Oklahoma HD 20 Candidate Bobby Cleveland’s Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

Kaye Beach

**Update June 23, 2012.  I am being told that Mr. Cleveland denies any connection with the NLC.  I find it hard to believe that his name repeatedly appears as a member of the National League of Cities’ Transportation and Infrastructure & Services Policy Committee on their 2010/2011 final policy and deliberation documents as well as the NLC’s website (all amply documented below) without any knowledge or approval by Mr. Cleveland.  I have investigated the procedures for becoming a member and clearly the selection process for members is a proactive one.  For example;

I am awaiting a call from Mr. Cleveland to explain his actual role in the NLC Policy and Advocacy committee and his stance on the positions advocated by the NLC.  When that happens, I will immediately report the outcome on this blog.**

June 21, 2012

Bobby Cleveland claims he is a conservative and a “constitutionist.”  He wants voters to believe that will take a stand against Agenda 21 however his track record proves otherwise.  Bobby Cleveland, in cahoots with national and local organizations,  has advocated for a number of things that are neither constitutional nor conservative.

For example, as a member of the National Municipal League’s Transportation and Infrastructure & Services Policy in 2010,  Cleveland promoted (among other things);

  • Red Light spy cameras
  • The 3 e’s of Sustainable Development
  • Federal incentives for random warrant less roadside drug and alcohol checks
  • Allowing federal and state governments to issue tax-exempt or tax-credit bonds

Bobby Cleveland is running on a platform he calls the ‘Bob Cleveland 3 C’s’

“Christian, Conservative and Constitutionist”

Looking at his membership with two organizations, The National League of Cities and ACOG, the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, one might reasonably ask if a more accurate platform for Bobby Cleveland might be the Three E’s;

Economy, Environment and Equity

The three E’s of Sustainable Development


Equity (what could be wrong with that?!)

Equity means;

“individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective” –Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chair of the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), and Clerk of the Circuit and County Court in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Both organizations, ACOG and the NLC, openly advocate for the UN’s model of  Sustainable Development (not the more sensible US model which promotes good stewardship of our natural resources) which runs contrary to our system of government.

Cleveland has been a member of ACOGS INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION POLICY COMMITTEE (ITPC) since at least March of 2008 and is also a member of ACOG’s Board of Directors.

Now, If Bobby Cleveland was running on a platform of Humanist, Progressive and Globalist, I probably wouldn’t have said anything.  If he had just kept it to ‘Republican’, I could have probably contained myself.  But at recent campaigning events he has actually pitched himself as the “anti-Agenda 21” candidate.

This is just asking too much.  Do the facts matter?

Let’s look at the facts beginning with the National League of Cities.

The National League of Cities, in particular, worked hand in glove with ICLEI to bring the United Nation’s Agenda 21 policy home to the United States. 

The NLC and ICLEI are both well known for their role in bringing socialist planning techniques to our communities.

This organization has been working alongside of ICLEI since the 90′s to inject the principles of the UN’s Agenda for the 21st Century into government policy on the local level.


The Urban CO2 Reduction Project

February 15, 1993

ICLEI plans to undertake a de-centralized campaign that seeks to generate enthusiasm and commitment among national and sub-national municipal associations worldwide. The first step was involving the following national and regional associations as co-sponsors of the aforementioned Summit:

. . .National League of Cities (US)The “world campaign” will initially work closely with the municipal associations that attended the Summit and with whom ICLEI already has close relations, such as the National League of Cities in the US.


Implementing Agenda 21 ICLEI Acts in Responce to UNCED

The UN’s Agenda 21 held its coming out party in the US in 1994 at the National League of Cities’ Annual conference.

The United States campaign [for the UN’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development] was introduced in November 1994 at the annual conference of the National League of Cities.


The NLC continues to work closely with ICLEI to bind cities to sustainable development guidelines that do not respect property or individual rights.

