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The Government Wants Your Children – An Analysis of Recent Education Reforms and The Resulting Impact On Student Privacy

Kaye Beach

September 24, 2012

Every parent should be aware of what information is being gathered and for what purpose, on their children and their families.  These days, when they say “permanent record”  They mean it!

‘. . .schools are collecting much more information than parents imagine. Not only can parents NOT ask to see records of which they are unaware, but records kept out from under the watchful eye of a parent can collect and store damaging information and “When you put something into digital form, you can’t control where that’ll end up.” (Koebler)’

This is extremely valuable information and analysis from R.O.P.E -Restore Oklahoma Public Education, originally published July 25, 2012.

This is our latest piece of research. It contains information on how the state and federal governments are collecting copious amounts of data for every public school child under the guise of Education Reform. It also explains how, in Oklahoma, our P20 Council (created in order to pave the way for the State Longitudinal Database System which stores student data) is attempting to find ways to collect data from home school and privately schooled students!

An Analysis of Recent Education Reforms and the Resulting Impact on Student Privacy


NEW PROGRAM-Entry Exams for Oklahoma Kindergartners








Kaye Beach

Nov. 28, 2011


First a few definitions;

“New” means ‘ Not existing before’

“Voluntary”  means ‘Done, given, or acting of one’s own free will’

How about Privacy?


  1. The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
  2. The state of being free from public attention

This program is NEW.  It is NOT voluntary and forget PRIVACY!

Race To The Top (RTT) or RaTT as it is not so affectionately known, strikes again undermining state, local and parental control over our schools and getting our kids conditioned to living in a fishbowl from the get-go using the lure of federal funding….

  • Campbell’s Law

    “The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor.” Donald Campbell

From Restore Oklahoma Public Education- R.O.P.E

Today’s Great Idea: Let’s Borrow Money from A Bankrupt Federal Government to Create and Administer Tests for Pre-Kindergartners

Our State Department of Education (OSDE) through Governor Mary Fallin sold the public on applying for the Race to The Top Early Learning Challenge (to pay for pre-k programming) by saying they would be applying for this grant to “…invest in upgrades to our teacher training, our data tracking and improved testing.” She also goes on to tell Megan Rolland, “We’re not establishing new programs …”

Who is advising our governor? Clearly, from Rolland’s new article today, “Entry exam for kindergartners is part of Oklahoma’s grant application” they had every intent of establishing a new program – that of TESTING INCOMING KINDERGARTNERS. In fact, after reviewing the RTT grant’s FAQ’s, it became readily apparent that this NEW program was added so Oklahoma could be more competitive for the grant:

Competitive Preference Priority 3, is Understanding the Status of Children’s Early Learning and Development at Kindergarten Entry through the implementation of a Kindergarten Entry Assessment. Applicants that successfully meet Competitive Preference Priority 2 can receive up to 10 additional points, and applicants that successfully meet Competitive Preference Priority 3 can earn 10 additional points on an “all or nothing” basis.

So, as I have asked before, is this RTT grant about pre-K programming, or money? It isn’t about telling Oklahomans the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” apparently. I have had four kids graduate kindergarten in Oklahoma – one 24 years ago, one just last year. None of them was given a test before entry.

Read More

Republican Heresy? Get a R.O.P.E!

Kaye Beach

Oct 19, 2011

Jenni White, President of R.O.P.E (Restore Oklahoma Public Education) asks;

Am I A Republican Heretic?       

Why would she ask such a thing?

ROPE endorsed Republican Janet Barresi for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Many of us actually campaigned for her.

White believed like many other Republicans that Barresi would be a better choice for conservatives dissatisfied with the decidedly leftist direction of public education than Democrat, Susan Paddock.  That logic is straightforward enough but has it held up in reality.

Unfortunately, that answer is no.

ROPE lists just some of the items that evidence reason for conservative disappointment.

I took the time to watch the videos of the Oklahoma interim study on the Common Core State Standards held a couple of weeks ago and what I found most amazing is the behavior of Ms. Baressi herself.

