A Warning to Oklahoma Activists about Al Gerhart

Kaye Beach

Nov 27, 2012

“This would be a good time to take your medicine and remain silent about anything i do or say”

That is the message I received from Al Gerhart this morning.

Although I loath to have to write about this on my personal blog, I feel I have no choice because I have realized that some of my friends that have not had to spend time at ground zero with Al Gerhart, do not know the extent of his abusiveness towards other grassroots activists and this is why I have chosen to make my remarks on the situation both clear and public, so that they will know.

The grassroots activists in Oklahoma has a poison in their midst. The poison is Al Gerhart of the Sooner Tea Party.

I do not want to make a public logbook of all each and every harm caused by the man so you can take my words of caution for what you believe they are worth and you are welcome to contact me privately if you have any questions.

I tolerated Gerhart far longer than I should have.  It was some months ago when I knew for certain that he invariably destroys nearly everything he touches and that there is no tolerating of him.  At that point I pointedly and  publicly severed ties. But that did not free me from the damage caused by Gerhart.  Without fail people and projects that I love have crossed paths with the man since causing damage and heartache to all touched by him.  He also will not refrain from exercising  a vendetta against any and all that he feels have crossed him in some way making my first choice of a peaceful parting of ways impossible.

I have few gifts and many faults but one of those gifts is the ability to work with and find common ground with just about anyone.  I truly like people, all kinds of people,  and that fact is evident in all that I do.

When Al Gerhart came on the activism scene in 2009, I thought he was ‘different’.  And he was.  To his credit, he is one of the hardest workers I have ever known.  Nothing deters him from his goals.  He doesn’t scare easily and never backs down.  He is also pretty smart.  Adjusting to Al Gerhart was a tough challenge but since he was obviously here to stay and slap in the middle of most things I was working on, I accepted him the same way I do any activist.  To each his own!  Let’s face it, there aren’t enough of us that are paying attention to our government and even less that are willing to speak up and work hard to correct the problems we see.  Al’s greatest fault is the fact that he is built to be a hammer and everything and everyone looks like a nail to him.  He cannot discern between freind or foe and nothing and no one is sacred to him.  And he has proven time and again, we are all fair game.

Many people have found themselves discomforted with Al’s tactics when it comes to legislators and officials.  We have justified it to ourselves by thinking that they choose to take office and harsh comments from the public goes with the territory.  Also, with the level of frustration we have feeling ignored and inconsequential in matters of our governance, we chose to condone Al’s behavior towards these public officials even though in many of our minds, he went too far for our tastes.

Then we come to a problem that hits a little closer to home and that is the level of abuse heaped upon ordinary grassroots activists that displease ‘Al the Terrible’ in some manner.  Now, Al justifies this type of behavior by saying that “We must also hold our conservative group leaders accountable.”  By ‘accountable’ he means dishing out brutal punishment to these people that is all out of proportion to any ‘crime’.  Now mind you, I am talking about people like you who are not paid and don’t get anything out of their work but personal satisfaction.   These are people that are concerned about the antics of government and are endeavoring in some way to change things for the better.  Nothing more, nothing less but in the mind of Al Gerhart, these people’s perceived transgressions are worthy of what amounts to public humiliation.

Out of respect, I am not going to name these respected activists that Al Gerhart has maligned..   If you read this blog or have even a superficial level of involvement in grassroots conservative politics-you know them and you respect them.  If you read the Sooner Tea Party newsletter, you have read it.

An example punishment meted out to these activists that far exceeds any ‘crime’ there is the instance of a Christian Pastor and well respected conservative activist who dared challenge Al Gerhart.   He is punished by depicting him, both graphically and textually,  as a victim of homosexual rape.

For the average activist transgressor, they are treated to paragraph after paragraph of accusations of being sniveling cowards and liars and fools while Gerhart spins his story in such a way that he always come out the hero.

For the handicapped transgressor, Al has no problem poking fun at their physical condition.

Even when he takes up the cause of good men, he does so by filthy means that ends up staining the good man’s reputation.

I am presently the target of Al Gerhart.  In my case I have punished for my independent actions that displeased Al Gerhart and this, in Gerhart’s twisted mind,  warrants me a public shaming via his weekly newsrag.

Most recently, he is upset with me because his public public taunting of myself and others I care about have earned him the threat of a single blow to his delicate snotlocker should I ever be presented the opportunity of doing so.  Maybe I was wrong to say such a thing but I was at a loss for how to respond rationally to an irrational person.  For this insult to the dignity of the great and powerful Al, I get a write up as being not only a coward but a horridly obese woman and a “Sasquatch” in his weekly newsletter.   (If you want to read his pathetic attempt to humiliate me  into silence, you can do so here.  The diatribe is towards the bottom under “A Reader Responds”)  If Al was the psychological mastermind that he thinks he is, he would have known that it is my brains and not my butt that I prize so much and that I happen to think my butt is fine and his words would do nothing to change that fact.

