Oklahoma Vapers call to Action Calls, E-mails needed in support of SB 1892

Kaye Beach

Feb. 17, 2014

**Update**  Feb. 18, 2014  The bill is SB1892 not SB1852 as I had listed.  Sorry about that.

SB 1892 passed the Senate Finance committee today  but due to a minor snafu the title was stricken.  The bill will have to go to conference committee for title to be restored.  If all that sounds confusing, the bottom line is that it will end up before the committee and have to be voted on again.  This should happen shortly and so if you didn’t get your calls or emails in, it wouldn’t hurt to do so now.

Will update again as soon as there is any movement on this bill.  Thank you!

SB 1892 will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM in Rm 535

Call or email the Senate Finance committee members tonight or first thing tomorrow morning and tell them to vote YES on SB 1852!

Electronic cigarettes and vapor products are NOT tobacco and should not be categorized as such.  SB 1852 defines “vapor products’ separately from tobacco products and does not allow vapor products to be taxed like tobacco products.  This is GOOD!  It keeps the safer option of ‘vaping’ accessible to more smokers who have been unable or unwilling to quit smoking.

Briefly tell the committee members how you or your loved ones have benefitted from using a personal vaporizing device.  Ask them to vote YES on SB 1852 and thank them for their time.

Here is the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League’s Alert on SB 1852.  (Find out more about OVAL at http://ovalok.org)

oval alert sb 1852

You can email the Senate Finance committee members in one swoop by copying and pasting their emails as provided;

mazzei@oksenate.gov; Brinkley@oksenate.gov; Aldridge@oksenate.gov; dahm@oksenate.gov; david@oksenate.gov; fordj@oksenate.gov; halligan@oksenate.gov; johnsonc@oksenate.gov; jolly@oksenate.gov; mcaffrey@oksenate.gov; simpson@oksenate.gov; sparks@oksenate.gov; treat@oksenate.gov

You can call the Senate Finance committee members by dialing the Senate Switchboard and asking to be connected to the Senator you wish to speak with.   Senate switchboard (405) 524-0126

Senate Finance Committee Members are as follows:

Senator Mike Mazzei – Chair
Senator Rick Brinkley – Vice Chair
Senator Cliff Aldridge
Senator Nathan Dahm
Senator Kim David
Senator John Ford
Senator Jim Halligan
Senator Constance Johnson
Senator Clark Jolley

Senator McAffrey
Senator Frank Simpson
Senator John Sparks
Senator Greg Treat


7 responses to “Oklahoma Vapers call to Action Calls, E-mails needed in support of SB 1892

  1. I wrote every member. I urged them to vote yes on 1852. The vapor bill. I don’t smoke. But to say these E cigs are the same as real cigarettes! Pipes or cigars. Think of it this way. A pop tart in the shape of a gun is not the same as a revolver, semi or derringer. (I’m a conceal carry instructor).

  2. At least the idiots in Oklahoma are discussing this rather than trying to cram their antiabortion b.s. down the throats of its citizens.

  3. So, is it SB 1852 or is it SB 1892? The article identifies it as SB 1852 but the Oval Call to Action insert identifies it as SB1892…..

  4. Ack! Its 1892 so sorry

  5. I figure if us gun guys can help you smokers out then maybe you guys can help us out. We must must must pass HB2324 which has made felons out of law abiding citizens. It nullifies the gun free school zobe act. It days if you have a gun in your car and are within 1000 (one thousand feet, or up to 3 city blocks) from the edge of school property you could be arrested, 5000 dollar fine and up to 5 yrs in prison. They have enforced this in other states. This bill would save many innocent Oklahomans. Thank you

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