Oklahoma Action Alert! Big Momma Gov. Wants ‘Local Control’ SB36

nanny state

Kaye Beach

Feb. 17, 2013

SB36 by Sen. Simpson would allow cities to regulate smoking in in public places in excess of what state law allows.

Do we want to give cities more power to infringe upon our rights?

What could possibly go wrong?

King Bloomberg: Ban Everything!

King Bloomberg: Ban Everything!


-Violates rights of property owners
-Violates consumers right to choose

State standards already protect health of non smokers. (by requiring businesses to install what amounts to a BSL 3 area for smokers.  These are expensive, negative pressure, separate ventilation system rooms for smoking patrons!)

Here is the bottom line:

“Private property owners should be free to allow smoking or not. Those who wish to smoke can patronize places that cater to smokers. Those who don’t will have places that seek their business. That’s how the free market works.” (Hat tip to Rob Abeira from Oklahomans for Individual Rights https://www.facebook.com/OKRights )

This bill will be heard in the General Government Committee Monday morning at 10:30 AM

Contact the members of the General Government Committee before Monday morning and tell them to vote NO! on SB36!


Senator Greg Treat – Chair
Senator Roger Ballenger – Vice Chair
Senator Cliff Aldridge
Senator Nathan Dahm
Senator Jerry Ellis
Senator Rob Johnson
Senator Kyle Loveless
Senator Bryce Marlatt

Email grouping for Gen. Gov. Committee

Treat@oksenate.gov; ballenger@oksenate.gov; aldridge@oksenate.gov; Dahm@oksenate.gov; ellis@oksenate.gov; johnsonr@oksenate.gov ; loveless@oksenate.gov; marlatt@oksenate.gov

I can find no compelling reason to further regulate smoking in public places (which includes private businesses!) Maybe the push for more ‘local control’ isn’t just about smoking.

This Mid West City family spent years in a court battle and no telling how much money fighting against the city to keep their Bull Terrier dog.   The city attorney repeatedly  asserted;

“It’s not about about the dogs. It’s about local control,”

Supreme Court overturns pit bull ban 

I don’t care whether it comes from the local, state or federal level, these days it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL!


After you email the committee, why not also give them a quick call in the morning and remind them to vote NO! on SB36

  • Senator Greg Treat – R – Chair   – 405-521-5632 –
  • Senator Roger  Ballenger – D – Vice Chair  405-521-5588
  • Senator Cliff  Aldridge – R – 405-521-5584
  • Senator Nathan  Dahm – R – 405-521-5551
  • Senator Jerry Ellis – D  – 405-521-5614
  • Senator Rob Johnson –  R – 405-521-5592
  • Senator Kyle  Loveless – R – 405-521-5618
  • Senator Bryce  Marlatt – R – 405-521-5626

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