ICLEI USA initiated the STAR Community Index–with our partners the National League of Cities, U.S. Green Building Council, and Center American Progress–to hasten the progress of communities toward sustainability. STAR will provide a national, comprehensive rating system for cities to assess their sustainability performance and guide decision-making by connecting economic, environmental, and social concerns. (the 3 e’s) http://www.icleiusa.org/sustainability/star-community-index/sponsor-opportunities/star-sponsor-opportunities

This is the organization Mr. Cleveland has chosen to work with.  He could be forgiven for not knowing the history of the NLC but there is no excuse for supporting the policies of the organization that are at the very least obviously not conservative and at worst subversive to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The NLC explains the method of selection and the role of members of its Policy and Advocacy Committees;

State municipal leagues appoint the members of the seven policy and advocacy committees, which meet twice each year. At the Congressional City Conference, NLC’s legislative conference, committee members are called upon to advocate for NLC’s legislative priorities on Capitol Hill, as well as help set the policy agenda for the year. At the Congress of Cities, committee members review and approve policy proposals and resolutions. These action items are then forwarded to NLC’s Resolutions Committee and considered at the Annual Business Meeting, also held during the Congress of Cities.” link

Below are the results of the National League of Cities’ Transportation and Infrastructure & Services Policy Chapter that were  approved in 2011 at the NLC’s Congress of Cities.

2011 Transportation Infrastructure & Services Policy Chapter


•Public Private Partnerships

•More stringent seat belt laws

•Red light Spy Cameras

•The 3 e’s of Sustainable Development

•More federal involvement in local planning

•More federal funding for local planning

•Federal standards for local planning efforts Federal funding and incentives for alternative modes of travel such as bikes and pedestrian as well as beautification, landscaping projects and environment retrofitting.

•Federal incentive grant program for random roadside drug and alcohol inspections.

•Congestion pricing

•“NLC urges repeal of Amtrak’s statutory self-sufficiency requirement, since no known passenger rail system operates without government subsidies.”

•NLC supports high-speed rail development

•“NLC further urges the federal government to redefine the responsibility and funding mechanisms for maintaining tracks that carry both freight and national intercity passenger rail traffic.”

•Allowing federal and state governments to issue tax-exempt or tax-credit bonds for financing rail improvements.

Bobby Cleveland is also listed as a member of the  National League of Cities’ Transportation and Infrastructure & Services Policy Committee  in 2012


I have yet to review the latest policy papers or resolutions but here they are;

View the policies and resolutions crafted by and voted on by the Transportation Inrastructure & Services Committee:

2012 Transportation Infrastructure & Services Policy Chapter

2012 Transportation Infrastructure & Services Resolutions

Some problems with the policies that Mr. Cleveland as part of the NLC’s policy committee advocates for is as follows;

Public Private Partnerships.

The problem with public private partnerships is that the government becomes corrupted and no longer represents the taxpayers when it accepts funding from private interests.

Remember, any private stakeholder is in it for the money and when government enters into this partnership,  that means your tax money!   The natural result of public private partnerships is the fleecing of the tax payer and diluted government that is not representing the interests of the people. 

There is nothing conservative or constitutional about public private partnerships.

Then you have Bobby Cleveland advocating for more stringent seat belt laws.  Really?  More nanny state laws regulating private behavior is not very conservative either.

Red Light Cameras

This is a public-private privacy nightmare!  The lure of revenue split between the government and their private partners, the red light companies, has led to instances of shortening the yellow light and less attention on simple and cheap engineering fixes at intersections which study after study has shown to radically reduce the number of red light runners.

Both citizens and public officials all over this country  have been in an uproar trying to get the cameras out of their communities because these type of public-private shenanigans have caused  new safety issues like rear end collisions causing them to lose faith in the cameras originally accepted as safety devices.

And far from simply snapping a picture of the offending driver, red light cameras are video cameras that roll 24 hours a day capturing thousands of innocent motorists’ comings and goings.

Electronic police state policies that diminish safety while lining the pockets of private corporations is not conservative.

Bobby Cleveland advocates for more federal involvement in local planning, more federal funding for local planning and more federal standards for local planning.

With Cleveland in office, we will surely be saying goodbye to state sovereignty!

These stances are certainly NOT conservative! 

 NLC members, including Mr. Cleveland, also actively lobby in D.C. to promote these issues.

According to the NLC;

“Throughout the year, committee members participate in advocacy efforts to influence the federal decision-making process, focusing on actions concerning local governments and communities.”

How could anyone claiming to be a conservative run around DC lobbying for issues like more federal involvement, funding and standards for local planning?

View the policies and resolutions crafted by and voted on by the Transportation Infrastructure & Services Committee (and Member, Bobby Cleveland)
2011 Transportation Infrastructure & Services Policy Chapter
2011 Transportation Infrastructure & Services Resolutions

Both ACOG and the NLC advocate for regional governance.


