Oklahoma State Questions – OK-SAFE Helps to Clear the Confusion

Kaye Beach

September 24, 2012

OK-SAFE, Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise, a trusted source for research and analysis on the issues, has just released their recommendations on the state questions that will appear on the November election ballots.

Much appreciation to OK-SAFE for their hard and thorough work in analyzing these measures!


OK-SAFE, Inc. – Fall 2012
There will be six state questions on Oklahoma’s crowded November 6, 2012 ballot. Below is the Ballot Title, the Ballot Language, and OK-SAFE’s recommended vote and assessment.

SQ 758 and SQ 766 deal with property taxes . Because both questions may be perceived as a tax reduction, there may be puzzlement about our recommendation of a NO vote on both questions. The question before us was, does either question result in an actual tax cut, i.e. does the measure provide tax relief for everyone and effect reduced government spending? The answer was no. Standing on this first principle, OK-SAFE could not support either question. Transferring the tax burden from one group of people to another is neither conservative nor a tax cut – it is legislative sleight of hand. (Emphasis mine)

You can access these recommendations on the front page of OK-SAFE’s website or download the entire document here


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