Mullin Open to Federal Felony Charges?

Kaye Beach

May 21, 2012

I received this information today detailing Mark Wayne Mullin’s involvement with a convicted felon (a rather scary felon at that-read the file!)  along with a federal case file.  The information is verifiable through publicly available documents.

Although Mullin was not initially charged, the federal felony statute of limitations for giving or purchasing a firearm to a convicted felon is 5 years, leaving prosecutors almost two more years to determine whether they will file charges against him. The maximum sentence is ten years for the offense.

Do we  need congressional candidates with such vulnerabilities running for office?

Here is the federal file

And here is the back story I received.

Mullin May Face Federal Felony Charges

A 2nd District Republican Congressional candidate could face federal felony charges due to his involvement with a convicted felon who possessed and was given guns by the now filed candidate.

Markwayne Mullin, owner of Mullin Plumbing, has admitted giving guns to Timothy Lee Saylor who had been convicted of multiple felonies in California. Saylor also pleaded guilty in 2009 to possessing firearms and ammunition in Oklahoma and served two years in federal prison.  He was released earlier this month (May 2012).

The 2009 Oklahoma conviction came following a raid on the Broken Arrow location of Mullin Plumbing where officers found a cache of weapons and ammunition inside a safe in Saylor’s office. Documents show that Saylor was employed as a supervisor at Mullin Plumbing for a period of approximately two years and he apparently was a close friend of Mullin.

Markwayne Mullin admitted in federal affidavits to having Saylor at his home on several occasions to shoot guns. He also said that he had given pistols to Saylor “to clean” and that the Chinese made semi-automatic pistol found inside Saylor’s gun safe belongs to him. Saylor also told officers that he reloaded .40 caliber ammunition for Mullin. Mullin also fits the description of the individual who purchased a Russian-made shotgun for Saylor.

Mullin has stated that he performs background checks on all of his employees and authorities could reasonably suspect he would have had knowledge of Saylor’s status as a convicted felon

Although Mullin was not initially charged, the federal felony statute of limitations for giving or purchasing a firearm to a convicted felon is 5 years, leaving prosecutors almost two more years to determine whether they will file charges against him. The maximum sentence is ten years for the offense.

The following was obtained from the federal file on the conviction of Saylor in 2009…

On Feb. 23, 2009 the Broken Arrow Police Department and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) conducted a search of Mullin Plumbing located at 118 South Elm Place in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

A known informant had provided information to agents that Timothy Saylor, a supervisor working for Mullin, possessed a large cache of firearms including shotguns, rifles and pistols in a gun safe located within his office at Mullin Plumbing, according to court documents. The informant stated that Saylor “appears to be mentally unstable at times and violent and makes threatening comments toward or about co-workers and employees.”

Officers obtained a search warrant and contacted Saylor who initially claimed the gun safe belonged to the owner of Mullin Plumbing, Markwayne Mullin. The safe was approximately five feet tall and two feet wide metal Sentry brand gun safe and was located in Saylor’s office, according court records.

Mullin initially said the safe was his but later said that it belonged to Saylor. Mullin was present during the search and gave officers consent to search a company van that Saylor operated. The van search revealed a large cache of pistol ammunition and empty shell casing and gun cleaning paraphernalia. Officers located firearms inside the safe and office of Saylor. Police seized multiple firearms including shotguns, gun cases, pistols, revolvers, hundreds of rounds ammunition and magazines.

Officers arrested Saylor and multiple charges were brought against him. Saylor later pleaded guilty to a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition charge.

Saylor’s arrest has left some unanswered questions for prosecutors about Mullin’s level of involvement.

Saylor, a convicted felon, had been working for Mullin Plumbing for approximately two years as a supervisor. According to statements by Mullin, it is his company’s policy to perform background checks on every employee, due to the fact that they do business in the homes and businesses of their customers. Saylor was a supervisor for the company.

