Wayne Pettigrew: It depends on what you mean by ‘lobbyist’

Kaye Beach

April 15, 2012

Wayne Pettigrew, District 2 candidate for Congress,  has maintained that he did not lobby in Oklahoma for InsureNet, that he only helped the company owner as a good citizen and a friend never receiving any payment for his efforts on behalf of InsureNet.

Truth or Truthiness?

I guess in Mr. Pettigrew’s mind, it depends on what you mean by “lobbyist”

He was not registered in Oklahoma as one but by any commonly accepted definition for what constitutes lobbying or being a lobbyist, Wayne Pettigrew was one for InsureNet.  He was registered in Nevada as a lobbyist and by Oklahoma’s definition for lobbyist, his work seems to fit the bill.

This article (linked below) published today in the Claremore Daily Progress reveals that;

1. Wayne Pettigrew was, in fact, a lobbyist for InsureNet.

2. Wayne Pettigrew had an agreement with InsureNet that stipulated that he would be paid a percentage upon securing a contract with a state to use InsureNet’s insurance verification system. (He estimated he would have received payment of  300, 000 dollars from InsureNet had he been successful in getting a contract with a state)

3.  Pettigrew received no compensation because he did not secure any contracts with any states for the company.

4. According to Wayne Pettigrew himself,  it is illegal to lobby on a percentage basis in the state of Oklahoma.

5.  Wayne Pettigrew appears to be more “truthy” than truthful.

Here is the story by Salesha Wilken for the Claremore Daily Progress;

Lobbyist or not? Wayne Pettigrew’s InsureNet connection under scrutiny


5 responses to “Wayne Pettigrew: It depends on what you mean by ‘lobbyist’

  1. oh wow. Looks like another one bites the dust.

  2. Kaye:
    Has this agreement with InsureNet been independently verified to your satisfaction?

  3. Phil, the verification came from the horse’s mouth. Pettigrew himself verifies it.

  4. Thanks, Kaye – guess it doesn’t get much more direct than that. It is unfortunate that the disappointments just keep on coming when it comes to our representatives or potential representatives.
    Keep up the great work. Much appreciate all your efforts, day after day.

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