Regional governance adds yet another layer of government and unelected bureaucrats to bedevil citizens with taxes and regulations.

This is not the Republican form of government that We The People are guaranteed!

The National League of Cities works to promote regional governance across the nation is also a source of vexation for citizens who prefer the more traditional republican form of government that makes our country unique and was formerly the source of our strength.

From the Greater Gaston County Tea Party blogsite;

Looking into the National League of Cities website is enough to send chills down my spine. This is yet another layer of tax deferred grant writing by special interests, corporations, and interference into local government.  I’m guessing Gastonia council joined this to get more grants. I don’t remember voters being asked to join this NLC.  Not to be overly dramatic, but it is “Public Private Partnership” and “regional governance” …all unelected bodies once again…handing out grants for compliance with a “regional” structure that the voters have no say on whatsoever.   Our council applies for and receives grants from “regional” government organizations without consulting voters.  Grants come with strings attached.  Read more

The NLC George Soros and Gun Control

The NLC flexes its muscle to promote gun control promoting resolutions and model policies to cities that ban guns in public places and promote gun registration.  The NLC promotes policy that restricts access to guns and ammunition, supports a ban on all semi-automatic weapons and 30 day waiting periods.

See for yourself-read the NLC Policy and Resolutions Papers http://www.nlc.org/influence-federal-policy/policy-committees/public-safety-crime-prevention

Has Bobby Cleveland gone on record opposing the NLC’s position on gun control?

 ‘Emmy-winning reporter and radio host, Shad Olson, investigates the connection between state Municipal Leagues, the National League of Cities and liberal overlord, George Soros. Advancing antigun, antifamily, anticapitalist policies that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, Shad reveals how the National League of Cities is doing the work of the extreme left in the ‘bottom-up,’ remaking of America.’

The National League of Cities is involved in arguably one of the most effective anti-gun lobbies, advising city leaders, even in conservative states to ban guns in city parks and then doling out expensive legal advise when those policies are deemed unconstitutional” –Shad Olsen

While it is unclear to me exactly what the connections are between George Soros and the NLC,  it is not hard to believe that Soros and the NLC are working in tandem on certain issues.

Some of the best advice I have ever gotten in politics is to never listen to what a politician says, pay attention, I was advised, to what they do.

In future articles, I will be doing exactly that.  Looking at what Bobby Cleveland does rather than what he says.  Specifically, I will show you some of what ACOG has been up to with nary a peep out of our “Anti Agenda 21 candidate”, Bobby Cleveland.

Given his history, what assurance do voters have that if elected to represent HD 20, Mr. Cleveland will legislate in the best interests of his constituents?

Actions- not words is what matters and Oklahoma voters have the right to know the facts so that they can cast their votes accordingly.

26 responses to “Oklahoma HD 20 Candidate Bobby Cleveland’s Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

  1. Oh holy cow Kaye! That must have taken you FOREVER! I am adding this to our Voter Guide! What a great body of work! Thank you so much for doing MY due diligence!

  2. You are welcome!

  3. Bob is a conservative. He is mayor of Slaughterville and because of that is a board member of ACOG. I myself is a board member of ACOG representing Cleveland County. Both of us as well as Logan County Commissioner Mark Sharpton fight Agenda 21 policies at ACOG.

    Bob, Mark and I fought hard to stop an unconstitutional funding to a private non-profit organization that Brad Henry’s wife and brother are board members. We were able to get several other member communities to join us but with the unequal distribution of votes going to OKC the illegal funding still passed. Kaye you are a good researcher and share some valuable information on the issues with Agenda 21. But to assert that because Bob is part of the problem is flat out wrong just because of his association as Mayor of Slaughterville.

    Bob has been to two Agenda 21 conferences over that past year. I think if you asked the Patriot TEA Party about his stance on these issues you would hear that Bob not only knows the issue but defends the constitution in the above organization. In fact I believe you were at one of them.

    I have been trying to get a resolution against Agenda 21 at the County passed. I would ask that you and your readers contact the other two commissioners in supporting a resolution against Agenda 21.

