Oklahoma testing the water on Health Insurance Exchange

Kaye Beach

Nov. 10, 2012

Read the article below carefully.  All sorts of mixed messages.  I think this is a ‘testing of the water’  to see what reaction the “possibility” of fulfilling the rejected healthcare reform agenda garners from the public.

This would be a good time to contact state officials and remind them of your position on the issue.  Here is the action list from the July 7, 2012  Oklahoma Rally For Healthcare Independence;

Call the Governor’s office and your state elected officials and tell them Oklahomans still don’t want ObamaCare in the state of Oklahoma.
Tell them:
1. NO to the health insurance exchanges—either state-based or other-wise. Insurance exchanges, state-based or otherwise, are a key compo-nent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”). No insurance exchanges = no ObamaCare!
2. NO to any expansion of Medicaid in the state of Oklahoma—The country is broke and we cannot afford this!
3. Terminate the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Trust (OHIET) – This unelected entity is busy working to establish and imple-ment the foundations that make “Obama Care” work. This unelected body has no legislative oversight and is not accountable to the People of Oklahoma—they do not represent the interest of the people!

Health exchange still a possibility in Oklahoma

Nov. 10, 2012 Tulsa World

Gov. Mary Fallin’s administration signaled Friday that it is still considering partnering with the federal government to establish a health insurance exchange in the state – although a decision may not come for some time.

The state Attorney General’s Office has asserted in federal court that “Oklahoma has not established or elected to establish an exchange, and does not expect to do so,” but Fallin’s staff seemed to reopen the issue this week when a spokesman said the governor “is continuing to explore the state’s options as they relate to health insurance exchanges.”

In an expanded statement Friday, Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said Fallin’s staff doesn’t feel pressed by a widely reported “deadline” for states to report their exchange intentions to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by next Friday.

“The November 16 ‘deadline’ to submit a plan for an insurance exchange is an internal agency deadline, not in statute, with no obvious penalties for states that do not meet it,” Weintz said. “After reviewing ACA guidelines and conferring with other states, our policy staff does not believe it is true that Oklahoma will necessarily be subject to a federal exchange if it misses the November 16 deadline.”

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Medicaid expansion is the new SQ 744


2 responses to “Oklahoma testing the water on Health Insurance Exchange

  1. Stanford Fella

    Um, guys um Hi. I think we need to get off the governor’s back. She’s a Republican so no matter what she does we have to support her. Well I’m off to bed. Tomorrow I’m playing touch football with the guys on the quad. Touch football is better than real football for delicate types like me. And I still get to slap other guys on the butt and don’t get me started on how much pleasure I get playing quarterback just before the snap. Not that I’m gay or anything I just like it.

  2. Fallin is a RINO anyway… Do ya have a link for the new district reps? I’m not sure what to expect from my new critter but will find out…

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