Another Narconon Patient Speaks Out

Kaye Beach

July 29, 2012

Poor training, deaths and patients are taught to order ashtrays around in this expensive Scientology based facility.

From Oklahoma’s News Channel 9.  July 26, 2012


July 26, 2012 – Former Narconon Patient Talks About Treatment Practices – OKLAHOMA CITY – As the investigation into a Scientology-run drug treatment center continues more people who attended the center are coming forward. The OSBI has now turned the results of its investigation into the recent death over to the District attorney in Pittsburg County. This, as News 9 is learning more about exactly what happens inside the facility. “It was a way to get you kind of weak and vulnerable and trust whatever they’re telling you,” said a former patient who asked not to be identified. “They’re kind of just people like me that have been through the program and decided to stay and work,”. The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is also investigating the facility.


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