Saylor’s previous felonies were for possess/manufacture/sell dangerous weapon; threaten crime with intent to terrorize. Additionally, Saylor had served prison time in California for possession of explosive device, making a destructive device without permit, carrying loaded firearm, assault and battery, assault with caustic chemical and threats.

If Mullin had conducted a background check on the employee he would have had knowledge of these convictions, police contend. Police also suggest that it was clear from that Saylor had a long history of firearm related violations and suspicious behavior

Mullin acknowledged in a signed court affidavit regarding an interview conducted by Saylor’s attorney, Shannon McMurray that a previous employee was the informant who turned in the two. Mullin revealed that he believed the informant was former employee, Donald Dunlap. Dunlap was terminated from Mullin Plumbing by Saylor and Mullin. Markwayne Mullin and Mullin plumbing may have had a history of hiring employees with questionable backgrounds according to the informant’s statements.

The issue of whether Mullin actually purchased guns for Saylor is possibly also still being investigated.

Authorities are also questioning why Mullin allowed Saylor to have such a large cache of ammunition at the office? The pistol ammunition located in Saylor’s vehicle did not match that of firearms located inside the safe.

Saylor also told officers that he re-loads ammunition at his home and that he did have additional ammunition and black powder at his home, which was also a violation of federal law.

Saylor’s wife was tipped off by “someone” that authorities had detained Saylor at the Mullin Plumbing office during the raid and she hid several guns in a shed near their home but later revealed their whereabouts to officers. Investigators likely suspect whether Mullin was the one who called her or had another employee make the call.

Further, statements show Saylor told officers that he re-loaded .40 caliber ammunition for Mullin. Mullin has denied that Saylor loaded ammunition for him.

Mullin said in documents that he observed that Saylor was in possession of a shotgun other than the one found in the safe. The Russian shotgun, an Izmash, Model Saiga-12 gauge was seized from the home of Saylor by authorities. This shotgun was purchased illegally through a “straw” purchase according to police documents. Although official documents have removed the name of the third party involved in the purchase of the weapon, certain suspension surrounds Mullin as he had detailed knowledge of the gun.

Additionally, the gun shop owner where the gun was purchased confirmed that a man fitting Markwayne Mullin’s description accompanied Saylor to his business and purchased the shotgun.

The potential for charges could complicate Mullin’s run for US Congress in that should he be convicted of the felony charge he would be ineligible to hold elected office.

35 responses to “Mullin Open to Federal Felony Charges?

  1. Wow. With this in your past, who in there right mind would run for office?

  2. Joe Patriot

    My thoughts exactly. Sounds like a huge lapse in judgement. Bet the democrats would love to run against him.

  3. I’d want to know more about the ‘felonies’ his employee had before I condemn Mullin on this. There is a lot of things that are crimes that shouldn’t be. Also consider that our last two presidents have been admitted drug users which if they had been caught and convicted would have prohibited them from the office.

  4. Why aren’t the news outlets in Oklahoma picking this up? This happened right in the Tulsa World’s back yard and they haven’t printed a peep of it. The daily Oklahoman show’s Mullin’s picture any time they mention District 2 as if he’s already won the race. Why won’t they touch this story? Is it because there are pretty serious advertising dollars coming in from his plumbing company and potentially serious dollars coming in from his campaign? Mullin Plumbing is spending ad money like never before, are they buying silence? He needs to come clean. They need to help him make that choice. What about the radio station that runs his saturday campaign show, have they run this? I haven’t see it anywhere but here.

  5. Jake, you pegged it-advertisers. Not just Mullin but many advertisers loath controversy. Meanwhile the voters are accused of being ill informed and making bad choices in elections.

  6. Read the court documents provided Saylir was convicted of manufacture/sell firearms, threats to terrorize and I believe assault and a charge dealing with chemical weapon. It is in the federal files he wasn’t just a regular felon…

  7. I would think that the folks who say they are Mullins friends, would have him to drop out the race right now. He is too young to get him completely thoroughly damaged by the implications that these charges can cause him. He might lose his business.

