GOP officials express outrage over Whetsel, Courthouse Gang Ties

Kaye Beach
Oct. 15, 2012
What is the point of belonging to a political party?  Republicans host fundraiser for Democrat opponent of Republican OK County Sheriff’s candidate.
                       For Immediate Release
October 15, 2012
Contact: Steve Dickson
Cell: 405-206-4041
GOP officials express outrage over Whetsel, Courthouse Gang Ties
More than three dozen members of the Oklahoma County Republican Party County Committee are calling for the censure of Oklahoma County Commissioner Ray Vaughn, Oklahoma County Tax Assessor Leonard Sullivan, Oklahoma County Treasurer Butch Freeman, and Oklahoma County Court Clerk Carolyn Caudill. The Republicans in question were listed as Honorary Co-Hosts at a fundraiser held on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, for Democratic Sheriff John Whetsel at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Among the concerns of the more than three dozen Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs are:
Democratic Sheriff Whetsel is under investigation by both the OSBI and the FBI, according to local news reports (Fox 25 News). The investigation is centered on the use of inmates and county property to manufacture signs for the Democratic Sheriff’s re-election effort. This is obviously a serious abuse of power at best, and the violation of numerous felonies at worst. Every sign for the Democratic Sheriff Whetsel should bring to mind forced inmate labor at county facilities, working on his campaign, against their will.
Democratic Sheriff Whetsel has failed to fix the problems with the Oklahoma County Jail. After 16 years of his leadership the problems have deteriorated to the point that the Federal Government has removed all prisoners (Daily Oklahoma, 2008). The answer from the Democratic Sheriff – and these members of the Courthouse Gang – seems to be a $350 million replacement (OK Gazette) of a 21-year-old jail whose chief problem is management. Here’s another Daily Oklahoman article (2010) attempting to blame the statistics, rather than admit the problem.
The Republican Party has a strong, experienced nominee in Darrell Sorrels. He has 20 years of experience in law enforcement and is currently a special Deputy for the U.S. Marshall Service in the Western District of Oklahoma. Additionally, his strong advocacy of constitutional and conservative principles would be a dramatic improvement in the Sheriff’s office. To counter the actions of the Courthouse Gang, the Oklahoma County Republican Party should immediately contribute the maximum allowable by law to Republican Nominee Sorrels.
Finally, Rule 19 (G) 4 of the Rules of the Oklahoma Republican Partyallows for the removal of any “officer, committee member or delegate of any organization, committee, delegation or unit of the Republican Party” for “Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party”.
We call for the County Committee to be convened, with the express purpose of removing any and all party officials who have endorsed the Democratic Sheriff John Whetsel. We call on the County Committee to censure the “Courthouse Gang” for their unconscionable actions. We call on the Oklahoma County Republican Party to actively recruit replacements for these positions at the time of the next election to each respective office.
Gregory Smith, Chairman, Precinct 10; Jon Muckleroy, Vice Chairman, Precinct 12; Danielle Spence-Tidd, Chairwoman, Precinct 28; Tina Kelly, Chairwoman, Precinct 32; Larry Kelly, Vice Chairman, Precinct 32; Stephanie West, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 37; John Williams, Chairman, Precinct 41; Cheryl Williams, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 41; John Kucewicz, Chairman, Precinct 60; Courtney Klein, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 60; Aaron Bernard, Vice Chairman, Precinct 63; Donald Crosson, Chairman, Precinct 70;  Kyle McDaniel, Chairman, Precinct 71; Ryan Ford, Vice Chairman, Precinct 79; Jerome Montgomery, Chairman, Precinct 80; Steve Long, Chairman, Precinct 83; Duane Crumbacher, Chairman, Precinct 90; Suzanne Crumbacher, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 90; Porter Davis, Chairman, Precinct 111; Bob Donohoo, Vice Chairman, Precinct 111; David Brooke, Chairman, Precinct 114; Lori Pedford, Chairwoman, Precinct 115; Toby Pedford, Vice Chairman, Precinct 115; Chris McLaughlin, Chairman, Precinct 134; Sarah McLaughlin, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 134;Steve Dickson, Chairman, Precinct 139;Taeren Wilson, Chairman, Precinct 151; Amy Wilson, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 151; Darla Minor, Chairwoman, Precinct 180; Kyle Minor, Chairman, Precinct 181; Richard Robinson, Chairman, Precinct 191; Jodi Sires, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 191; Lukus Collins, Chairman, Precinct 195; Rayna Savage, Vice Chairwoman, Precinct 201; Hugh Smith, Chairman, Precinct 206; JJ Prachyl, Chairman, Precinct 250; Josh Carrozza, Vice Chairman, Precinct 250; Ken Moore, Chairman, Precinct 252; Shaun Herring, Vice Chairman, Precinct 252
Attached: Front and back scans of the invitation to “Calypso Under The Canopy For Sheriff John Whetsel”.

One response to “GOP officials express outrage over Whetsel, Courthouse Gang Ties

  1. Thank God for some precinct chairs with the backbone to stand up to this ‘bi-partisan’ sham of an event. There are some party leaders names missing who should be ashamed for not having exposed this mess sooner and whose names are glaringly absent from this letter! But then if we really had a two party system, we wouldn’t keep selecting globalists and RINOs would we…

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