    If you want to discuss further just call me or tweet me @rodlcleveland

  4. Rob,
    The argument can certainly be made that city/county officials need to be involved with ACOG in order to represent their city or county’s interests. Since federal funding for transportation projects is funneled through these cog’s, an area would be hard pressed not to have membership or representation. Many take issue with the fact that we have these regional governance councils comprised of unelected (for this purpose) officials making such important decisions and forcing cities and counties to comply by the threat of withholding funds that belong to these areas in the first place. This is a severe problem that needs to be addressed but putting that aside for a moment, I understand that there are many decent and conservative members of ACOG. What I am beginning to question is what good is it to us to have good conservatives involved in the organization if all they do is look on while our property rights and constitutional form of government is being subverted?
    I do recognize your efforts to push back against the unconstitutional planning methods being employed in our state and as you know, am the first to commend you for it. This isn’t a case of allowing perfect to be the enemy of good here. I thought long and hard before deciding to share my findings publicly. The reason I have decided to do so is simple; the voters have a right to know and I would be remiss to not put the information I have out. I think it is very relevant and trust that voters can assess the information and make up their own minds.
    Here is a fact; Bobby Cleveland has voluntarily taken these positions with both ACOG and the NLC. The NLC is particularly is worrisome and that, Rob, is what the article I wrote is about. You seem to be trying to steer the debate to ACOG only as there is some sympathy for our elected officials being caught between a rock and a hard place in that instance. The same cannot be applied to involvement with the purely subversive National League of Cities which was integral to introducing a global model of central planning into our country which has one thing that no other country has-a Constitution which recognizes the primacy of individual liberty and property rights. THAT is what makes ‘harmonizing’ of US law and policy with international schemes so very fraught.
    Furthermore Cleveland was directly involved in the development of and he ultimately signed off on, the NLC’s radical transportation and infrastructure policy. Presumably, since it is part of the job description, he even lobbied on behalf of said radical policies. I think we should always try to put ourselves in the others’ shoes when examining such a situation. As I said, it is forgivable that someone would not know the history of the NLC prior to joining. But in trying to imagine myself, as a conservative, in such a situation and I cannot for the life of me imagine how he allowed his name to be attached to this work. I couldn’t have done it. Furthermore, as awkward as it may have been, I believe I would have been compelled to renounce the work publicly. Mr. Cleveland hasn’t said a word to my knowledge. The fact that he has attended a couple of Agenda 21 conferences does not really help his case either. To the contrary. You know what would have really demonstrated good Christian, conservative character? How about Mr. Cleveland sharing with others what he had discovered about the workings of these organizations that put our rights at risk?
    He did not balk at statements contained in these documents. He has not revealed nor renounced these policies. Instead he has remained silent and therefore complicit while at the same time paying only lip service to opposing them. My point is that we should expect the same from Bobby Cleveland at the state capitol and frankly, that scares the heck out of me.
    One issue I didn’t even touch upon in my article is the cost.
    City council members of Mustang attended the 2010 NLC conference in Denver taking 35,000 dollars out of the city’s discretionary fund. In addition to the costs for registration, hotel and airfare, council members were each given 5,000 dollars in cash to spend on whatever they wanted.
    How much did it cost for your father to attend the NLC events? How were his expenses paid for?
    The NLC website says that “Over 1600 municipalities of all sizes from across the country pay dues directly to the National League of Cities.”
    Is the tiny town of Slaughterville using tax-payer money to pay for the NLC to teach elected officials how to destroy their country town by town? This is an outrage and there is no excuse for it! The people have been kind, gentle and forgiving to a fault with those that they have entrusted to do one simple thing above all, protect their God given rights. What have they got to show for it?
    I have taken a long hard look at what Bobby Cleveland has actually done and unlike his words, it isn’t pretty. This article doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  5. Kaye,
    First of all my name is Rod. The next thing is ACOG is ran by elected officials from Cleveland, McClain, Logan, Oklahoma and Canadian Counties and the cities and town within each county.

    It is important to have conservatives at the local level of government to watch out for our person liberties and property rights. The real fight is in the U.S. Congress.

    Bob has pledged as a State Representative to fight against the state receiving federal money that has strings attached. He firmly believes that the state should take a lesson from Nancy Reagan and “just say no”.

    Slaughterville is not a direct member of NLC.

    Bob has never supported of any of the issues listed above.

    You have shown no proof of any action as Mayor of Slaughterville to support your assertions.

    You have not been to one ACOG meeting. Bob has voted no on several occasions on funding multi-modal transportation studies. This is documented by minutes at ACOG.

