AUVSI: We will respect the privacy of individuals. Private Investigator: NOT!

Kaye Beach

August 13, 2012

In this article posted on August 9, 2012, a Private Investigator in a letter written to AUVSI in response to their recently drafted “Code of Conduct”, expresses doubt about AUVSI’s sincerity regarding surveillance and  privacy.

The AUVSI which stands for Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is “the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to unmanned systems.” Link 


James Pollock, the President of  Bulldog Investigations & Security, LLC. writes;

Quite a few AUVSI members are interested in these technologies from a reconissance standpoint.  My company wishes to explore the use of ‘drone’ technologies to enhance the effectiveness of private investigation efforts.  Other member companies within AUVSI anticipate manufacturing UAS products for sale to law enforcement agencies. The intended purpose of these products no doubt include surveillance.

He seems to be stating the obvious here. Surveillance is what drones do best and to state that “We will respect the privacy of individuals” as the AUVSI has done is hogwash!

Mr. Pollock says that ; “Making such statements strikes me as counter-productive to our intended purpose as an organization.”

At least Mr. Pollock is being honest.

Read the entire article;

Virginia Private Investigator questions the validity of AUVSI’s ‘Code of Conduct.’


2 responses to “AUVSI: We will respect the privacy of individuals. Private Investigator: NOT!

  1. I appreciate the publicity. I too certainly have my concerns regarding the potential abuse of Unmanned Aerial Systems by law enforcement and the Federal Government. If UAV’s or UAS (the new preferred acronym for the same technologies [unmanned aerial systems]) are being used to find lost children, assess natural disaster damage, and accident investigation purposes then all well and good. If however they become a means for the government to closely monitor the daily activities of it’s citizens simply ‘because they can’ then there is valid reason for concern.

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