In other writings, I have been called profane names and have been misrepresented in a number of ways but he has done far worse to others.  This is the virtual equivalent of a tar and feathering.

This morning I received more warnings from Mr. Gerhart who is apparently feeling the effects of his own boorish behavior in the form of good people withdrawing their support of him.  He sent me a text message asking me if I have unfiled tax returns and warning that;

“This would be a good time to take your medicine and remain silent about anything i do or say”

I told him I would not be quiet and that I am not afraid of him.

to which he responded;

 “Choose your path wisely. I’ve treated you gently so far but that can change if need be. I meant the good things i wrote about your work, it would be a shame if you didn’t learn your lesson”

My two word response to his threat?

“Bite it”

Over the years since I have known Al,  I have witnessed his reaction to what he sees as  the most serious threat of all, the threat of someone getting between him and the drug that he is addicted to; Power and Control.  That means I am surely in for it because I fully intend to challenge his power and control when it come to my life and the people I care about.

I know from his past behavior that he will spend hours and hours working on a blistering write up filled with lies, half truths and garden variety spin meant to exalt himself and  and pound his target into submission.

A good example is a recent 23,000 word screed authored by Al Gerhart and posted to a popular Ron Paul message board that literally left hapless forum reader breathless at the sheer volume of words created by this maniac.  Most did not read the novel but it did earn a top spot as the most lengthy posts ever written on that site.

Yes, I am certainly in for it aren’t I?   But  I will not be silent about the things he does and says and I will not take my medicine.  I do not fear of him, my Father has my back and at the end of the day, Al Gerhart can take it up with him.

Furthermore, I will take this opportunity  to entreat upon the conscious of those who continue to support this man either by subscribing to his venomous newsletter or by their silence in the face of his vile attacks against people they may not know to do the right thing and deprive him of oxygen.

I have often said when people thank me for my work that their words are my payday.  Al is no different.  The work he does pays only in his personal satisfaction.  Your subscription to his newsletter gives him great joy.  In fact, he can see from the newsletter client he uses, when each person opens it, how long they spend reading it and even who they forward it to.  He treasures these logs of your attention like a miser counting his money. He pores over them often as evidence that he matters, that he has influence and power.

Now let me say that Al has provided some value to his readers in the form of good information and exposing wrongdoing.  I wish he would keep to that.  At the same time, he has also done his readers a disservice by letting personal vendettas interfere with the facts so that it is hard to trust what he writes.  I realized the last time I tried to give him the facts on his faulty reporting and he rejected it, that he cares nothing for the truth and I could not trust his information and therefor it was of little value.

I  have already deprived Mr. Gerhart his ‘payday’ a while back by unsubscribing from his venom filled newsletter.  I hope others will search their conscious too and do exactly what Gerhart repeatedly reminds his readers to do, hold him accountable.


26 responses to “A Warning to Oklahoma Activists about Al Gerhart

  1. Thank you for this warning. You are leading in the way we need most. Naming names is exactly what we need to stay on the path. If only our elected reps would do the same we could change the world for the better.

  2. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gerhart but have heard similiar stories from others that have crossed his path. It’s sad when you realize the amount of trust that the Ron Paul campaign put into this man’s hands. I hope Ron Paul realizes the uphill battles his supporters here in Oklahoma faced at times because of their decision to use Mr. Gerhart. It is definitely a great testimony to their devotion to the doctor.

  3. Kaye – you are my hero and example… Thank you for being who you are … perfect in Christ…

  4. I do not know Al Gerhart, and have no desire to do so. From what I can tell by following what he said and did during the GOP primary, he sounds like a bully. Nothing gets my hackles up like a bully.

    I supported Ron Paul during the primary and Gerhart certainly did his campaign no favors. They should have known better than to give him such control.

  5. Get Out Gerhart!

    If you think Al’s post on that blog was incoherent, did you ever try to read his asinine newspaper, the Guardian, or whatever it’s called? One article bleeds into another, and he jumps from one topic to another, then picks up the same topic in the next article, only to jump back to his original line of thought. It has all the coherence of a Charles Manson interview. The guy’s not sane. They’ll be feeding him under the door before all is said and done.

  6. The soap Opera is starting be sure to pay the usher before entering.

  7. Everything Kaye says here is true, I dropped out after seeing Al call out people. After the Ken Miller incident I knew it was time to drop Sooner Tea Party. It wont be long before he has No followers.