If you did not know, the ladies from ROPE are ordinary Oklahomans who have invested a great deal of time, care and energy in serving as a watchdog for busy moms and dads.  They have devoted no less than one year to the research that was presented at the interim study.  They do all of this one reason.  They care about this state and the children of this state.  The ladies of ROPE do not get paid to lobby, study legislation or present their findings to the policy makers and the public.  I feel safe in stating that these women do not expect any thanks for their advocacy but I am sure they do not deserve the disrespect demonstrated by Baressi.

An interim study is just that-a study.  Ideally all sides of an issue should be aired and policy makers get the opportunity to ask questions.  Barresi showed claws and precious little to refute any of the facts brought before the panel. It was poor form on her part to say the least.  Barresi responded to the ROPE presentation and by extension, since she was presenting similar facts, the presentation of a Senior Policy Analyst with the Heritage Foundation, with a sweeping dismissal.  “We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts”

Barresi did take the opportunity during her remarks to say that the Common Core State Standards are not mandated by the federal government.

“This is a state led, voluntary effort” says Baressi

State led?    Two national, non-governmental organizations, The National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, developed the standards behind closed doors.

“State led”, especially when coupled with the word “standards” really means federally controlled.  It’s just that the states are being good little troopers and doing Big Momma Gov’s work for her.

Barresi is simply mincing her words.  The old ‘carrot and stick method’  is being employed with nationalizing education just as we have seen with every other sector of our society.

Utah’s Republic asks; “Still think the Common Core Standards are just a state initiative? Ask yourself these questions and think again.” And shares some valuable insight;

  1. What do you call it when standards are adopted from a national body and a state isn’t allowed to modify anything they just adopted except to add up to 15%? De facto federal/national standards
  2. What do you call it when national assessments funded by the federal government and led by a Marxist researcher will measure the effectiveness of common core standards? National assessments overseeing national standards
  3. What do you call it when national tracking is done on both academic and non-academic factors to ensure that students are scoring well on these assessments? A massive violation of privacy and national assessments and standards
  4. What do you call it when the federal government engages with textbook publishers to create curriculum based on common standards? A national curriculum and national standards
  5. What do you call it when federal dollars for state education come from countries like China and states like California? Immoral because our grandchildren will pay for their parents education
  6. What do you call it when the federal department of education rewrites the laws on the books to eliminate and redirect local and state control of education to the federal government? Tyranny and national control of education
  7. What do you call it when state officials and agencies fail to connect the dots on these items? A tragic lack of foresight

Barresi offers nothing but her ire to refute the opposing presentations which is a sure sign that she is up against the wall and cannot form a rational argument to the facts that were presented.

The debate over federal coercion with the Common Core Standards is a lively one to put it mildly, but suffice it to say that with adopting the Common Core State Standards comes more federal control over our schools than any conservative ought to be comfortable with.

And this leads us back to Jenni White’s question;

Am I A Republican Heretic?       

If Republicanism is a religion that operates on faith in whoever happens to pin an “R” by their name, then the answer is; Yes my dear, you are.


ROPE Takes the High Road, Calls Barresi on the Carpet

Kaye Beach

May 31, 2011

This article is from Restore Oklahoma Public Education-R.O.P.E.’s latest newsletter. (sign up here to receive ROPE’s newsletter by email)

I admire their courage and adherence to principle over politics.  This is what separates the mere advocate from the Watchdog.

Thanks ROPE!

At the State Republican Convention in May, State Superintendent Dr. Janet Barresi told members present that she went up to “The Hill” to testify before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce and told the Federal Government to stay out of “our business”.

In the actual testimony, Dr. Barresi states, “As all participating states prepare to transition to Common Core curriculum standards [initiated with Arne Duncan and the DOE], more flexibility is also needed in the use of federal funds for professional development that would support effective instructional practices. Additionally, broadening the scope of the designation of Title programs to include a wider array of subject matter, such as STEM initiatives, would help enable states to offer a more challenging curriculum.”

