Tonght 9PM Central-NBC’s Rock Center Covers Narconon Arrowhead Deaths

Kaye Beach

August 16, 2012

Be sure to watch tonight at 9 PM central time as Brian Williams from NBC’s Rock Center presents his investigative report on Narconon Arrowhead.
Here is another story you might find interesting.

Bob Lobsinger fought  tooth and nail to expose Narconon back in the 90’s when the Scientology front organization first set up shop in Oklahoma.  Take a look at some of the articles he wrote and check out this article about the misadventure from the Village Voice-

Scientology’s Oklahoma Nemesis, Bob Lobsinger: “They Lied Every Step of the Way”

By Tony Ortega Thu., Aug. 16Scientology’s Oklahoma Nemesis, Bob Lobsinger: “They Lied Every Step of the Way” 2012 at the Village Voice

On Saturday and Tuesday, we gave readers some background on the Scientology drug treatment center in Oklahoma — called Narconon Arrowhead — that is now the center of controversy after four recent deaths which are under investigation, three just since October.

Tonight, a report by Rock Center’s Harry Smith on NBC should explode interest in the goings on at the strange drug rehab, where patients learn Scientology processes — like hours-long staring drills and talking to inanimate objects — rather than getting counseling for their actual drug problems.


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