When Does REAL ID Enforcement Begin in Oklahoma?

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Kaye Beach

Oct. 8, 2015

There is a big question about when our state would actually be subject to REAL ID enforcement.  I think they like it that way.  Since the REAL ID Act is NOT a mandate upon the states, fear is about the only tool at the federal government’s disposal to encourage compliance with the Act.

Here is what I have found.

On Dec. 29, 2014, DHS published in the Federal Register its intent to change the Real ID enforcement date to Oct. 1, 2020 – for some states.

For states that are deemed compliant with the REAL ID Act or states that have an extension, DHS says that:

DHS extension 2020

Here is section B of the sidebar which indicates the states that will NOT be subject to enforcement (which has now been extended to 2020 although that is not updated on this DHS policy briefing)

compliant extension states

To further clarify the matter, DHS adds:

noncompliant 2016

Section A of the sidebar:

non compliant

(Source: REAL ID Enforcement in Brief, DHS)

These are the only states that are subject to phased enforcement which includes requiring a REAL ID compliant license as an acceptable document to board a plane.

I found a policy think tank document that simplifies the matter further with this table:

nil enforcement table

There may be more to this but this is what is the best publicly available information I can find at the moment.  I will update if I receive any additional information.

In order to be granted an extension by the DHS, I’m pretty sure that our state had to pledge its intent to fully implement the REAL ID Act – someday.

If REAL ID is fully implemented in this state, the people of Oklahoma will be subject to greater government intrusion and control over their daily lives than ever before.  REAL ID implementation means our state databases containing our personal and biometric information will be connected to other states and accessible by the federal government.  Oklahoma officials have a duty to protect the rights of the people of this state and should not move to implement REAL ID.

DPS memo biometrics


4 responses to “When Does REAL ID Enforcement Begin in Oklahoma?

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  2. Thanks for keeping up the good fight!

  3. David Brooke

    I don’t think there is much worry over not being able to fly because our ID is not compliant. I recently flew and I bet after the 10 of October most TSA agents won’t even be aware of the fact. If you plan on flying soon just say you forgot your ID and they can find you on most public databases and will let you continue on your way. Just do a search of, “No ID to fly” and see what comes up. Most stories said they got through faster. There is also a case where a man refused to show his ID and won. I believe he was coming back from Albuquerque to San Francisco. Whether the law was changed since then I don’t know. Sorry, I could not find that case.

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