Norman Oklahoma’s High Density Destiny

Kaye Beach
June 7 2012
The City of Norman Oklahoma is apparently looking at adding high density development to its zoning regime.  Look at the map above.   Are we running out of open space in this state any time soon?
100- 165 dwelling units per acre that feature six story structures with “limited parking to encourage walking rather than using automobiles” are being discussed.…/154/…/2012-05-01%20Study%20Session.pdf

A series of public meetings beginning June 11 will be held to receive public input.

Norman city leaders set series of high-density discussions
By Joy Hampton

Posted:  06/07/2012

Infill, redevelopment, multi-family housing, high density — these terms have become common recently in Norman’s zoning and development discussions.

. . .High-density requests have been coming to Norman, but the city has no ordinances to allow for or guide high-density development. City leaders want to create a policy to address the growing area of concern. To that end, the city has scheduled several public meetings to discuss the issue.

A series of six public discussions regarding high-density regulations has been scheduled between June 11 and Aug. 30 to “gather public input regarding a number of factors involved in high-density development,” according to a  press release issued by the city this week.

. . .High-density infill is also a means of containing population growth to urbanized areas while protecting green space and agricultural designations on the edge of cities.

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2 responses to “Norman Oklahoma’s High Density Destiny

  1. BigMamaTEA

    This is “sustainable development” otherwise known as Agenda 21

  2. What else do ya expect from the barking moon bats… pack em and stack em… I’ve seen this in France and it’s not pretty…

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