  8. This stuff is damaging even for the tough gut well seasoned politician. I seriously doubt Mullin can survive this newest revelation. I just can’t imagine why would any sound minded person would enter into a federal public elected office w/all this pending. I realize that nobody is pure. But you just don’t go into a political race w/federal charges pending. The man is damaged goods and non of his friends has the where-with-all to tell him.

    Another thing. I suspect some people may already be aware of this, but are pretending to be ignorant of these criminal charges (along w/the FEC dust up). But to invite Mullin to public settings to introduce to others is mind boggling. It not only puts Mullins on the spot. But it puts other people in an awkward position to possibly bring this up to his face in front of a crowd of folks.

    Does anyone on here knows Mullins well enough to advise him to drop out NOW!!!

  9. Arlene is right. He needs to do himself, the voters, and his party a favor and bow out now. This will only fester and become a contentious issue. The picture of that Federal indictment will end up in a campaign ad. If we lose this seat to a Democrat, then that’s another vote for Obama. Not worth the risk. This isn’t about one person. This is about our future.

  10. The guys felony was shooting a robber in California from what i hear, I woulda done the same. Its funny nobody bothers to dig up the good things Mullin has done, the funerals he has paid for, the people he has helped, anonymous donations.

  11. J, So you haven’t read the file? Saylor has felonies for possess/manufacture/sell dangerous weapons and threatening crime with intent to terrorize. He has been arrested for possession of an explosive device, making a destructive device without a permit, assault and battery and assault with caustic chemical and threats. No one is accusing Mullin of being a bad guy, only that he is risking a lot by running for CONGRESS with this hanging over his head.

  12. It’s a matter of character, trust, and judgement. What you do when no one is looking determines your character. If he consorts with these types, and he were to get elected, what would he do behind closed doors? That’s what bothers me. All we know about these guys so far is what they say. I tend to believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I’d steer clear. Read the file. There’s smoke.

  13. I have a problem with the constant stream of problems surrounding him. He does not believe the rules apply to him. He has violated the Federal Election Commission rules, he has provided firearms to a felon, what will be next? How can anyone support someone for Congress when they continue to believe the laws do not apply to them and openly states that judges or officials can’t tell him what to do? Voters continue to be led but complain about what they get when these type of people are elected. If you want a real change in Washington then be a responsible voter. Just because you here someone is generous or kind doesn’t make them honest or trustworthy. What do you want voters, “nice” but will vote in Congress with special interest groups or for their own financial benefit or someone who will actually do what they say and follow the law while doing it?

  14. Amen Alva!

  15. This guys doing this for an ego trip. Just another notch in the bedpost. From people I have talked to , he is just a bully that throws a fit when things don’t go his way. He will just buy his was out of any trouble he gets into. Yeah, sounds great for D.C.

  16. He looks like that type. Short fuse. Bad temper. Shoots from the hip. Not for me.

  17. It doesn’t sound like The Red Rooter did anything wrong. The Faught campaign must really be in low gear for this to even come up.

  18. Luckey: What’s the Red Rooter?

  19. Mullin is Red Rooter

  20. Why risk voting for Rooter in the primary when he will just be trounced in the general by a democrat who is willing to plaster this bad judgement all over the airwaves and in the papers. WE WANT THIS SEAT turned blue to red, but red rooter will just lose it to the democrat. His judgement is poor and there are skeletons like this in his closet. Markwayne Mullin is a good man, but he cannot win with history like this.

  21. A Democrat congressman is another vote for Obama. It’s not worth the risk. Mullin needs to go for the sake of the team. It’s about all of us, not just him.

  22. From an ex-wife of one his plumbers, Markwayne Mullin turns his head to nasty things that go on his buisness. No doubt he would do the same in government. If he has the same morals for government as he does for his plumbers and staff then they better buy a lot of red light bulbs.

