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Action Alert! House Bill 1559 – NO RFID IN OUR ID

Kaye Beach

Feb, 22, 2013

House Bill 1559 – NO RFID IN OUR ID!

HB1559 by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft would prohibit the state Public Safety  Department from installing Radio Frequency Identification tracking  technology in a driver’s license or state-issued identification card.

What is RFID?  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are very small information technology devices that are attached or embedded into anything that needs to be tracked or identified. RFID is great for tracking of objects, goods, and inventory.

In 2007, the Govt. Accountability Office official warned that:

“Once a particular individual is identified through an RFID tag, personally identifiable information can be retrieved from any number of sources and then aggregated to develop a profile of the individual. Both tracking and profiling can compromise an individual’s privacy”

HB1559 has been sent to the House Transportation Committee. However,  the Chairman of the committee, Rep. Charlie Joyner, refuses to schedule  the bill to be heard (which is very odd since he voted FOR this very  same piece of legislation in the past!)

Please email or call Rep. Joyner the member of the Transportation Committee and ask that he please give HB1559 a hearing. Do this right away! If this bill is not  scheduled on Tuesday Feb. 26-it will die.

Chairman House Transportation Committee Rep. Charlie Joyner charlie.joyner@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7314

Tell him that:

• The state of Oklahoma already prohibits the implantation of RFID microchips in human beings.

• RFID on our driver’s license and state ID cards would be the next  best thing to actually implanting them in our bodies because we carry  our ID documents with us everywhere we go.

• RFID readers are  becoming more and more prevalent and will eventually enable tracking us wherever we go revealing our travels, habits and associations.

• Tagging and tracking of human beings is inappropriate and violates our right to privacy.

• AND remind him that he voted FOR this legislation before!

RFID is for inventory, NOT human beings!


Oklahoma SB36 – This is NOT What Local Control Looks Like!

Big Momma Tells a Story

Big Momma Tells a Story

Kaye Beach

Feb. 18, 2013

In my earlier post on this subject yesterday, I urged you to send emails and make calls to the General Government Committee before 10:30 AM Monday Morning.

Oklahoma Action Alert!  Big Momma Gov. Wants ‘Local Control’ SB36

Please do send those emails and make those calls because no matter how you slice it, this bill does not pass muster.

Take for example, the fact that this bill is being sold to us as a “local control” bill.  That sounds great!  We are all for local control right?

Well, Big Momma Gov. knows that, baby!  She knows how your little mind works and thats why Big Momma went and reframed this issue for you in a way that was sure to go down sweet.

Reframing is a nice word.  Since there is no way that casting a FEDERAL INITIATIVE into state law equals LOCAL CONTROL, some might call it a LIE!

Here’s the bottom line;

SB36 is really a FEDERAL INITIATIVE marketed to you as “LOCAL CONTROL”! 

Isn’t that neat?  If your intelligence isn’t insulted, it should be.

federal initiative local control sb36 2

links from graphic

“Healthy People 2020 objective (TU-16) calls for eliminating state laws that preempt any type of local tobacco control law”


Healthy People 2020 State Specific Plans http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/implement/StateSpecificPlans.aspx

Healthy People 2020 Oklahoma Plan http://www.ok.gov/strongandhealthy/documents/OHIP-viewing.pdf

Once again contact the General Government Committee before 10:30 AM and tell them that SB36

-Violates rights of property owners
-Violates consumers right to choose

State standards already protect health of non smokers. (by requiring businesses to install what amounts to a BSL 3 area for smokers.  These are expensive, negative pressure, separate ventilation system rooms for smoking patrons!)


“Private property owners should be free to allow smoking or not.
Those who wish to smoke can patronize places that cater to smokers.
Those who don’t will have places that seek their business. That’s how
the free market works.”
(Hat tip to Rob Abeira from Oklahomans for Individual Rights https://www.facebook.com/OKRights )



Please contact the members of the General Government Committee by email and phone if you can and tell them NO on SB36!


