Drones, Phones and RFID; PRIVACY Unites Left and Right in Oklahoma

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Kaye Beach

Jan. 10, 2013

Despite the uncomfortable level of political division among Americans, there are still issues that bring us together.

This legislative session the left and right are pulling together for privacy.  I couldn’t be more excited about this development becuase when the battle between our right to privacy and big corporation’s desire to make money intersect, our numbers are everything.

On Sat. Feb. 23rd at the Oklahoma State Capitol, we will have an opportunity to assemble and to demonstrate those numbers and make it very clear to our elected representatives that Oklahomans expect their privacy rights to be respected!


Amie Stepanovich, EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, on drones and privacy

Ryan Kiesel, Director, OK ACLU

Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director od OK-SAFE  – Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise will be our Master of Ceremonies

IDP13 OKC flyer

Here is a copy of this flyer for you to download and share!

International Day For Privacy Oklahoma City

If you would like to connect with others online who are excited about and are attending this event, check out Oklahomans For Fourth Amendment Rights at State Capitol on Facebook.

KFOR reports Feb. 5th, 2013:

Unlikely groups join forces to support privacy bills

The Oklahoma Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union along with Rep. Paul Wesselhoft held a joint press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday to explain the three bills aimed at protecting the privacy rights of Oklahomans.

House Bill 1559: The first bill would prohibit the Department of Public Safety from installing RFID radio frequency identification in a driver’s license.

House Bill 1557: Another bill would require law enforcement, absent an emergency, to first obtain a warrant before they access the geo-location data stored by a cell phone.

House Bill 1556: Finally, the third bill would limit the ability of law enforcement to use drones for surveillance without a warrant. 

Read more from KFOR



4 responses to “Drones, Phones and RFID; PRIVACY Unites Left and Right in Oklahoma

  1. Kaye: Rush just brought up something that somehow had not occurred to me: What if Dorner or some other murderer stole one of the small drones or got their hands on one in one of many ways and used it to kill people? They are so small that they would be easy to steal, and the criminally minded or crazies can buy a small electric model and probably learn how to operate them! I am beginning to think that there is no limit to the bad things that can happen with drones, particularly the small ones! Tiny nukes would probably be too large to be carried on these drones, but I am not sure that some mad tech genius couldn’t build a larger drone and use technology that they could copy from a small one. I’ll bet that Homeland Security/law enforcement has never even thought about security for drones and for drone technology.

  2. We need drones guys. Come on! They’re there to keep us safe and if you don’t have anything to hide you shouldn’t worry. Look at me, I don’t have anything to hide. What is everybody looking at? Stop! Oh well, I have to go now anyway. My nails aren’t going to manicure themselves you know.

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