    You should consult with Commissioner Mark Sharpton about the stances Bob has taken against each of these issues.

    You are being intellectually dishonest about Bob and any relationship that he has personally or as Mayor of Slaughter promoting any of these anti-liberty and anti-property right policies of the progressives.

    Keep informing about these issues but make sure your facts are right when it comes to people.

    I do not wish to get into any debate with you on whether Bob is conservative enough. Because he just is. And just like you he speaks frankly about conservative ideas.

  6. Rod makes a good point – much of this seems like broad strokes engineered for scaremongering rather than actual legitimate research. Associating some of the aforementioned representatives with scary agendas, groups or devious schemes might work well for some, but this seems like little more than a smear piece the bulk of which is cut-and-paste filler. Kaye, can you substantively address Rod’s criticisms?

  7. Yes Elliot, I believe I can. Broadbrush smears are contemptable using a series of links and ties to try to connect a target to a universally hated person or concept. A typical example would something like this; X is a member of such and such group. Another member of such and such group burns crosses in front of minority churches. Therefore X (and all other members of such and such group) is a dangerous racist. That logic does not follow. Over simplified but sufficient I think.

    I am not making such a leap and I am not accusing Cleveland of being what he associates with which in this case is a group that has, in my opinion, furthered a number of policies (I can be specific and list those accomplishments if you like but they seem quite apparent to me.) that are decidedly to the left of conservative. What I am demonstrating is inconsistency between words and deeds. The principals and values proclaimed by Bobby Cleveland don’t mesh with the actions of participating on an apparently involved level with this organization.(as well as other activities) I find it hard to fathom that am avowed constitutional conservative would agree to do it and could stomach the process much less allow it to appear that he endorses the policies.

    The NLC clearly delineates the duties of their policy and advocacy committees of which documentation Mr. Cleveland’s name appears. The NLC says that; State municipal leagues appoint the members of the seven policy and advocacy committees, which meet twice each year. At the Congressional City Conference, NLC’s legislative conference, committee members are called upon to advocate for NLC’s legislative priorities on Capitol Hill, as well as help set the policy agenda for the year. At the Congress of Cities, committee members review and approve policy proposals and resolutions. These action items are then forwarded to NLC’s Resolutions Committee and considered at the Annual Business Meeting, also held during the Congress of Cities.”
    I am also not basing his inconsistency on just one episode alone as I will show.

  8. Harrison Reagan

    Bob is a conservative. He will be a great champion at the Capitol for us.

    I went to the ACOG website and see that there is a public listening session. Kaye won’t you and go to it and report on what they are talking about.

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have scheduled a public listening session as part of an evaluation of the region’s transportation planning activities over the past four years. The session will take place on Monday, June 25, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., at Metro Technology Center, Room F, 1900 Springlake Drive, in Oklahoma City.

    The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), which serves as the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), coordinates transportation planning efforts in the greater Oklahoma City region, which encompasses all of Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties and portions of Canadian, Grady, Logan and McClain Counties.

    The listening session is part of a certification review that takes place every four years to ensure that the MPO complies with federal standards and policies. The public is encouraged to attend. Those attending who wish to utilize public transportation should consider METRO Transit’s Route 22. Citizens should notify ACOG at 405-234-2264 (TDD/TTY Call 7-1-1 Statewide), if accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act are needed.

  9. Harrison, I just received notice of ACOG’s upcoming meeting in my inbox and came here to post it. Yes. I will go. All of the great conservatives that are working with ACOG have been unable to contain its aspirations so the people that are worried about the changes coming to their state better start going. I have participated in ACOGs “public participation” sessions and was infuriated. The goals were already set and if you had any suggestions that didn’t follow the script, the minder at the table simply did not put your suggestions on the official yellow sheet to be turned in.
    Although we were told that our plan was up to us- what we were given to work within was predetermined frames.
    Goal: Community
    1. Use new media and emerging communnication tools.
    2. Simplify language used in the communication process (simply and to the point).
    3. Make dialog comprehensive and inclusive (give full consideration).
    4. Support local engagement with citizens and cooperation with other communities (reach under-represented and disadvantaged populations)

    Goal: Connectivity
    1. Provide efficient connections within and between modes and facilities.
    2. Improve integration of transporation and land use to reduce automobile trips, decrease travel time, enhance mobility, and preserve agricultural and recreational lands.
    3. Invest in projects that complement the existing transportation infrastructure and provide the greatest benefit to the region (e.g. sidewalks, curbs, streets, etc.).