Email grouping for Gen. Gov. Committee

Treat@oksenate.gov; ballenger@oksenate.gov; aldridge@oksenate.gov; Dahm@oksenate.gov; ellis@oksenate.gov; johnsonr@oksenate.gov ; loveless@oksenate.gov; marlatt@oksenate.gov

Phone Numbers

  • Senator Greg Treat – R – Chair   – 405-521-5632 –
  • Senator Roger  Ballenger – D – Vice Chair  405-521-5588
  • Senator Cliff  Aldridge – R – 405-521-5584
  • Senator Nathan  Dahm – R – 405-521-5551
  • Senator Jerry Ellis – D  – 405-521-5614
  • Senator Rob Johnson –  R – 405-521-5592
  • Senator Kyle  Loveless – R – 405-521-5618
  • Senator Bryce  Marlatt – R – 405-521-5626

If you care to watch the General Government Committee meeting where they will debate and vote on SB36, you can do so here http://oksenate.gov/meetingview-511a.htm at 10:30 AM.

Happy Monday! Oklahoma Slips in a New Health Insurance Exchange Bill for ‘ObamaCare’

Kaye Beach

Feb. 26, 2012


Tomorrow, Monday Feb. 27th, a new Health Insurance Exchange bill is  to be presented in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  The language for the Exchange is expected to be inserted into SB1629


Please make calls or send emails to the committee members right away and tell them to VOTE NO on the Health Insurance Exchange bill!

(Contact info below)


Oklahoma is one of 28 states that has filed suit against the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the federal health care reform law.

Last legislative session, the legislation needed to enable creation of the Health Insurance Exchange was discovered by sharp eyed activists, it was exposed and rejected by Oklahomans and ultimately, Oklahoma legislators.   In April of 2011, this push back also led to Gov. Fallin returning 53 million in federal funds for the creation of the Health Insurance Exchange.

The majority of Oklahomans like the majority of Americans are adamantly opposed to a federal takeover of their health care but our elected representatives seem not to care and keep pushing forward no matter what we say or do. (More info on this here)

Some legislators claim that by implementing the health insurance exchange ourselves we can retain more control over the system than if we wait and allow the federal government to do it for us.  Participating in our own undoing is insane!

From ExposingHealthCareReform.com

  •  “Do you want a computer making life and death decisions, or your doctor?” – Health care reform is really about replacing our traditional medical system with a non-human, technology-based universal health care system.
  • “Do you want the whole world to know your most intimate secrets?” – This system will replace real doctors with virtual doctors; globally share your most intimate information with people you don’t know, severing the once-confidential relationship between patients and doctors.
  • “Do you want your medical records accessible by the government, without a search warrant?” – Our medical records (which include mental health counseling) used to be held as private and inviolate. Under health care reform (“Obama Care”) these records would be accessible not only by the Department of Homeland Security, but thousands of others, including foreign governments.



Please call or email the committee members first thing and tell them that the absence of this exchange is all that stands between us and the federal takeover of our health care and that building the exchange undermines the legal case against the flawed health care reform mandates.

Tell the Committee members to VOTE NO on any Health Insurance Exchange Bill!


Senate Health and Human Services Committee Members

Agenda for 2/27/2012
Sen Brian Crain                 405-521-5620      crain@oksenate.gov
Sen Sean Burrage             405-521-5555     burrage@oksenate.gov
Sen Rick Brinkley              405-521-5566      brinkley@oksenate.gov
Sen Constance Johnson  405-521-5531      johnsonc@oksenate.gov
Sen Rob Johnson              405-521-5592      johnsonr@oksenate.gov
Sen Dan Newberry          405-521-5600      newberry@oksenate.gov
Sen Steve Russell             405-521-5618      russell@oksenate.gov
Sen Jim Wilson                 405-521-5574     wilson@oksenate.gov
Sen Brian Bingman          405-521-5528     bingman@oksenate.gov

Oklahoma Action Alert! Pushing Back against the UN and Sustainable Subversion

Kaye Beach

Feb. 14. 2012

The problem with UN Agenda 21 is not that it came from the United Nations but that our government leaders have embraced the plan and have worked diligently to naturalize the policy into US law and national, state and local policies. The principles of government promoted by the UN and it’s Agenda 21 are antithetical to our form of government that has traditionally put great emphasis on private property rights.   This emphasis on individual liberty and property rights is largely responsible for the historic success of United States as a nation.

