Support Blooms For Tulsa Woman Who Said The City Cut Down Her Edible Garden

Kaye Beach

July 15, 2012

Those who garden know that you plants are like your babies. Denise Morrison was heartbroken when her garden that was also medicine and sustenance to her, was decimated by  Tulsa code enforcement officers last month.   Some  Sweet, sweet people have come to her aid and are helping her restore it.

“I feel like God sent down a billion angels,” Morrison said.

NewsOn6 reports;

TULSA, Oklahoma –

We told you last month about a woman suing Tulsa’s code enforcement officers after they mowed down her entire garden.

Considering what gardeners have to fight against in this climate, it’s not surprising that they’re a bunch that sticks together.

And a bushel-full of them responded to Denise Morrison’s plight.

Several checks and seed packets were sent to me for Denise Morrison to help her replant her garden after the city mowed it down in August 2011.

Everything she grew, more than 100 plants, was edible.

6/15/2012 Related Story: Woman Sues City Of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden

Denise says she is overwhelmed by the support and says it has lifted her spirits tremendously, and made her realize many people share her passion for growing their own food.

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3 responses to “Support Blooms For Tulsa Woman Who Said The City Cut Down Her Edible Garden

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  2. Joe Fairyspanx

    Cities should have the right to say what you can and can’t plant in your garden. People who grow organic and medicinal plants will probably also grow marijuana and poppies. I’d like to stay and set everyone straight further, as well as correct everyone’s spelling and syntax, but I have to go now. Daddums has arranged for me to take fishing lessons to increase my testosterone levels.

  3. Susan Croteau

    Whatever happened with the freedom to do whatever we want with the piece of property we are buying.. this is horrendous. Last time I checked, the name on the mortgage wasn’t the cities. How dare these creeps come in and cut her medicinal garden down. I hope your lawsuit is successful.. I live in a town where it all depends on who you are… some are threatened to clean up their messes and others are never cited at all! We have had two police officers fired for doing their jobs when they arrested drug dealers, only to find out they were friends of our corrupt Mayor who promptly fired them. We live in a screwed up country… and most of it is due to government! I wish you well my friend.. make them sorry they ever mowed down your garden!

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