After you shoot, the police are coming: The Second Amendment Plan

Kaye Beach

August 15, 2012

Here’s an interesting idea that might be worthy of the consideration of those who own guns.  It is a plan offered by Attorney Doug Friesen to protect you should you ever have to use your weapon to defend yourself or loved ones: The Second Amendment Protection Plan.

Doug Friesen is a leading gun rights attorney having  represented more than 25 use of deadly force cases.  You have probably seen Mr. Friesen on the news as he is a frequent guest expert invited to weigh in on issues surrounding gun laws and the Second Amendment. He also teaches the legal portion of the Concealed Carry Course at H&H Gun Range and hold seminars on many topics including Conceal and Open Carry Laws.

After you shoot, the police are coming.   At this point you are going to be upset or in shock and just because you were justified in firing the gun does not mean you have nothing to worry about.  This is when the expertise of someone like Doug Friesen would be extremely valuable.

The plan Mr. Friesen provides may not be for everyone and he does welcomes any questions you might have about his plan.  In brief, the plan provides for a monthly fee, Attorney Doug Friesen on call 24/7 should you be involved in any gun related incident, protection from inadvertent self-incrimination, full legal representation up to the point that charges are filed and more.

It would certainly be better to have a plan in place than to wait until you are upset and in shock after defending yourself with deadly force to think about what not to say and do.  I think it is safe to say that if Jerome Ersland had of had such protection, he wouldn’t be serving a life sentence for his use of deadly force against the would be robber. While we may have the luxury of second guessing Ersland’s response to the attempted armed robbery, the fact is that Mr. Ersland was minding his own business when these two young men decided to victimize him. That he was given a life sentence for his response to this crime is a travesty of justice.   Doug Friesen thinks so too and is taking on the job of Ersland’s appeal of his life sentence conviction.

We know that gun ownership can ensure we make it out physically alive.  Doug Friesen’s Second Amendment Plan may be just the thing to ensure we also legally survive

Have a look at Friesen’s plan and his website at


4 responses to “After you shoot, the police are coming: The Second Amendment Plan

  1. Do just like the cops do, say nothing until you have a lawyer. Never talk to the police except to say, “I am too upset, I want my lawyer.” Period!!!

  2. That’s the best plan I’ve seen in a long time. After you protect yourself and your family you’re going to need protection for your rights. I never really thought of it that way. I’m signing up.

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  4. Anyone, please free Jerome Ersland, a Norwegian-American!

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