The implementation of the tenets of Agenda 21 is nothing short of subversion.  This has nothing to do with environmental stewardship.  It is about control!

There are battles being waged all over the United States as citizens and legislators struggle to protect fundamental property rights against multitudes of non-government organizations and agencies carry out the goals of Agenda 21.

Below is information on two efforts taking place in Oklahoma to defend against the implementation of contrary UN goals, a little history on how the UN policy came to America, one example of how damaging it is to industry and innovation in America and a new agreement (signed Feb 11, 2012) between the EPA and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).


Two efforts to push back  taking place in Oklahoma right now. Your support is crucial.

On the county level;

Cleveland County Commissioner Offers Resolution Opposing Agenda 21

On a state level; HJR 1072, Support for the American Sovereignty Restoration Act by Rep. Charles Key.  This measure reiterates the intent of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act  which would end membership of the US to the United Nations. 

HJR 1072 urges Congress and the President of the United States pass legislation and take steps to end membership of the United States in the United Nations. Read HJR 1072

This measure was  referred to the House Rules Committee on Feb. 7, 2012 but it needs to be scheduled for a hearing in the Rules Committee.

Let the Rules Committee leaders know that it is very important that HJR 1072 gets scheduled and heard! 

Call or email;

Some background;

Land Use Control

Since the mid 1970s, both the United Nations and the United States have been moving toward ever-tightening “public” control of land use.

By: Henry Lamb – Sovereignty.net

Ownership of land is the foundation of freedom in America.  The hope of owning even a small plot of ground compelled our forefathers to brave incalculable risks crossing the ocean and challenging the wilderness.  Land ownership was so cherished by our nation’s founders that they guaranteed that government could not take private property without just compensation paid to the land owner.  This founding principle has eroded dramatically over time, especially since 1976.
The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (HABITAT I) met in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1976.  Agenda Item 10 of the conference report was entitled simply “Land.”

Here is an excerpt from the Preamble to that item:
“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.  Private land ownership  is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.  Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….”
This policy document was agreed to by the United States.  Among the U.S. delegates were William K. Reilly, former EPA Administrator, and Carla Hill, former Trade Negotiator in the Bush Administration.

Read more

Here is one example of how the principles of UN Agenda 21 looks on the ground as it is being carried out in the USA.

Signed on Feb 11, 2012-New Agreement between EPA and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). 


Administrator Jackson signed the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between EPA and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) during the 26th Session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum, held in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2011. The MOU identifies areas for strategic cooperation, including strengthening environmental governance and regulatory capacity in developing countries; creating healthy urban communities; facilitating the transition to a green economy; responding to global challenges such as climate change; and providing scientific leadership.


WHEREAS the United Nations Environment Programme (hereinafter referred to as UNEP) is the leading organization within the United Nations system in the field of environment;
WHEREAS the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as EPA) is to protect human health and the environment within the United States and EPA may, consistent with applicable law, cooperate with other nations and organizations to protect the environment globally;

Full text of the MOU

Do You Want RFID on YOUR ID?? Anti-Chip Bill Needs Your Help!

Kaye Beach

Feb 28, 2011

Last week I reported that HB 1399 had been assigned to the Public Safety Committee.

On Wed. Feb 23rd we learned that Rep Tibbs and Rep. Steve Martin decided not to hear the bill.

To find out more about the risks of RFID tracking devices embedded in our ID documents read RFID ID Cards Documents Risks Flyer

For the 1 page version of how the people and their Representatives were sold out on the bill they passed last session to prohibit RFID see HB 2569 Chace’d off by the SIA

Here is an update from OK-SAFE:

HB 1399 Blocked by Rep. Sue Tibbs and Rep. Steve Martin

Characterizing HB 1399 as a “solution in search of a problem”, Rep. Steve Martin, Vice-Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, along with Chair Rep. Sue Tibbs, has decided to not allow this bill a hearing in their committee.

