AxXiom For Liberty Live 6-8 PM CST – The Oklahoma Open Government Act HR 1004

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen-

The Oklahoma Open Government Act HR 1004

Listen LIVE on from 6-8pm CST

Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key (R) District 90,  will be with us in studio to discuss a problem with the legislative rules at the Oklahoma Statehouse that many believe “encourages government secrecy, corrupts politicians and cuts the heart out of representative government.”

The problem: Bills are assigned to committees whose chairmen exercise dictatorial control over whether a bill gets a fair hearing. Without discussion or vote, chairmen can arbitrarily kill any legislation they choose.

If a legislator is unable to get his or her bill heard, then representative government is essentially dead. Many good bills never get a fair hearing and recorded vote because the committee chairman chooses not to hear them. Legislators are able to avoid taking a public position on difficult issues. The people are the losers.

This kind of power was never envisioned by America‘s Founders or the authors of our state constitution. They meant for the legislative process to be open to all the people’s representatives (legislators) so that all ideas could be heard and debated in search for the best ones. This moral issue is the foundation of representative government and a free society.

. . .The solution is the Open Government Rule: The House and Senate need to change their rules to assure that every bill that a legislator wants heard gets a fair hearing in committee and recorded vote. And every bill that passes committee gets a fair hearing and recorded vote on the floor.

This rule change will assure that the people, through their representatives, get a fair hearing for their ideas. Just as important, the people will be able to hold their representatives accountable. No longer will politicians be able to say one thing while doing something else.

Read more from Rep. Charles Key

Read the bill- HR 1004

We will hear from other legislators and grassroots activists their views on this issue.

Your opinions and comments are welcome-Call Us!



5 responses to “AxXiom For Liberty Live 6-8 PM CST – The Oklahoma Open Government Act HR 1004

  1. Kaye,
    I just came in and set down at the computer to write my little band of Patriots about HR-1004 and low and behold here you are in my inbox. Thanks for doing my homework and throwing in a radio show to boot.
    Restore this Republic!
    Mark Irwin

  2. Mr. Conservative

    Al Gerhart’s through in politics. He’ll have to go back to scaring old people by telling them that their granite counter tops are causing cancer.

  3. Mark, You just made my night. Glad to be of help and hope you can join us Wed. at the Capitol for the discharge petition drive!
    Thank you!

  4. Mr. Conservative,
    Al Gerhart is not “in” politics. I’d say he is rather on the outside of politics. Either way, his salary isn’t going to suffer any.

  5. Mr. Conservative

    AxXiom, you’re right. What I mean is, his days as some type of media personality are over. He’s ruined whatever credibility he might have had, and no one with the intelligence of a shoelace is going to take him seriously after this.

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