiting the
distribution of passenger information to those who need it for
screening purposes.
Fed. Digital System:  Final Rule on Global Entry Program (Feb. 6, 2012)
US Customs and Border Protection:  Global Entry
EPIC:  Comments on Establishment of Global Entry (Jan. 19, 2010)
EPIC:  Global Entry

2 responses to “DHS Disregards Public Comments, OKs ‘Global Entry’ Program

  1. Howard T. Lewis III

    What this really means is, if the Bush criminal cabal likes you, you get your genitals fondled. If they don’t like you, you are tied up and escorted out of the airport to have them surgically removed.
    Since the wankers at the DHS and the TSA are ignoring the presence of the criminal cabal that did 9-11, we may logically and therfore legally conclude that this airport molestation is that and ONLY that. The TSA has been warned enough times about laws concerning assault, but the incidents continue under the same phony conditions. Now, the U.S. Navy SEALS tell us the Obummer presidency and its handlers(pun unintended) are planning another false flag to get on an attack against Iran. The DHS and TSA are trained to find genitals and not criminals or actual threats to national security. That is a fact.


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