Sounding the Alarm about Smart Meters Smart Grid with Curtis Bennett and David Chalk AxXiom For Liberty Live!

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Kaye Beach

Jan 30, 2013

AxXiom For Liberty Live!  6-8 PM Central

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This Friday’s show on Feb 1st is going to be a very special one.  The entire show will be dedicated to covering some of the most pressing concerns about smart meters and the smart grid and we will have two very special guests who are experts in their respective fields to share with us some explosive information regarding the safety and security of the smart meters and smart grid, Curtis Bennett and David Chalk.

Here is the podcast for this show A4L_2013-02-01_64k.mp3

On Oct 27, 2009 President Obama announced that the Department of Energy awarded $3.4 billion in stimulus money to 100 smart-grid projects. The Dept. of Energy estimated that the awards will result 18 million homes getting the smart meters which will allow for the conversion to the Smart Grid.

What is a “smart” meter?

“Smart” Meters are digital utility meters that send customers’ detailed usage information to the utility using a radio-frequency transmitter (or over the power lines in the case of Powerline Carrier (PLC) systems.  The meter also contains other capabilities, such as remote shut-off. They are part of a larger plan to change the electricity grid to a “smart” grid–though there is controversy about whether the customer meter is actually crucial to that change. Electric smart meters are replacing older analog style meters. . .Read more from Stop Smart Meters

The installation of smart meters has raised a variety of concerns.  Privacy, health and safety, and security are among the most prominent concerns.   Most states do not provide a provision to allow citizens to refuse the smart meters by opting out and keeping their analog meters. Battles are taking place all over this country as people refuse the installation of smart meter devices on their homes.   In many instances, the smart meters have been installed against the wishes of the home owner or renter by stealth or deception.

In some cases, law enforcement has been used to install the smart meters against the wishes of the resident by force.

Naperville Police Force Smart Meters- Arrest Two Mothers; Community Reels- and Reacts

Smart Meter Battle Escalating – Idaho Power Brings Guns to the Fight

Curtis Bennett

Our first guest expert, Curtis Bennett has an impressive set of credentials.

Curtis Bennet is a Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician (Red Seal), an Engineering Technologist and Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI. He has a 33 year advanced Thermography background and is the world’s foremost authority on applying infrared technologies at the molecular level. He has testified as an expert witness before Canadian Parliament and was part of Texas Public Utilities Commission’s expert panel for their public hearings on smart meters and provided written testimony for the Texas Senate Committee on smart meters as well as addressing many other courts and governments on this issue throughout the North American continent.

Here is Mr. Bennett’s testimony for the Texas Senate

You can access more of Curtis Bennett’s research and writings at

Mr. Bennett explains that safety standards for smart meters only considered the actual meter which is an end use device.  They left out the routers, collectors as well as other wireless infrastructure that interacts with human biological systems.  That only the possible heating effects of the smart meters in proximity to a person was considered in the safety standards, according to Mr. Bennett is a fatal and unacceptable flaw.

With all the discussion on wireless safety it is very important people understand the real dangers of wireless exposure and the science that was missing linking the frequencies to health problems. Read more

Mr. Bennett will walk us through established science and explain the known and potential harms presented by the roll out of the smart grid and demonstrate why that the entire coverage area of smart meters amounts to a “biological killing field”   Mr. Bennett advises that the adverse effects of smart meters/grid encompasses more than just human health and extend to all biological systems but also building structure integrity and more.

David Chalk

David Chalk is a Canadian technology entrepreneur and media personality best known as the host of the syndicated Dave Chalk’s Computer Show.  Mr. Chalk   ‘Take Back Your Power’ The trailer for that film can be viewed at

Mr. Chalk says the entire power grid is at risk and vulnerable to hacking and other forms of cyber attacks.

“One of the most amazing things that has happened to mankind in the last 100 years is the Internet. It’s given us possibility beyond our wildest imagination. But we also know the vulnerabilities that exist inside of it. And then we have the backbone, the power grid that powers our nations. Those two are coming together. And it’s the smart meter on your home or business that’s now allowing that connectivity.”

Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid

OG&E Smart Meters

In Pressing Issues About OG&E’s Smart Meter Rollout, I hit on some of the most obvious concerns about this program and covered where the authority to force consumers to accept the meters come from.  The authority for OG&E to implement the system on each home comes is derived, not from state of federal statute but from rules promulgated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission


Also see Concerns About OG&E SMart Meters: Privacy, Security, Reliability

We invited Kenneth Grant, managing director of OG&E’s smart grid program, to listen to the show on Friday and offered him air time to respond.  Mr. Grant replied to our invitation promptly but explained that he would be out of town and unable to participate.  He did say that the show sounded interesting and said that he would have someone listen in and inquired about getting a recording of Friday’s show.

Back in July on AxXiom For Liberty,  I mentioned that a gentlemen I know is pushing back against OG&E’s forced installation of a smart meter on his home. At that time he had just begun the process of defending his analog meter from being replaced with a new smart meter which he opposes based on health and privacy concerns.  This gentleman shared with us some of the tools he is utilizing to inform his neighbors and halt OG&E from installing the new meter against his will.  You can find those tools at the bottom of this post.

Curtis Bennett and David Chalk expressed that they encourage listeners to call in and ask questions.  Howard and I also welcome your calls and encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity with these two experts.

CALL IN LINE 512-646-1984

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3 responses to “Sounding the Alarm about Smart Meters Smart Grid with Curtis Bennett and David Chalk AxXiom For Liberty Live!

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  2. Smart Microwaves: Not A Thermal Effect, A Biological Effect
    What gets me about the entire smart grid issue is this: The people on the receiving end. Seems like the vast majority these days almost prefer to embrace suffering.

    So why is it that people lie down and take this? Why do they do nothing except write about how awful it is each day? The microwave frequencies from the collector hubs, Medusa meters, satellites and from the meters are all aimed at right all of us, right? It is a microwave blast zone that is killing off all biological zones, including our own.

    Why do people seem prepared to pay taxes to fund their own gallows, yet either can’t or won’t lift a finger to deconstruct those same gallows?

    Face it, electronics are remarkably vulnerable. So why do people quake and take to their sick beds when faced with a plastic smart meter which enables ILLEGAL weaponized grade frequencies to blanket everything living and to induce gradual electrical failure in all biology throughout our global ecosystem?

    If people were being shot at – and let’s face it, they are – then why are people not shooting back?

    No instinct for survival? A fondness for a slow painful death?

    Why no pre-emptive strike? Why no renovation of their homes BEFORE the installation – just in case the barricades are torn off their analog meters by these jackboot wearing stormtroopers? Why not remedy these effects while you fight to have it removed, at least wear frequency protection – a “bullet proof” vest, yes, shields to protect brains from neurological and cognitive impairment, if not for themselves, at least for their loved ones, or for their pets, or for the birds, bees, butterflies, bats, trees, fish, dolphins, whales? We are now able to destroy it all, their home, nature itself, while all other creatures but us are unable to shield or protect themselves from out actions.

    Why are so many so passive, in the face of a covert frequency war against life itself? Everywhere the reports are coming in that this truly is causing a silent spring, no birds, bees, die off.

    Why are so many seemingly so unwilling to learn just how easy it can be to cause electronics to malfunction, to suffocate transmission, to force the battery to run non stop until it dies, to shield one’s inside wall with radiation absorbing material, to wrap the meter in similar carbon sheeting as well.

    What is stopping literally billions of people from radiation proofing and disabling the source? Why do so few feel entitled to do anything at all? What is stopping them from using the “two dollar” meter solution they use in German and Australia?

    So much for rationality! Think you are smarter than the lethal smart gird? PROVE IT.

  3. In listening to Curtis talk, I think he believes sending data through the Power Lines or (PLC) is a safe way to transmit. From the research I’ve seen, it is probably safer but now we have “dirty electricity” and people who are EMR sensitive suffer greatly because it affects all the wiring in their homes. So far I’ve contacted 31 utility companies here in Oklahoma. Most of them are Rural Coops and all of them but one are using PLC to transmit the data.
    One coop manager told me they had been using PLC for 30 years with no bad health affects. I asked him if that were true, or did his users just not know the potential health risks involved. Do you suppose that is why were are seeing so much cancer and Alheizmers in the rural cities? I don’t have the answer. I’m still doing research.

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