Missouri Lawmakers Confused, Frustrated by Dept. of Revenue Story

Kaye Beach

March 16, 2013

I am trying to keep up with this story out of Missouri regarding the state’s  implementation of portions of the federal Real ID Act and the impact on Second Amendment rights.

According to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Eric Griffin went to his Department of Motor Vehicles fee office after he passed the application process for a concealed carry gun permit. Griffin refused to let DMV employees scan some of his documentation and he was subsequently denied a permit.

Source: Real ID Act raises privacy concerns for Mo. handgun carry permit holders, March 6, 2013, Examiner.com

Now Missouri has a REAL problem on it’s hands.  Many people, unaware of the many negative implications of the Real ID Act, might not gripe when they they run into new procedures at the DMV as a result of it but get between the Missourian and his gun rights-and watch out!

Long and Deputy Director John Mollenkamp [Mo. Dept. of Revenue] told the committee they now require documents from state residents, including conceal-carry endorsements, to be scanned into a computer system as part of an effort to cut down on fraud.  http://www.kcur.org/post/mo-dept-revenue-were-not-sending-copies-citizens-documents-dc-0

The Dept. of Revenue will not admit that they are implementing the technical tenants of the Real ID Act, they may not even know that they are.  Here is why.  The Dept. of Homeland Security and AAMVA, (the American Association of Motor Vehicles) which has set motor vehicle associated and licensing standards for the states for decades, agreed to roll the Real ID Act requirement into AAMVA’s North American Standards for Driver’s Licenses and ID cards (2012)

“In addition, DHS has worked with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to coordinate state implementation of the standards of the REAL ID regulation. In particular, DHS participated with the states in the drafting of the Personal Identification – AAMVA North American Standard – DL/ID Card Design (July 2009) . . .the design must meet or exceed REAL ID requirements.”

Department of Homeland Security,Secure Identification State Progress Fiscal Year 2012 Report to Congress

“AAMVA (the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) is called the “backbone” and hub” of the Real ID Act in the final rules issued by DHS” Mark Lerner, testimony before the Michigan House of Representatives, 2008

The state bureaucrats will tell you that they aren’t implementing Real ID, they are just following ‘best practices’ as they have always done.

Anxious and frustrated Missourians might find it interesting to compare notes and see how Oklahoma is continuing to implement the provisions of the Real ID Act despite it being prohibited by law.

Now Missouri lawmakers want to know where is the personal information (including biometric data) of citizens going and why? But instead of a straight answer, lawmakers are running into a whole lot of obfuscation and misdirects from the Dept. of Revenue and this is making them hopping mad.

CBS St. Louis reports:

March 13, 2013

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX/MDN) – Earlier this week, KMOX told you about allegations that the state was creating a database of gun owners.

Now, Missouri lawmakers say the Department of Revenue lied about that and is breaking the law, because they’re collecting certain personal information from everyone.

Missouri senators spoke out in the chamber Wednesday.

Senate Appropriations chairman Kurt Schaefer said the department has lied to him three times now.

“This marks the third time I’ve been lied to in two weeks,” announced Schaefer.

The department first told Schaefer it received a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that was not related to the gathering of information at license offices.

Later, the department told him the grant was used for hole punchers to void old licenses. The hole punchers were bought at 138 bucks a pop.

In a later hearing, the department then said the grant was used for gathering information at license offices, leaving Schaefer furious.

Read More

If the people of Missouri do not insist on getting to the bottom of all of this they run the risk of either political muscle silencing the lawmakers that are currently demanding answers or that they will eventually becoming so baffled by BS, that they give up.  Stay with it ‘Show Me’ state!

4 responses to “Missouri Lawmakers Confused, Frustrated by Dept. of Revenue Story

  1. The problem is when was it written into the United States Constitution that a Citizen had to purchase any of the rights guaranteed?
    How long will it be that a tax or permit will be required to have any liberty at all? In other words it will cost you to walk out of the door of your house or you may have to pay a tax to exhale because you are polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide? Unalienable rights?
    What was written as liberty and freedom into the United States Constitution dose not mean that A citizen has the freedom to do any thing they feel like doing anytime they want to. What liberty and freedom means is there are certain identified rights, God blessed and given rights. Like the freedom to walk out of your home with out paying the right to do so and or from fear of being arrested by the police because they just felt like doing it. To obtain money. The right to Own your home and the property you live on and in. Any kind of permit relating to any laws or rights in the United State Constitution is in violation of the law of the land. A permit is a contract giving permission for a fee or with out a fee and it is unconstitutional any most aspects of the law. It is also a tribute, a tax.

    Amendment Two: United States Constitution

    A Well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT

    There is nothing in these written words that says any people have to have a permit of any kind to own and carry a gun of any kind. It dose state that it will not be infringed. Meaning ignored or the requirement of a permit being necessary. Or any laws that inhibit, or deter, or do away with this right. Except by a Amendment to the United States Constitution Article Five.

  2. What was stated above applies to the real ID act also. It is a permit and is a unconstitutional law.

  3. How will you moderate the Constitution or will you? It states what it states. As it was once Stated, ” We have been given a republic, If we can keep it”?
    But we must be willing to? Are you?

  4. The Constitution was not written to control and regulate the people. It was written to define and control and regulate the government by the people and for the people.

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