Predators in Your Backyard?

florida panther

Kaye Beach

May 14, 2013

“Across the world scientists are releasing predators, nature’s ultimate killers, close to where people live.”

This 2010-11 BBC documentary, Predators in Your Backyard, shows how “Rewilding” is being accomplished in the US and other places.  They state up front that this is a dangerous experiment but strangely fail to show the real downsides to the actual project. (You can watch the film here)

For instance, the BBC film would leave you believing that the reintroduction of wolves in the west has been an unparalled success.  If you want to get a second opinion watch this documentary, also released in 2011, called Crying Wolf.

The Predators in Your Backyard gives the viewer the impression  that efforts to reintroduce predators such as the wolf, bear and panther, into areas of human habitation are edgy projects but also entirely noble ones.

At the tail end of the film we get a hint of the truly radical nature of “Rewilding” when Prof. Felisa A. Smith of the University of New Mexico suggests that the  wild horse population in the the western US might be better managed by the introduction of african lions.  (This part of the film made for an entertaining topic on the forum)

Predators in Your Backyard is a documentary intended to warm us up to a plan that few would approve of if they knew the whole story.  Here is a little more information for your consideration.

Rewilding is part of the Wildlands Project.

The Wildlands Project ;
Core reserves
are wilderness areas that
supposedly allow biodiversity to flourish. “It is
estimated,” claims Noss, “that large carnivores and
ungulates require reserves on the scale of 2.5 to
25 million acres. …For a minimum viable population
of 1000 (large mammals), the figures would be 242
million acres for grizzly bears, 200 million acres
for wolverines, and 100 million acres for wolves.
Core reserves should be managed as roadless areas
(wilderness). All roads should be permanently

Even more about the Wildlands Project can be found here


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