This does not sound like “get out of our business” so much as “give us the money and let us spend it the way we want”.

Republican Ronald Reagan wanted to abolish the Federal Department of Education created by Jimmy Carter. Our state Republican platform specifically says, “The federal government has no constitutional role in education”

Though Dr. Barresi has stated on numerous occasions that she advocates for “local control”, a post on the State Department of Education website dated “May 19th” heralded the announcement that Dr. Barresi had just joined Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change.

As is visible from the post on the left, the Chiefs are very specifically advocating MORE federal control of the already over-federalized Elementary and Secondary Education Act. How does surrendering local control of our elementary and secondary students to the federal government in turn provide local control?

According to a CATO study it doesn’t. “We find strong evidence that the widespread adoption of preschool and full-day kindergarten is unlikely to improve student achievement.”

Though recently, Dr. Barresi told an audience in Tulsa that she had not used Federal money for education reforms she has touted, the NewsOk article in the upper left, Oklahoma State Education Board awards millions to poor-performing schools, flies in the face of such a statement.

ARRA (stimulus) funds are those used to “turnaround” failing schools. Is this semantics? If the Oklahoma State Department of Education is simply ‘passing’ on the funds from the federal government to the local school, then the Department is not spending them so the Department is not taking federal funds for education reforms?

ROPE has found at least one bill “requested” by the Department containing references or inclusions for access to federal grants. Additionally, ROPE has uncovered the mechanism by which the Core Curriculum Standards and something called the P20 data system (begun by a “requested” bill) which will collect data from children across a wide range of data points and share that information in  without parental consent are linked to federal funding. We will share that with you soon.

In the meantime, we must be vigilant and continue to monitor the words and actions of our newly elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Baressi, and hold her accountable for them.

In This Issue

Oklahoma State Education Board awards millions to poor-performing schools

The School Improvement Grants were approved by the board Thursday and the federal money is intended to help the schools, all of which are in Oklahoma City, improve a track record of poor student performance.

“We’re hopeful that this will have an impact,” state schools Superintendent Janet Barresi said.

Oklahoman plays key role in announcement of new Race to the Top

“Early childhood education, special for children ages birth to 3, is both a profound moral obligation and the most effective way to reverse the cycle of poverty in  America,” Kaiser said in a town-hall meeting in Washington, D.C., following Duncan’s announcement.

State Superintendent Janet Barresi Joins Jeb Bush’s “Chiefs For Change”In the “Statement of Principles for Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act” dated May 19, 2011, the Chiefs maintain:


Q&A With State Supt. Baressi with the Oklahoma Education Association
“No. I don’t like mandates. I’m a local control type of fan and advocate. I’m sure Oklahoma City would be happy to share their best practices in this area and results from this. My bottom line is this: I want to see the numbers. I want to see the academic outcomes as a result of this process, after they’ve had it in for a couple, three years. I want to see how it facilitates outcomes, how it facilitates learning.”

Oklahoma charter schools hire math, science teachers from overseas

The schools have come under scrutiny by conservative and tax watch groups throughout the nation, including Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE), which can be defined as both.

“If Oklahoma teachers are being laid off, why are we as Oklahoma taxpayers paying people from not even inside our country to come and teach our children?” asks Jenni White, president of ROPE.

To Read More information collected on Gulen Schools by ROPE, see this article just recently added to our website.

House Approves Expansion of Make My Day Law

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Media Division

March 17, 2011


Contact: State Rep. Steve Vaughan

Capitol: (405) 557-7355
OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation that would expand Oklahoma’s “Make My Day” law to include places of business has been passed by the Oklahoma House of

House Bill 1439, by state Rep. Steve Vaughan, would give
business owners and workers the right to use deadly force to defend

“There’s confusion on where the legal line is drawn between
self-defense and an attack,” said Vaughan, R-Ponca City. “At the same
time, I think most Oklahomans are not confused about where it should be
drawn. If an armed robber approaches a business, I think most Oklahomans
would think it was appropriate for a business owner or employee to use
deadly force against that armed robber. Under current law, that business
owner or employee could be charged with murder.”