  8. Sounds like he is a budding sociopath if what you say is true…I would recommend having nothing to do with him if that is the case…

  9. Emily Whitbeck

    Kay’s 2 word response to Al’s “Choose your path wisely…” comment is very different than my 2 word response would have been! I agree with Mr. Jackson’s assessment that Al sounds like a bully, however, after reading (regretfully) some of Al’s articles, he not only sounds like a bully but in fact, is a bully. Keep up the good work, Kaye! Don’t blame you for responding to this jerk’s diatribe but it is not worthy of your precious time, energy and effort. You just keep-on-keeping-on and ignore this twit!

  10. Kaye, I and my fiance are relatively new to Oklahoma activism and we first heard you speak at the LiberTEA rally when Adam Kokesh spoke, but I want to say that I read carefully between the lines of what is said publicly in forums, blogs, and newsletters.

    We were lucky enough to introduce ourselves to yourself and other liberty activists of Oklahoma at the rally for Ron Paul’s whistle stop and my fiance being an excellent judge of character from first contact was thrilled at all of the nice, well spoken, and educated people that we had the pleasure to meet that day; sans one individual, Geirhardt.

    My fiance’s words verbatim were after he was rude to me, a professional photographer that had volunteered my time to cover the event, edit all of my frames, and even give up all rights to the photos to be published, were “What a sleaze ball!” to which I sighed and felt a little ashamed since I had convinced her to come be my photography assistant extraordinaire. “Is he the guy that has been bullying people I wonder?” I shook my head and then proceeded to do what I was there to do and we had a wonderful getting to hear yourself and Dr. Ron Paul take the podium to speak.

    This guy, as others have said, is not worth your time or effort as he has proven over and over again and it sounds as if nobody else needs to even shovel with as much dirt he is burying himself under in Oklahoma politics.

  11. Interesting that nearly four years later he is, although less so, still part of the landscape. With the obvious need for coalition building, I recall how a couple of years ago a close associate was called a traitor, and that my character and commitment was called into question for association with such a traitor.

  12. Kaye, I will always be grateful to be considered your friend. You hung on a lot longer than any of us did and there should be a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’ up in Heaven for you because of it. I remain sorry for Al. He has the ability to offer much, but, due to his glaring character flaws, I doubt he will really ever fully be able to make the positive contributions to society he could. The best thing anyone can do for Al, as you have so eloquently stated, is to unplug him from his narcissistic view of the world by ignoring him completely. From now on, let us simply decide to make him the name that cannot be spoken. Carry on Kaye! You are the most awesome of awesomes.

  13. Um, Al’s been good to us trial lawyers so all you poopyfaces need to stop insulting him so there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch some Real Housewives with my little friends Mikey and Tad.

  14. Keep up the good work Kaye!!!

  15. You are a priceless American Treasure Kaye! From Buddy Ray Candidate for Congress 5th District 2014.

  16. Made a joke with Stuart Jolly after he withdrew Americans For Prosperity – Oklahoma, about 2011? from the Alliance. Teased him that The USA Patriots did not have to withdraw because we NEVER had joined. Received sharp criticism at the time, from leader of Tulsa 9/12, but now I feel that good judgment really is something to take pride in.

  17. Jim, AKA Albert Gustava Gerhart, III

    Well now, isn’t this a gem of a find? I recall trying to warn you about exactly who you were dealing with about 30 months before you wrote this blog post. I’m sure he told you that I am a drug addict and a dozen other similar things, which he since said about you. Live and learn, I suppose.

  18. Tea Party Chairman

    I don’t understand or I missed something, but you are greatly appreciated. I have sent several warnings to Al about his threats.

    Let me know if I can help.

    B Ray

  19. Tea Party Chairman

    I see what you mean Kaye. I went to your web site.

    BR You are a Queen Esther/Deborah and the devil hates you and uses Al and others to try to bring you down

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Queen Esther!
    Now official effective 121613, The 240th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Buddy Ray Declares as Independent Candidate for Congress 5th District of Oklahoma with the goal of the 5th District becoming the Silicon Valley of the Southwest and home of the Oklahoma White House.

  21. Yea, The truth is usually ugly and tastes bad doesn’t it ? Some people prefer to live in la la land and prefer not addressing issues. Put on your big girl / boy pants and smell the coffee.

  22. Jim, AKA Albert Gustava Gerhart III

    May I ask how you feel about this topic now that Albert G. Gerhart II has been convicted as a felon?

  23. His bad habit of threatening people caught up with him.

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