Whetsel Challenges Candidacy of Darrell Sorrels Monday 10am OK County Election Board

Kaye Beach

**Update-Sorrels Prevails!  More Below**

April 22, 2011

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel filed a petition last Tuesday to contest the candidacy of challenger, Darrell Sorrels.


Whetsel claims that Sorrels is in violation of the Hatch Act  which limits certain political activities of Federal employees.  Sorrels disagrees.  He is an independent employee of a federal contractor, a position is not a covered one under the Hatch Act.

A hearing will be held to resolve the question Monday April 23rd at 10 am at the Oklahoma County Election Board.

I will be there to observe the proceedings and encourage other supporters of Darrell Sorrels to attend.

The Oklahoma County Election Board Office is located at 4201 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105




April 23, 2012

Contact: Darrell Sorrels



Oklahoma County Election Board Unanimously Rejects Whetsel’s Claims


          Darrell Sorrels, Republican candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff, won a key victory over incumbent sheriff John Whetsel in front of the Oklahoma County Election Board. The incumbent sheriff attempted to have Sorrels disqualified from the political race for reasons that were found to be completely without merit.

Sorrels, who is employed by a private sector law enforcement contractor, is exempt from federal Hatch Act laws. In advancing his misguided claim, Whetsel argued that federal Hatch Act laws prevent Sorrels from partisan elections. Additionally Whetsel was unaware that Hatch Act claims were outside of the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma County Election Board.

With Whetsel’s record of mismanagement as sheriff to properly operate the detention center facility along with the dark cloud hanging over his office by the U.S. Department of Justice, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to risk being held accountable by Oklahoma County voters.

“When John was first elected sheriff, he pledged to address the problems and properly run the jail. It is clear that he has failed that task. Now he wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new jail palace,” said Sorrels. “The current jail isn’t a perfect facility, but it should not be cast aside. It’s a 21 year old facility. The taxpayers deserve better.”

Now that Sorrels has prevailed over Whetsel’s attempt to deny the voters a real choice in November, he will begin his campaign in earnest.



6 responses to “Whetsel Challenges Candidacy of Darrell Sorrels Monday 10am OK County Election Board

  1. Okla. is sick of John Whetsel. The state is more than due for a positive change.

  2. I am in complete agreement!

  3. Whetsel must be afraid of the competition.

  4. Victory is ours! Sorrels will remain on the ballot! Today has been a day of justice FINALLY!

  5. Jon Muckleroy

    Sheriff Sorrels are belong to us!

  6. fantastic!

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