House Bill 1439 passed by a vote of 87 to 6. It now proceeds
to the Senate for consideration.

We Don’t Need a School Board! Unfortunately….

Kaye Beach

March 13, 2011

I have not followed the school board controversy in detail but when I heard that there was a move on to change  remove powers from the OK State School Board it set off some alarm bells in my mind.

Last year I began to research Oklahoma’s newly implemented Schools Interoperability Framework or SIF.  SIF is a data sharing specification that enables  the exchange of student and school information between diverse data systems.

Oklahoma is the first state to fully implement SIF.  Oklahoma is also the first state to do so by law.

70 OKLA. STAT. tit. 70, § 3-161 (2007), available at (Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR) Pilot Program)

There are two things  that I learned from this research that stand out very clearly to me. One was that our public school system has been very effectively federalized by the implementation of national standards.  Two is that the amount of data collection, sharing  and  consolidation being done through our schools is appalling.

Oklahoma Schools: Data Collecting or Dossier Building?

Below is a link to  the document, released on May 20, 2010,  that I found that prompted me to begin an intensive period of research into the obvious restructuring of and apparent federal take over of Oklahoma’s  school system;

Oklahoma Receives First-Ever SIF Excellence Award

At the time, I wrote;

“What I see is an astonishing degree of database merging throughout the public and private sphere that in no way benefits us or our children.  Health, welfare, education and law enforcement to name but a few sectors, are getting together and what that portends for our personal security and for individual freedom is terrifying.” Read more

I also remember thinking that the State School Board really has no purpose once the federal standards and streamlining of data was accomplished and this is why the news of HB 2139 which proposes to to remove the power from the State Board really grabbed me.


March 13 2011
As some of you heard we had an interesting vote on a bill on Monday. HB 2139, a bill by Speaker Kris Steele, would remove many powers from the State Board of Education and shift those directly to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
The bill passed last week, but the section of the bill requiring the legislation to go into effect before the school year did not receive the necessary 68 votes.
The vote was held open and the membership of the House who were present voted to compel members to attend the session if they were absent.
After the vote was held open for an hour, the bill still did not get the necessary votes, which means the legislation will now go into effect 90 days after the bill becomes law should it make it through the rest of the process with the current language.  link

Someone else has noticed these problems too.

March 12, 2011 Pajamas Media reports:

Forty-one states — plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands — have signed on to a set of standards that makes local school boards all but superfluous. State boards of education become redundant as well if curricula are decided at a national level rather than at a state level. link

The story also covers the data collecting issue very well.  It is obvious that the writer is as creeped out by it as I am.  Read the article here.

The idea of data consolidation and sharing might not raise a red flag for many people unless they really think about it.

Personal data about our children (and ourselves) is viewed as a commodity.

“I represent a K-12 constituency, mostly schools and states, and I can tell you that they’re getting data requests from health care, criminal justice, higher education, the workforce, early childhood– all different verticals from what they’re used to,” Fruth says. “Those verticals may have their own systems built on web service technologies. So this is a natural extension of what our audience wants.” read more

Here  are a few aspects  of personal  privacy, autonomy and the exercise of free will (all of which are prerequisite to liberty) that are destroyed by ever increasing data consolidation efforts taking place at every level and in every sector of government.  Understand that data held by private companies about you is also folded into the mix.

In the US we operate under the presumption of freedom. Meaning that we do not expect to have our  affairs overlooked by others unless their are  compelling reasons to the contrary.  This is often expressed as “the right to be left alone”

We have the  right to establish our boundaries between public and private spaces.  These boundaries should be enforced by law and respected.

One of the hallmarks of  mental or emotional health is that an individual discloses information about themselves appropriately.  Disclosing too much, too fast or being unusually suspicious and withholding are both indicators that something is amiss.  Our government and their private “partners” have taken it upon themselves to decide for us how our personal details will be shared, with whom and how the information will be used. It occurs to me that trying to maintaining a modicum of control over ones life is a function of our survival instinct and people who express no concern of this issue either don’t understand the problem or somehow their basic human instinct to survive has been damaged.  I also believe that the fact that our government is doing this is a telling sign of  grave dysfunction.

