Guthrie man still “smarting” from police detainment after refusing new “smart meter”

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Feb.20, 2013

By Andrew Griffin at the Red Dirt Report;

Guthrie man still “smarting” from police detainment after refusing new “smart meter”

OKLAHOMA CITY —  While most customers of Oklahoma City-based utility OG&E fully accept the installation of the new “smart meters,” which are to replace the old analog meters, there are some holdouts who are resisting the forced installation of these devices.

While we do not have the individual’s name, we learned today, via a blog post at OK-SAFE (in cooperation with Axxiom for Liberty), Inc., that a gentleman in Guthrie, Okla. “has been fighting the installation of the spy-meter for a while now, and was surprised by today’s show of force by OG&E.”

OG&E’s repeated attempts to replace the old meter with the controversial “smart meter” were all for naught and because this man was the last holdout in this particular Guthrie neighborhood, the Guthrie Police Department sent three officers to the man’s house to protect the OG&E installer, while allegedly detaining the man, echoing a story out of Naperville, Illinois last month where two women were arrested for “interfering with the installation process.”

. . .This encounter was confirmed by Karen Kurtz, a spokesperson for OG&E.

“We did have police out at that gentleman’s residence,” Kurtz said. “It wasn’t a show of force at all. His was the last remaining smart meter installation in that area.”

Once the police had detained the man, the smart meter was installed.

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3 responses to “Guthrie man still “smarting” from police detainment after refusing new “smart meter”

  1. Are meters/utility infrastructure owned by the utility company? Are there legal agreements to utility worker access included in home-purchasing paperwork?

  2. Yes. Meters are owned by the utility. Yes. customers have a contract agreeing to allow reasonable access to the meter.

    Now with those questions answered, I suppose you think that this is all good. If so, I disagree.

    OG&E is a government sponsored monopoly. It’s not like a customer who has legitimate concerns about his privacy or the safety and security of the new meters has any other options at all.

    Also, if you look at the OG&E customer contract and the description of what a meter is, it might occur to you that the new meter, which is a two way communication device with all sorts of bells, whistles and potential add-ons, bears little resemblance to the analog meter it is replacing. In fact, the two devices are so different that one might reasonably argue that a new contract should have been drawn up before installing the new digital meters.

    If you think that it is OK for cops to handcuff homeowners and FORCE them to accept a device that could have significant detrimental effects of them and their family members, then I don’t know what else to say to you.
    I think it is a travesty!

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