Did Wishy-Washy Wayne Pettigrew Hoodwink Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Kaye Beach

April 25, 2012

Uh-oh Joe!  Did  somebody snooker you into endorsing one of those “wishywashy Republicans who favor half measures”

Joe Arpaio endorses Wayne Pettigrew , OK D2 congressional candidate (and whoever wrote this up didn’t even spell ‘Arpaio’ correctly)

“We’ve got serious problems in this country. Liberal open border advocates are trying to fundamentally transform our nation. But it’s not just the liberals we have to guard against –wishywashy Republicans who favor half measures are part of the problem too!”

“In Congress, Wayne Pettigrew won’t back down. He’ll stand strong for a real crack down on illegal aliens and a truly secured border. He’ll fight against amnesty and taxpayer benefits for illegals.”

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In this op-ed written by Wayne Pettigrew in 2006, Pettigrew says that those who “want to crack down on illegal immigration and send all of the illegal immigrants back to Mexico. . .haven’t got a clue”

You hear that Joe?  Pettigrew says “You haven’t got a clue”

Pettigrew is quite enthusiastic about foreign workers, writing that,

“If I had it all to do over again, the first thing I would do before beginning construction is learn to speak Spanish.”


“I found the Hispanic workers to be more committed to their job and more reliable than their white counterparts

He also says that Hispanic workers are harder workers than American workers and are more honest than and reliable their American counterparts.

“The individuals who framed my home, roofed my home, bricked my home and painted my home were all Hispanic.

Not only did they do a good job, they showed up for work and worked longer days than the non-Hispanic workers who worked on my home. They also, to my knowledge, never stole anything from the work site, which I cannot say for the non-Hispanic workers who participated in building our house.
To a large degree, I found the Hispanic workers to be more committed to their job and more reliable than their white counterparts”

Pettigrew believes that deportation of illegal immigrants will create a dirty hotel room crisis.

“If you want to ensure that your room will be clean at the next hotel that you check into then don’t favor the deportation of the only individuals willing to do the job that guarantees it will be.”

Pettigrew believes that illegal immigrants are vital to our economy and are not a drain on our welfare system.

Hispanics, whether here legally or not, contribute greatly to our local, state and national economies

Pettigrew says that they are actually propping up our retirement and particularly supports

“. . .efforts to extend work visas to those individuals who wish to work in the United States and particularly to those who wish to pursue the path to citizenship.”

(Read the entire article Hispanics are vital to local economy by Wayne Pettigrew)

How in the world did Wayne Pettigrew garner Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement?

Has anyone told Joe Arpaio that he might have been snookered on this endorsement?



4 responses to “Did Wishy-Washy Wayne Pettigrew Hoodwink Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

  1. He looks like a Jew and is bashing Whites.

    So, better than “Whites” but how would they compare to BLACKS, eh? Notice he feels safe bashing WHITES but he wouldn’t DREAM of mentioning BLACKS in this manner.

  2. It’s believed that Pettigrew lives in Edmonds, yet I’m seeing a lot of his campaign signs in McAlester. Does he live in both places?

  3. Sheriff Joe has been on the clock for a long time. He’s probably tired, burned out & he’s making blunders. Joe is not as sharp as he used to be. I saw him being interviewed on news.. Can’t remember which one. But he seemed like he was rambling & there was too many pause in his speech.

    See, a lot of folks on our side of aisle don’t want to say nothing about this observation. But I felt I should step up on this. Just saying…

  4. Back when election was in high gear, Bachmann.. Perry .. Cain & others in the race were beating at Sheriff Joe’s door for endorsement. After he endorsed Cain, he ain’t been the same since. At that press conference w/Cain I noticed something was not usual with Sheriff Joe. It was like he lost the mojo.

    Haven’t you noticed here lately that GOP folks are not in hot pursuit for his endorsement like they had in the past?

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