Oklahoma’s Fox 25 Covers Biometric Lawsuit

Kaye Beach

June 18, 2012


I did an interview Sunday afternoon with Fox 25.  I really appreciate how the Kisha Henry she took the time to understand the issue and present it fairly.

“A woman in the Metro says she can’t get an Oklahoma driver’s license because it goes against her religion.  Because she needs a license or state ID to drive, fly, book a hotel or even get a prescription, the woman is suing the state for a different option.”

You can view the video here

(Correction. Kisha Henry is the reporter, not Mendelson as earlier identified.  My apologies)


One response to “Oklahoma’s Fox 25 Covers Biometric Lawsuit

  1. I did not see the video, but one question should be asked of people requesting immunity on the basis of religion: is your religion law-abiding, i.e. does your religion believe in abiding all of the laws of the nation that were enacted by Congress? A sharia-based religion is not compatible with our laws since it advocates its own laws.

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