Florida Police use DMV Faceprints to Investigate Public


Kaye Beach

April 12, 2013

Imagine if law enforcement began randomly snatching citizens off the street and throwing them into a suspect line up with no probable cause.    In addition to the physical disruption to their lives selectees would be at risk of misidentification as the culprit for a crime they didn’t commit.  People would be outraged.

In Florida, the police are using facial biometrics gathered and stored by the DMV for Real ID with facial recognition technology to identify and investigate individuals in public, at will.

Presumption of innocence? Probable cause? Not necessary when everyone is a suspect.

We are just at the edge of an onslaught of similar stories that whether revealed or not are rooted in Real ID.

You and I have the dubious honor of being located in the slice of our generation that is going to gain a deep understanding of the value of our privacy. We will learn because we are the ones who once, having the luxury of relative obscurity, are watching it slip away. The loss for this slim section of humanity will be acute. For most of those born in the post 911 era and those who follow them, they will be hard pressed to realize what has been taken from them.

Oviedo approves use of facial recognition program for police use

April, 3, 2013

OVIEDO, Fla. —

More local police officers are getting a new crime fighting tool. Oviedo just agreed to allow police to tap into facial recognition software developed by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.
The technology allows law enforcement to run photos through a database to help identify crime suspects.
What Oviedo just approved has been put to use in Winter Springs for almost a year.
The system is somewhat controversial because it allows law enforcement to search through driver’s license photos, even if you’ve never been accused of a crime.


3 responses to “Florida Police use DMV Faceprints to Investigate Public

  1. So when you go to get your drivers license – wear OTHER glasses than you do normally. Place a large marble in your mouth and a small one – just before photo – shove each up between your cheek and teeth by your nose.
    If possble cant your head to one side. Get watersoluable die for your hair BEFORE you go and USE IT. Don’t volounteer ANY of the above to the beaurocrat doing the paperwork and photos.

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  3. Frank- Oviedo, FL

    Oviedo, FL Mayor Dominic Persampiere must be stopped. He is engaging in a major Agenda 21 push for the good people of Oviedo. He likens the future of Oviedo to big cities like Chicago or New York which sounds ridiculous, but it is the implementation of the form based code that is the beginning of the destruction for this small town.

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