Privacy is useful for more than just a bubble bath.

“Privacy in this view is not merely an individual right but a positive social good, for it is the cradle from which can grow the resistance, creativity and innovation essential for the renewal of a society.

That it necessarily can also foster rebellion, deviancy and crime does not negate its positive potential; this is the price we pay for diversities of thought, varieties of practices, and differences of views.

Without privacy, the coercive force of hegemonic power to control not only behavior but the innermost thoughts of citizens becomes absolute.”

From  ‘Waking up to the Surveillance Society’

Autonomy  I think is best  defined as  the desire to avoid being manipulated or dominated wholly by others.

The people in Oklahoma understand sovereignty.  I only wish they could see how it is being sucked out through our state data systems.

Before we jump on the consolidation bandwagon we might want to consider the whole thing a little more carefully.  You want efficiency?  A dictatorship is the most efficient form of government there is.

How to Create Total Dominance

(1) Consolidate everything.

(2) Commercialize everything.

(3) Classify everything.

(4) Claim everything.

(5) Control everything.


NYC Transplant Mom Says Okahoma is OK! Educates Sen. Jim Wilson on Home Education

Kaye Beach

Feb 6, 2010

This family choose to move to the state of Oklahoma because of the respect for parental rights our state recognizes and this mom does not take Sen. Wilson’s anti-home education bill lightly.

Very Refreshing!

Please share this message and video so that others can see that they are not alone in their outrage.



If you are a home educating parent, I urge you to watch the following video and then take action!

If you are not a a home educating parent, you may think it has nothing to do with you, but you’d be dangerously mistaken.   I urge you to watch it anyway and consider the deeper message – control is unacceptable in a society that boasts of it’s freedom as ours gratefully does!  Remember that success in unjust restriction in one area, will inevitably lead to an intrusion in other areas of our lives.  Eventually this will affect you!

Please watch and pass it on!

Find out more:

Thank you,
Laurette Lynn
About Laurette Lynn

Mad about Public Ed? Here is where the Rubber Meets the Road

Kaye Beach


–A few months ago I did a little research into the transformation taking place in our public schools in preparation for interviewing the incomparable Beverly Eakman on Sept. 24th.

“Why Our Kids are Walking Targets”

Guest Beverly Eakman. (





The schools-to-work program is a stand out as bad policy.

A key document I posted was “Transforming Education Marc Tucker’s “Dear Hillary” Letter”

Marc Tucker is the president and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy in Washington. and is one of the leaders of the standards movement in American education.  Link

Be sure to see this entire post for some eye-opening info on Tucker and workforce development programs in our schools but first, Jenni White, President of R.O.P.E (Restore Oklahoma Public Education) reminds us that there is a School Board Candidate Training Seminar being held tomorrow;

“We cannot change our current public school system unless we involve ourselves in the system.

Please consider attending our School Board Candidate Training Seminar at the Belle Isle Library in Oklahoma City, Tomorrow, November 30th from 6pm to 8:30pm

You do not need to actually run for a position this year to benefit from tomorrow night’s training. Anyone who has any interest at all in the public school system can benefit from this FREE training.”

If you would like to know what openings are available on school boards in counties all over the state, please see this link:

If you would like to know what the Oklahoma State Department of Education considers qualifications for school board members, please see this link:

If you have a Facebook account and would like to RSVP for this event on our Facebook page, please follow this link:

For a first person accounting of how this policy was inserted into Oklahoma schools, give a listen to this show (scroll down until you see “Joe Esposito”10-17-10) with Ken Sellers and Amanda Teegarden from OK-SAFE as they interview Joe Esposito, author of Tangled Web, The Mastery Learning, OBE, STW-TQM Connection on America in The Balance

Joe served on Oklahoma’s Governor Frank Keating’s Oklahoma S-T-W Executive Council in 1996 and gives a fascinating account of what he discovered about the move to turn public education into workforce development.

