Oklahoma Rally For Healthcare Independence: Invite your Reps!

Kaye Beach

July 3, 2012

Let your elected representative know that the people of Oklahoma have,  and will continue to reject the President’s Health Care Reform Law and that we appreciate their willingness to stand in the gap for Oklahoma citizens in the face of the Supreme Courts ruling to uphold the misguided health care reform policy.

Invite them to attend the Rally for Health Care Independence on Saturday July 7, 2012 and stand with us!


Press Release for the event

Here is a sample letter that you can use.

Sample Invitation Letter for Officials

Feel free to personalize and please, share with us the responses you receive by either posting in the comments section of this post or sending and email to axxxiomforliberty@gmail.com.

If you do not know who your state representatives are, click here.

Don’t forget to invite the winners of the recent state primary candidates for office!

This is a great way to open up the lines of communication between you and your elected representatives (or future representatives)!


2 responses to “Oklahoma Rally For Healthcare Independence: Invite your Reps!

  1. Patricia Donwen

    Kaye, Just wanted to let you know first that Jerry Clinton Oliver and I are walking across America. We are mad as hell! Actually, I’m driving and Jerry is walking carrying the American flag. Two old geezers. Jerry is from Temple Ok and I’m in Allen. You can get Jerry’s bio on google. We are starting in San Diego to D.C. then end on top of the Statue of Liberty.
    Love what you do! Patricia

  2. Amazing! Patricia, I would like to keep up with your efforts. Can you send me an email to axxiomforliberty@gmail.com?

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