Rep. Steve Martin (R-HD10)

Apparently both Martin and Tibbs are unaware of the pending May 2011 deadline to implement the provisions of the Real ID Act, thereby creating a National/International ID card.  Or they are aware and approve such a card.

HB 1399 (by Wesselhoft/Russell) prohibits the use RFID or RFID-type ink in the Oklahoma dirvers’ licenses and state issued ID cards.  (This same bill passed, and was vetoed, in 2010 and was aimed at fighting the implementation of the Real ID Act in Oklahoma.)

By preventing a hearing and vote on this bill, Martin and Tibbs are preemptively vetoing HB 1399.

Please call/email Rep. Tibbs and Rep. Steve Martin and tell them to advance HB 1399.

Rep. Sue Tibbs, 405-557-7379     suetibbs@okhouse.gov
Rep. Steve Martin, 405-557-7402 stevemartin@okhouse.gov

Calling All Oklahoma 2A Advocates-Damsel in Distress!

*Adrienne will be our guest on AxXiom for Liberty Live Tonight!*

Well, this damsel can very likely take care of herself-off campus anyways!

Adrienne O’Reilly,the director in Oklahoma of Students for Concealed Carry needs some help persuading legislators to hear the bills that would allow her to take care of her own safety on campus as well as off.

I have a daughter who will be off to college soon and I know I would like her to have the option to be armed and safe!

Oh, and this is one of many instances already that make me wish our legislators had passed the open government rule on the first day of session.

Here is  Adrienne’s message:

This year in Oklahoma we have four bills filed that will allow concealed carry by licensed individuals on college campuses. Unfortunately, these bills are in danger of dying without ever being heard.

We need supporters to contact Senator Don Barrington, the chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee, and ask him to please schedule a hearing for Senate Bill 858, our general campus carry bill, and Senate Bill 896, our faculty carry bill.

As a young female, this issue is important to me because I am forced to work and attend class in an environment where I don’t have the ability to defend myself. Frankly, no matter what I do, I will never be as strong as my male counterparts, and a firearm is the only thing that will even the odds if someone were to attack me.

We need to let Senator Barrington know how important this issue is to Oklahoma voters. Please call his office and ask him to schedule Senate Bills 858 and 896 for a hearing.

Here is his contact info:

Capitol office phone: 405-521-5563

Room 515 in the Capitol building


If you have any questions about this issue or what Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is doing in Oklahoma, please feel free to email me at


Thank you for your time,

Adrienne O’Reilly
Oklahoma Director
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

Oklahoma HB 2811 Biometric Religious Exemption Bill

Have questions?

Here are the facts.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3665252&dest=-1]

Please call Rep.Tad Jones and ask him to put this bill on the schedule! That is all we are waiting for. His office number is (405) 557-7380. Time is short-please make the call right away!

Call to Action Flyer-read, download and Share!

For an idea of how this technology is being used see

Veto Override Fails in House 5/11/10 – Politics ‘As Usual.’ Who Walked the Vote? 2nd Chance to Override Veto of HB 2569

Action Alert courtesy of OK-Safe, Inc.

Kudos to researcher Kaye Beach, at AxXiom for Liberty, who found the letter a big-government special interest group sent to Governor Brad Henry on April 26, 2010 asking him to veto HB 2569.  Richard Chace, CEO of SIA (Security Industry Association, headquartered in Alexandria, VA), believes that what the people of Oklahoma want shouldn’t interfere with the interests of their international members. Big-government lobbyist Jim Dunlap represents HID Global, a member of SIA. Dunlap is the same lobbyist who worked to amend HB 2569 to allow for RFID tracking tags in the OK DL/ID cards.  Neither SIA or HID Global are located in OK, which demonstrates the fact that outside interest groups can dictate which legislation get passed or not in Oklahoma.

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft rallying support for a 2nd attempt to override the Governor’s veto of HB 2569.