    Goal: Economic Strength
    1. Improve the efficiency of the existing transportation system, improve traffic flow, reduce accidents, bottlenecks, and congestion. Efficient public transportation must be reliable, on time, and frequent.
    2. Improve accessibility to regional employment centers.
    3. Encourage mixed use development that combines residential, employment, retail and/or service needs at a single or nearby location.
    4. Improve freight transportation by increasing options for goods movement.

    Goal: Environmental Responsibility
    1. Continue regional air quality education efforts and promote ridesharing (reduce number of vehicle trips).
    2. Encourage land-use patterns of development that reduce travel distance (uses less uel and lowers harmful emissions).
    3. Promote alternative energy and cleaner-burning fuels (e.g. natural gas, biofuels, hydrogen) and support infrastructure to support these alternatives.
    4. Improve network efficiency (such as signal timing) to reduce congestions, fuel consumption, and emissions.

    Goal: Equity
    1. Ensure that transportation improvements and services are provided equitably (without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, disability/handicap, sex, age, or income of the transportation system user.
    2. Construct and maintain a safe and secure public transportation system that provides accessible fleets, centers, and sheltered stops, including accomodations for people with limited mobility and disabilities.
    3. Expand paratransit service beyond the minimun federal requirement.
    4. Improve access and coordination between human services agencies as well as public and private transportation providers (eliminate any duplication of effort).
    5. Provide more materials in languages other than English where feasible and appropriate..

    Goal: Livibility
    1. Increase accessibility to and between centers of activity, and reduce barriers to get around with ease.
    2. Strengthen integration of land use and transportation to create active, healthy communities (improve connections among residential areas, parks, commercial districts, and transportation corridors).
    3. Promote alternate transportation including biking, carpooling, rail, transit, and walking.
    4. Encourage visually attractive streetscapes.
    5. Improve and increase walkability of the reqion through sidewalks and trails with adequate safety features for pedestians and vehicles.

    Goal: Maintenance
    1. Preserve existing and future transportation investment…
    2. Establish maintenace priorities…
    3. Decrease unnecessary bridge and roadway wear and tear…

    Goal: Options
    1. Enhance the regions existing transit service (e.g. expand bus services).
    2. Explore the development of rail-based public transportation and other fixed guideway technologies.
    3. Expand regional bicycle and pedestrain networks.
    4. Promote improvements for more efficient goods movement (increase delivery reliability).
    5. Maintain and impove the regional street and highway netwrok (expand where appropriate).
    6. Encourage all regional entities to construct sidewalks and create a master sidewalk plan.

    Goal: Performance
    1. Maximize the system by implementing enhanced operation and management techniques as well as technologies (such as Intelligent Transportation Systems or changeable message signs to inform drivers of delays or road conditions);
    2. Influence travel behavior by supplying traffic information and alternative travel options to reduce congestion (e.g. ridesharing or transit).
    3. Increase system reliability by identifying and fixing problem locations (such as bottlenecks and areas with frequent incidents).
    4. Increase caacity where needed (adding more lanes, building new roadways, increasing transit services).

    Goal: Safety and Security
    1. Improve design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure to reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities.
    2. Educate the public on safty issues and skills (e.g. campaigns such as “Click it or Ticket”, brochures, etc.
    3. Cooperatively implement traffic incident management techniques, such as early detection through roadway sensors, enhanced wireless 911, and the quick clearance of crash sites to prevent secondary accidents.
    4. Promote enforcement of traffic laws and advocate for development of new safety policies.
    5. Ensure the security of the transportation system (take measures to maintain a system of threat deterrance, protection, and response).

  10. I love how the rebuttal to all of this is “Bob is a conservative” wash, rinse, repeat.

  11. You’re doing great, Kaye. If I understand you correctly, I think you mean to say that when Cleveland is in campaign mode, he’s all about freedom and limited government — but when he’s challenged by the status quo he shrinks away from his campaign rhetoric and joins the big-spending party. And it appears your statements are basically accurate. Too bad more people won’t call out their politicians for this sort of thing.

