Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! Nagging the Nanny State with Liberty Activist Paul Henry

Kaye Beach

June 15, 2012

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Tonight I am pleased to welcome back Craig Dawkins as my guest co-host.

Craig Dawkins is a tenured professor who teaches economics, personal finance and investments formerly a professional financial adviser and business owner.   His true passion lies in agitating on behalf of liberty and he advocates for the reform of the ballot access laws in Oklahoma, ending the drug war, and the importance of third parties in reforming the political process.

Craig is sitting in for Howard Houchen who is hot on the campaign trail in Oklahoma’s SD 5. Here is some of the latest news on Howard’s run for State Senate

Candidate Spotlight: Howard Houchen – Senate District 5

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello Endorses Howard Houchen for State Senate

In the first hour, Craig and I will tackle some of the  hot political issue that are dominating discussions and take your calls.

Call in Number is 512-646-1984

In the second hour we welcome liberty activist extraordinaire Paul Henry from Florida.

If the nanny state is getting you down you will want to listen to what this former Florida Deputy Sheriff and State Trooper has to say.  Paul is the founder of the non-partisan citizen’s group Floridians Against REAL ID, and authored two bills for the 2012 Florida legislative session: REAL ID partial repeal and Motorist Rights (red light cameras).

Not only do these two safety-justified policies violate our natural and legal  rights, they don’t work!  Paul takes the time to demonstrate the faulty logic and actual results of such misguided policies.  Paul goes beyond simply nagging the nanny state-he takes action.  Listen, learn and be inspired!

You can follow Paul Henry’s work at;






Released June 22, 2012, Paul Henry’s report disproving Florida’s red light camera claims.

Florida: Analysis Disproves Red Light Camera Program Claims
Examination of accident data show St. Petersburg, Florida red light cameras failed to reduce accidents.

A retired Florida state trooper released a report Friday meant to keep St. Petersburg honest on the subject of red light cameras. Paul Henry, who spent 25 years in law enforcement and reached the rank of lieutenant in the Florida Highway Patrol, was outraged when he saw the city’s transportation director, Joe Kubicki, claim the recently activated photo ticketing program was responsible for a 60 percent reduction in “red-light related” crashes.

Read more

The Report

Analysis of St. Petersburg Red Light Camera Program (Paul Henry, 6/22/2012)


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