Calls/Emails/Visits needed to those listed below – they work!
Contact these 13 legislators who did not participate in this vote and ask for a Yes vote on a 2nd veto override vote on HB 2569:

  1. Neil Brannon – neilbrannon@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7413
  2. Mike Brown – mikebrown@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7408
  3. John Carey – johncarey@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7366
  4. Lee Denney – leedenney@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7304  (says she will vote yes)
  5. Wes Hilliard – weshilliard@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7412
  6. Chuck Hoskin -chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7319
  7. Scott Inman – scott.inman@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7370
  8. Danny Morgan – dannymorgan@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7368
  9. Richard Morrissette – richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7404
  10. Bill Nations – billnations@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7323
  11. Mike Shelton – mikeshelton@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7367  (walked vote)
  12. John Trebilcock – johntrebilcock@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7362  (says he will vote yes)
  13. Purcy Walker – purcywalker@okhouse.gov 1-405-557-7311

OK House Toll Free Number: 1-800-522-8502.
Direct Dial: 1-405-521-2711


The attempted override of Governor Brad Henry’s veto of HB 2569 failed in the OK House on 5/11/10.

HB 2569, a very popular bill by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft of the House and Sen. Dan Newberry of the Senate, prohibits “the imbedding, affixing, adhering, or assigning of a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) or RFID-type ink into or onto the OK drivers license or state-issued ID cards.”

Due to the emergency clause attached to the bill, a 75% majority is needed for a veto override, rather than the normal 2/3 majority.

The vote, held early in last Tuesday’s session, failed by a vote of 69 Yes to 19 Nay; 13 House members were ‘Excused’.

Several legislators debated for the override, with division, unfortunately, falling along party lines, thanks to the lobbying effort by the Governor to the Democrat caucus, making the override vote a political issue rather than a policy stand.  [There is some talk that the big-government paid lobbyist who tried to amend HB 2569 to allow RFID tags also visited the governor on this bill.]

Not all Democrats followed the Pied Piper, however.

The following 8 Democrats took a position based on doing what is right vs. doing what is wrong – Rep. John Auffet, Rep. Dennis Bailey, Rep. Joe Dorman, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, Rep. Eric Proctor, Rep. R.C. Pruett, Rep. Seneca Scott, and Rep. Ben Sherrer.  These 8 Democrats stood on principle and actually voted for the override.

Of the 13 ‘excused’ representatives who did not vote, by best calculations 2 were actually absent: Rep. John Carey and Rep. Chuck Hoskin (new baby).

The other 11 were somewhere in or near the chamber.

Of these 11, Rep. Lee Denney (R-Cushing) was in the Speaker’s office and so missed the vote.  It is unclear where some of the others were.

By more than one witness account, Rep. Mike Shelton, (D-Oklahoma County), was actually in the Chambers during the vote but chose to not cast a vote.  When the Chair reminded the House members that House rules state that all members present in the Chamber must cast a vote, Mike Shelton walked out.   Who else ‘walked the vote’ is being checked by verifying the House attendance sheet, which is part of the official record.

Shelton, most will remember, is the same grandstanding legislator who attached an amendment to SB 2018, expanding the definition of a ‘criminal street gang’ to include:
“Criminal street gang” means any ongoing organization, association, or group of five or more persons including, but not limited to, the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Brotherhood and any independent military organization that is neither recognized nor authorized by the Commander in Chief of the Militia for the State of Oklahoma…

SB 2018, with the dangerous Shelton amendment, passed the House in April 98-1, with Rep. Charles Key being the lone NO vote.

Just in time to coincide with sensation-seeking MSNBC’s creation of ‘militia-madness-month,’ to boost ratings for their April 19th ’special’ on the Timothy McVeigh Tapes.

Thankfully, the OK Senate rejected the Shelton amendment. SB 2018 is pending somewhere in a conference committee process. (Link to Status of Measure: http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/WebBillStatus/main.html)

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft is rallying support for another attempt at a veto override on HB 2569, a bill very important to the people of Oklahoma.  Call the above legislators and ask for their support for a veto override.

Pray for an end to politics ‘as usual’ and for principled statesmen to arise in the Oklahoma Legislature to override the veto of HB 2569.