  23. Now Im not condoning his actions or anything, but there is something about this whole thing that piques my interest. We all know what kind of thugs the ATF are, and we also know what they have done to Oath Keepers and good people whom they consider “Domestic Terrorists.” It IS odd that this story hasn’t broken in the Tulsa World, or maybe they are just waiting for him to secure the nomination so they can blast him in order to secure the win for the dems. This whole thing is like a tar baby, and at this point it would have been better for him to drop out, but with all the corruption going on, why did they pick him to arrest? Can we honestly assume the ATF were totally benevolent in this arrest? Just something to think about…

  24. plumbing finest

    Mullin took over Mullin plumbing when his brother gamble 180,000 in Louisiana. Mullin plumbing was already a up and running company in 98. He is twisting the truth. When he says in his commercial he took over a bankrupt company and rolled up his sleeves and get things going. All mullin had to do was sit back and let the plumbers that work there already bring the money in. He’s just twisting the truth.I was there I remember working there for his dad Jim. Mullin plumbing already customer base, the vans, the property.

  25. plumbing finest

    And I personal was on a job. Were a 90 year old lady who could hardly see or hear was charge 8000 to 10000 dollars by mullin when it was here relief value that was broke and just needed to be replaced. Because I was ask to go out to the lady house after about a month when the guys he sent out there original could find the leak. The old lady didn’t have water and had not taking a bath in a month. Lived in the dust and mess those guys had made for a month.And I told him personal what was going on yet he still let those guys charge her that.The part cost 10 dollars. and 30 minutes. to put in.THATS WRONG

  26. plumbing finest

    He should have fired them morrons and fixed her bathroom and bedroom. Not charge her anything.If a man will do that to old innocent people what else will he do.And he says I’m running for my kids you have to be stupid to believe that.If he won’t even be honest why he’s running how can we except him to be honest if he gets elect.COME ON WHERE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THE RED ROOTER

  27. @plumbing
    OMG!! Somebody should ad turned him into the Attorney general for elder abuse. Though I’m not sure Oklahoma has such a law.

  28. @plumbing
    From viewing July 14th video of Mullin, it sounds like he is not “worker” friendly. Notice how he barks about having to pay workers comp for injured worker. Then he complains about his worker getting unemployment, but publicaly accused the worker of thievery after he let him go & w/out filing a police report.

    Im not a strategist, but if I was his political running opponent (be it Faught or Wallace) I would try to locate that fired worker who he accused of thievery. And run a TV ad featuring that worker to hit a populous message on “employment” & how Mullin tried to squeeze him out of a job.

    Something is not right w/this candidate.

  29. You people don’t have any idea what you are talking about you slam me to get to him you don’t know anything about me, most of the charges from Cali where dropped but still they appear, get your facts strght..

  30. Plumbing Finest I am calling you on your BS, what a crock you people just make up and say whatever you want.Non of you have a clue about Mullin Plumbing or how it came to be so sucsessfull, get your facts strght or keep your mouths shut.

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  33. Wife of someone Tim screwed over

    If your such a great person…why dont you try making things right with all the people you screwed over & lied to in order to obtain your guns when you knew you that you werent suppose to have them. Does the name Roger or Eddie ring a bell? Nice to know we had a new baby & had spend a couple of thousand dollars on an attorney to make sure my husband didnt go to jail for your stupidity. You’re so worthless & didnt think of the innocent people you couldve hurt & didnt even care…so there’s your facts

  34. All they would have to do is investigate the straw purchase to see who bought Sayers the firearm. Someone had to show their identification. It’s as easy as that. Look at the Firearms Purchase forms morons! You’ll get your answer.

  35. I worked for Mullins plumbing and at first it was great but after while I started to see the major flaws in the company, when I say major, I mean major; charging customers double on the original parts and supplies and some of the employees would cuss out customers, and on top of all that we didn’t get paid over time or time in a half for working over 40 hours (which I may say is “ILLEGAL!”) some came to work either drunk or high And most of the employees are felons. This accusation does not supprise me. On one instance some of the mullin employees had a prostitute come and meet one of the guys at a job site.

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