OK-SAFE: Help Stop Common Core in Oklahoma – Calls Needed!

Kaye Beach

May 17, 2013



Help Stop Common Core in Oklahoma – Calls Needed!

OK-SAFE, Inc. – By now everyone knows how dangerous the Common Core State Standards are for our children and state education.  (See here, here, here, here, and here.)

Everyone, that is, except OK Governor Mary Fallin, State Superintendent Janet Barresi, and Senator John Ford.

It appears that OK Speaker T.W. Shannon has come out against the Common Core state standards and is willing to run legislation (hopefully this session) to repeal one of the components of this egregious education system.  (HB 1719 may end up being the legislative vehicle for the repeal of the Common Core standards bill, but that has not been confirmed as of this writing.)

Please call your Senator and Representative and tell them you want Common Core repealed in Oklahoma.  Especially, call and email Pro-Tem Brian Bingman and Sen. John Ford and tell them to say YES to the repeal of the Common Core in Oklahoma.

  • Senate Pro-Tem Brian Bingman   405-521-5528   Email: bingman@oksenate.gov
  • Sen. John Ford                                 405-521-5634  Email: fordj@oksenate.gov

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One response to “OK-SAFE: Help Stop Common Core in Oklahoma – Calls Needed!

  1. Jennifer Dawe

    Watch your PTA. The National PTA has just announced they will be awarding Grants to 3 states to start a grassroots campaign to sing the praises of common core. Deadline is June 7th. I’m from Missouri and our representatives are trying to get a bill passed for DESE to have meetings in each district to answer all questions from those in attendence and disclose the cost our state will be responsible for once the federal incentive stops. The bill is Missouri SB210.
    Missouri Education Watchdog & Missouri Against Common Core both have excellent info!

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