Thank you,


Prohibiting RFID tracking tags in our drivers license is neither an R or D issue – it is an Oklahoma issue.

Governor Brad Henry contact information:

  • Direct: 1-405-521-2342
  • Toll Free: 1-800-865-5853
  • Fax: 1-405-521-3352
  • Email:  Follow this link to send a message to Gov. Henry -http://www.governor.state.ok.us/message.php
Diligence is always necessary in preserving liberty. Once successfully overridden in the House, calls will be needed in the Senate for that same override vote.

Thank you very much for your help with this urgent matter

California Anti-Gunners Weigh in on OKlahoma Open Carry Bill

Information Provided by John Pierce
California anti-gun group trying to block legalization of open carry in Oklahoma!
Open carriers:

Soon after the Oklahoma Senate voted 33-15 to legalize open carry in Oklahoma, the California-based anti-gun rights lobby group “Legal Community Against Violence” decided to stick their nose into matter, opposing the bill. Their lobbyist-attorney Lindsay Nicholls exclaimed that if open carry reform passes, that “[t]]here’s no way for officers to know that people are just exercising their rights [or can] quickly determine whether the gun is owned legally.” See Tulsa World news coverage at http://www.facebook.com/l/42739;opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum66/43223.html

Here at http://www.facebook.com/l/42739;OpenCarry.org we have no way of knowing if Ms. Lindsay Nicholls, Esquire, has ever been to Oklahoma or knows where it is – but we can tell you that Nicholls shot her mouth off without even bother to read HB 3354 which provides in plain sight that open carry of properly holstered handguns will be limited to those ALREADY holding the permit to conceal!

Meanwhile, common sense law enforcement professionals like Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan appropriately said that his department does take stances on pending legislation “but has had no trouble with the concealed-carry law. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’ve been impressed with concealed carry,” Jordan said.


If you are an Oklahoma resident, student, or business owner with an Oklahoma address, FIRST, sign the online petition for Oklahoma if you have not already done so at http://www.facebook.com/l/42739;www.petitiononline.com/oc4ok/petition.html

SECOND, go to http://www.facebook.com/l/42739;www.okhouse.gov/Members/MemberListing.aspx to find and contact your state representative now – send him a short message encouraging him to vote FOR HB 3354 and legalize open carry.

Suggested Email:

SUBJECT: Please support HB 3354 to legalize open carry for permit holders!

Dear Representative:

I just read that the California-based anti-gun rights lobby group “Legal Community Against Violence” decided to stick their nose into Oklahoma to oppose legalization of the open carry handguns by people who ALREADY hold an Oklahoma Conceal Carry Permit. As a supporter of Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma, I find this meddling outrageous.

Most states allow open carry without any permit at all. I support open carry for Oklahomans, and urge you to support HB 3354 which merely legalizes open carry for Oklahoma Conceal Carry Permit holders.

Please let me know how you intend to vote.



If Oklahoma legalizes open carry, can Texas and Arkansas be for behind?

Oklahoma HB 2811 biometrics, social numbering, and RFID

Oklahoma State HB2811 Legislation
(Exemption from biometrics, social numbering, and RFID)

By Mark Lerner

{. . .}This legislation does something else which we believe was needed.  It is our belief that the federal government has no constitutional authority to set standards for state driver’s licenses.  We believe this legislation makes a statement regarding states’ rights (Tenth Amendment).  We will be educating citizens/groups/organizations about efforts to reign in the abuse of power by the federal government.  Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma has legislation that “puts teeth” into Tenth Amendment legislation.   We will be sharing that legislation with states as I travel across the country.

This legislation goes much further than the legislation that prohibits a state from complying with the Real ID Act 2005.  Oklahoma currently has law (thanks to State Senator Constance Johnson (D) and Representative Charles Key (R)), that prohibits Oklahoma from participating in the Real ID Act 2005.  Although the federal government has asserted that the Real ID Act 2005 is voluntary, states have been “bullied” to comply.  Through our efforts and frankly the efforts of others, who have joined us in this effort, 26 states have said no to the Real ID Act.

Read the entire post;


See the Call to Action;