Donna Garner Senior Education Policy Advisor is following Tucker’s latest efforts and her article makes for some interesting reading.  Donna writes;

It is time to resurrect the article that I wrote back on 4.19.10 entitled “Marc Tucker’s Bologna.” Why? Take a look at Marc Tucker’s National Education and the Economy (NCEE) State Consortium on Board Examinations Systems (SCOBES).

Of Tucker Donna Garner says;

As you read through Marc Tucker’s article posted below, please realize that this is nothing new.  Tucker called it “School to Work” in the 1980’s.  The idea is to educate a small percentage of the population and then make “worker bees” out of the rest of the masses, making sure that they are not able to read, write, or speak English well so that they cannot logically analyze and evaluate issues.  If the masses are kept ignorant, they can be easily controlled politically and socially by the few people at the top.

Tucker’s School-to-Work plan has simply morphed into what he is now calling “early college entrance.”  He is luring parents to buy into this idea by dressing it up in sweet-sounding words such as “college-level work,” “admission to selective colleges,” and “instructional programs that are among the best in the world.”

Read her entire article,  “Marc Tucker’s Bologna”

Oklahoma SQ 754 and 755 Conundrum

Click here to find out more!

State Question 754 Aimed at Stopping Education Funding Question 744


Ed Murray, News 9

posted 10/28/10

Key Point-

…some have asked what will happen if voters approve both questions, since 744 and 754 counter each other?

Oklahoma State Statute, Title 34 Section 21 states “if two or more conflicting amendments are approved in the state election, the one with the most yes votes prevails.” That could mean something called voter fatigue could help determine the outcome, 744 appears first on the ballot while 754 is question number 8.

Personally,I would defer to Brogdon this one.   I trust his research staff and if they are right, passing 754 could be big trouble.  Better safe than sorry.


OKLAHOMA CITY — State Question 754 is directly aimed at stopping the education funding question — State Question 744, but unlike the candidates on November 2, both questions have the potential to win.

The resolution that became State Question 754 passed through the legislature with bi-partisan support, but now, just like with State Question 744, there have been comments of good intentions but bad unforeseen consequences.

State Representative Leslie Osborn, R-Tuttle, said she wrote 754 not only to stop the education funding mandate question but to keep the current appropriations process intact. But a line in the resolution that the measure could not require the legislature to fund state functions based on predetermined constitutional formulas has several of her colleagues now opposed to it.

State Senator Randy Brogdon said it could stop funding for 31 other agencies.

Read More



Oklahoma City Students to Get Cell Phones for Good Grades

If its not bad enough that the schools seem to be intent on filling kids’ heads with junk, now they want to microwave them as well.

Oh and Gee….How generous of TracFone.

If there is any question at all, and there is actually credible studies that show cell phones can be very risky for kids, the schools should not be promoting or providing this technology to children.



R.O.P.E. has more on this

Oklahoma City Students to Get Cell Phones for Good Grades

Oct 5, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY — Some Oklahoma City Public Schools students will be part of a pilot program to determine if rewards can help boost grades.

The school district announced Tuesday it would participate in an incentive program called “The Million.” It will reward sixth and seventh graders with cell phones for academic achievement. The program was a collaboration between TracFone Wireless and the Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University (EdLabs).

“Cell phones are ubiquitous,” Dr. Fryer said.

(Dr Fryer?  Really?!)

“The Million provides an unprecedented opportunity to use technology to communicate with students and boost their academic achievement.”

Read More

New Study: Cell Phones Linked To High Radiation Levels

Oct 7, 2010

Cell phones have been linked to cancer before, but now a new study is raising concern about the possible connection.

The Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Working Group says radiation levels in cell phones can cause health problems, including cancer.

The Environmental Working Group’s report says kids and pregnant women need to be most careful.  That’s because their bodies are at developmental stages that allow the radiation to penetrate their bodies.

Read More

Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold’

Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears that today’s youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life

Read More

Cell Phone Disadvantage #4 – The Effect on Children