Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! Dan Feidt, Homeland Security Investigations & Chris Long on the Oklahoma Tea Party

Tonight on Axxiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen 6-8 PM CST

We have two great guests lined up for you tonight!

Listen Live Online at Logos Radio Network

Dan Feidt

First up is Dan Feidt to tell us about the Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Team

Dan has the scoop on Fusion Centers, The Military Industrial Complex, anything intel, info ops or top secret government documents.

He is also a boots on the ground activist and citizen reporter and can tell you just how to deal with surly legislators, corrupt officials and the government spies that think that every gathering of citizens is an angry mob on the verge of an uprising.

Check out the article he wrote on HSI at his website

Chris Long

Then we have a very special guest- Chris Long.  Chris is currently Attending University of Oklahoma where he is working on his Master of Arts in Broadcast and Electronic Media.  His current film is Crying out Loud: Messages from the Heartland.  This film is centered on the Tea Party movement. What began as a project for a 5 minute film has evolved into a 2 year study for Chris who has made the project into his Thesis.

We will find out what Chris has learned about this movement in Oklahoma, the people involved in the Tea Party and how this movement fits into the larger populist influence, both left and right, that has shaped politics in the state of Oklahoma since its beginnings.

We welcome your calls!

Call in number  512-646-1984


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