Oklahoma Unmanned Surveillance Act Passes Committee 23-4!

eye in the sky drone

Kaye Beach

Feb. 26. 2013

This afternoon HB1556, Oklahoma Unmanned Surveillance Act which limits surveillance by drones without a warrant,  passed the Energy and Aerospace Committee on a vote of 23 Yea’s to 4 Nay’s!

Much thanks goes to Rep. Paul Wesselhoft the bills author and Ryan Kiesel, Dir. of the OK ACLU for providing the legislation and support.

The biggest thank you of all though goes out to all of you who took the time to let legislators know that your Fourth Amendment rights are important to you -Thank you Grassroots!  Your voice does count!!

The bill still has to go through various committees and to the House floor for a vote.  If it passes in the House it should go on to the Senate.  If it recieves a passing vote it the Senate it will then go to the Governor’s desk where she will either sign it or veto it.

You might want to thank the Representatives for their Yes! vote on HB 1556.  here are the Yes voting Representatives’ emails in a a block.

johntrebilcock@okhouse.gov,weldon.watson@okhouse.gov, david.brumbaugh@okhouse.gov, mariancooksey@okhouse.gov,  scott.inman@okhouse.gov, steve.kouplen@okhouse.gov, randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov, mike.sanders@okhouse.gov, bensherrer@okhouse.gov, garybanz@okhouse.gov, leedenney@okhouse.gov, david.brumbaugh@okhouse.govcharlie.joyner@okhouse.govstevemartin@okhouse.gov, mikereynolds@okhouse.gov,  colby.schwartz@okhouse.gov, aaron.stiles@okhouse.gov, lisajbilly@okhouse.gov, josh.cockroft@okhouse.govjwhickman@okhouse.gov,  dan.kirby@okhouse.gov, mark.mcbride@okhouse.gov, eric.proctor@okhouse.gov, sean.roberts@okhouse.gov, seneca.scott@okhouse.gov

(No votes were Don Armes, Mike Brown, Jerry McPeak and R.C. Pruett)

Be watching for action alerts on HB 1556 coming up in the near future.


5 responses to “Oklahoma Unmanned Surveillance Act Passes Committee 23-4!

  1. ‘Bout time the states are fulfilling their roll and duty as sovereigns and protecting the resident sovereigns within their borders!

  2. Any and all drone surveillance;
    This is a unconstitutional act if it becomes law. The United States Constitution: Amendment Four; Amendment Five; Amendment Six;
    Oklahoma Statutes: Oklahoma Constitution: Bill of Rights; Article two; Section Thirty; Note sixty two Curtilage in generally. Air space within the limits of the law also and can be define in privacy of the Citizen.
    All surveillance is subject to the same laws as wire tapping, search and seizures and is arguable in any court of law in the land.

    Remind all your State legislators of the law of the land and there oath to office The United States Constitution: Article Six.

    Let it also be known that what maybe good for the goose is also good for the gander so to speak. There are no laws prohibiting or licensing of a individual, or group, or private, or nonprofit organization from owning, using any and all unmanned aircraft or drones for hobby or professional uses, In surveillance uses. Or in construction.

  3. The comment I have entered here is correct on any and all drone or unmanned aircraft surveillance and moderation will be viewed as censoring. The United States Constitution: Bill of Rights; Amendment One.

  4. I don’t censor but it is important to note that this is my space on the net and I reserve the right to moderate it as I see fit.
    Thank you for you comments

  5. Lets keep a close eye on this to make sure it doesn’t get lost or watered-down in the process…

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