  12. “I love how the rebuttal to all of this is “Bob is a conservative” wash, rinse, repeat” – I think that’s largely because there isn’t much actual substantive content to rebut; again, I would simply ask for concrete, local-level examples documented, e.g. free of the shadowy cabal/Soros-linked propaganda peddled to the distracted do-nothings who take their eyes off local affairs and – again – prefer to paint with broad, broad strokes. When, Kaye, will you show you are “not basing his inconsistency on just one episode alone”? On top of that, public listening sessions are not related to a single specific plan or tactic, they’re general, open-ended opportunities for citizenry to talk about whatever they like. It again underscores my suspicion too many of you might not be doing enough to educate yourself on the realities of local governance, instead opting for oscillation between sheer misinformation and cartoonishly exaggerated worldviews.

  13. Janice Williamson

    Rod and EY – It doesn’t appear that either of you have read the text of this impeccable research and followed up by researching the links provided. The facts are clear and presented for all to examine. Rod – Did your father attend the NLC conference in Denver? How were his expenses paid? Does your father actually understand the scope of ACOG and NLC activities? If so, he would surely have something to say that at least implied his displeasure with at least some of their agenda. As a member of the NLC Infrastructure and Policy Committee, does he support red light camers? If not, he MUST condemn those items publicly. That is what he must do if he becomes an elected state representative and he has not shown the fortitude to go against the flow in his positions with ACOG or NLC. This is what matters.

  14. Yeah – I’m really curious about the Denver conference. That’s a slippery question for these guys. They don’t want to address it. I think I know what the answer must be.

  15. Janice,
    First of all Bob did not travel to Denver to attend any conference of the NLC. So there were no tax payer money spent. He has never travel to any NLC Conference.

    Have you been to a board meeting of the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments? Apparently not because you would see first hand how Bob defends personal liberties and private property.
    The facts are not clear.

  16. Greg the answer is no.

  17. Harrison Reagan

    Would it not be better to have some conservative voices fighting from within then to vilafy what seems to be a good man. Kaye did you call Bob and ask him about this?

  18. Janice, your standards are loose if you call this “research” “impeccable” – she merely linked to Mr. Cleveland’s websites and then offered links to NLC, UN and other nonsense that indicates no direct link whatsoever to Mr. Cleveland; the fact someone of repute is here in the comments directly contradicting the supposed “research” is, at the very least, cause to question and scrutinize what has been written. Kaye indicated she has additional research, presumably demonstrating statements Mr. Cleveland has made through a primary or reliable secondary source; call me old fashioned, but I think everybody has an agenda – even those I agree with – so I tend to be, shall we say, a little more intellectually considerate.

  19. So what specifically does Cleveland do to advance the cause of liberty? What does he do to limit centralized government, reduce spending, and relax federal control? Nothing as far as I know. What CAN he do as a member of these groups who all advocate for more government? You characterize what Kaye is saying as some sort of weird kabuki theatre type conspiracy. If its conspiracy it’s surely the open variety, no? There is a UN, they do have an agenda, and they do want to advance it. When they advance it in the US we surely give up sovereignty. It is not a difficult concept. You keep coming back and saying that the information presented here is meaningless. What, exactly, do you have to offer as a retort, other than your denials?

  20. Grandma Tish Ian

    Bob Cleveland says one thing and does another? Im shocked!

    Rod Cleveland: “I myself is a board member of ACOG representing Cleveland County.” This are good to know. I is a member of a lots and lots of organizations two and we am fighting for ours rights.

  21. OUT with the entire Cleveland Dynasty. Expose these nuts and get em out for good!

  22. Wad Cleveland

    LEAVE MY DADDY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Consider this my 180; the Cleveland – including the aforementioned Rod, whose name is immensely fitting – are meaningless wastes of putrid “get on the Conservative bandwagon” chicanery more fascinated with the frills of gallivanting around declaring themselves, Southern Belle-like, righteous dandies of Liberty and Freedom. They casually burp up lies to their constituency and sit back in contentment knowing they don’t ACTUALLY have to walk the walk so long as they talk the talk. It’s actually pathetic, and I’m disgusted enough to emphasize how wrong I was in the face of the foolishness displayed by the Cleveland Gang.

  24. EY, there is so much I cannot say. I am glad the info motivated you to investigate further for yourself.

  25. Finding this on the Blanchard Tea party page was enlightening. This is the type of bullying that HD 20 voters are going to get. Having anyone who doesn’t conform thrown out? Right. Then threatening contempt? Who does this Bozo think he is? King Rod? Arrogant jerk!

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