Friday May 18th AxXiom For Liberty Live! Guest Co-Host Craig Dawkins, OK GOP Convention Retrospective, OK County Sheriff Candidate Darrell Sorrels

AxXiom For Liberty Radio  May 18, 2012

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Tonight on A4L – I would like to welcome Craig Dawkins as my guest co-host sitting in for Howard Houchen who busy on the campaign trail for OK Senator.

Check out Howard’s website!

Craig Dawkins is a tenured professor who teaches economics, personal finance and investments formerly a professional financial adviser and business owner.   His true passion lies in agitating on behalf of liberty and he advocates for the reform of the ballot access laws in Oklahoma, ending the drug war, and the importance of third parties in reforming the political process.

Hour 1

We are going to spend the first half of the show touching upon the recent Oklahoma OP State Convention but focusing on the future of the Ron Paul inspired Liberty movement and the Oklahoma GOP.

Guests include Lukas Collins, RNC Delegate, Ron Paul 2012 grassroots leader, Cheryl Williams, current State GOP Committeewoman and former GOP Vice-Chair, and John Roberts, current State GOP Committeeman and former Statewide Volunteer Coordinator for the Randy Brogdon for Governor Campaign 2010.

Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl at Oklahoma GOP convention

Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters

OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell reflects on Saturday’s chaotic convention

The OKGOP convention – Both sides messed up. By: David Tackett

Order and Chaos Part 1 – A Republican Gathering

Order and Chaos Part 2 – A Reconvention

Hour 2

Craig and I will take your calls and discuss issues facing the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and jail (For a good and relatively brief overvies of some of thes issues read 2009  report by the Oklahoma County Adult Detention Advisory Committee. and then introduce the 2012 contender for OK County Sheriff Darrell Sorrels.

Darrell Sorrel has served the citizens in Oklahoma County as a professional Law-Enforcement Officer for over 20 years.  He is currently a special Deputy for the US Marshal Service in the Western District of Oklahoma.(Check out Darrell Sorrels’ campaign website and Facebook page )

Call In Number is 512-646-1984

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