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AxXiom for Liberty Tonight 6-8pm CST Biometrics-“Your Body Is Your ID”

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August 27, 2010


Kevin Kelly, a young Liberty activist from PA.


Mark Lerner of the Stop Real ID Coalition telling about his newly released book “Your Body Is Your ID”

Mark is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of biometrics and national/international ID and the book, of course, addresses those topics and their impact on our freedom but it also draws upon Mark’s experience as he has traveled around the country educating and empowering legislators and citizens alike about the threat posed to our essential freedoms by the combination of post 9 11 “security” policies and new technologies like biometric identification.  In addition the book addresses some incredibly important points about the changes in our society that are of great concern all Americans.  Including;

  • Are we living in a Surveillance Society? And is it possible to reconcile the level of surveillance we are experiencing with a free and open society?
  • The difference between lifestyle with freedom and the danger of confusing the two.
  • Is our government’s strategy on immigration and terrorism, especially regarding identification policy, flawed?  Is there a better alternative?
  • Mark Lerner’s book explains how we are all being enrolled into a single global biometric ID system, why this is such a threat and what to do about it.

Your Body Is Your ID

Enrolling the world into a single global biometric system-Fact Sheet

Call in 512 646-1984

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Oklahoma Watchdog License Plate Scanners

Norman activist inquires whether Gov. Henry will use executive order to implement license-plate scanners

By Andrew Griffin On December 16, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Watchdog accompanied Norman activist and blogger Kaye Beach to Gov. Brad Henry’s office on Tuesday afternoon. It was there that Beach handed Henry’s receptionist her letter inquiring whether or not Henry would sign an executive order to approve the implementation of license-plate scanners.

Paul Sund, Henry’s press secretary, was not available Tuesday afternoon and as of Wednesday Beach had not heard from the governor’s office. Still, her pursuit for answers has garnered some attention. She was interviewed by KTOK’s Jerry Bohnen on Wednesday and was able to get her questions aired.

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Bellvue and Thorazine to Free You from Your First Amendment Addiction



Veteran libertarian civil rights activist Julian Heicklen calls it “an out-and-out kidnapping” when Homeland Security Police forcibly transported him to a hospital where he was injected with Thorazine against his will.

It began shortly after Heicklen arrived at the US District Courthouse in New York City for the third Monday in a row to pass out pamphlets to prospective jurors.

The pamphlet, produced by the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” informs jurors of their right to judge the law and its application as well as the facts in a case, regardless of the judge’s instructions to the contrary.

As in the past, (Jury activist arrested for exercising First Amendment rights) Homeland Security police told him he couldn’t do that on federal property and ordered him to leave. As in the past, Heicklen explained that the First Amendment recognized his right to do what he was doing.

Then, as Heicklen tells it in his email report to supporters, “One of them said that I was under arrest, get his hands behind his back and handcuff him.”

As Heicklen always does when faced with arrest, he dropped to the ground and went limp and silent.

In the past, he was arrested, handcuffed, placed on a gurney and transported to a hospital where he was examined and eventually released in time to be home later the same day.

(Full accounts of this and his first two trips to Manhattan can be read on the New Jersey Libertarian Party website.)

But this time something different happened. “I remained in that position for over an hour,” Heicklen says, “before I was lifted onto a gurney and strapped securely. I was never handcuffed nor received a citation or summons. It was an out-and-out kidnapping.”

At Bellevue Psychiaytric Hospital he remained nonresponsive to questions.

Around 3:00 PM, radio reporter Chris Goldstein called to say that he would start the publicity rolling.

After 4:00 PM or so, Heicklen continues, “I made a fuss to see someone in charge, so that I could either be released or brought in front of a magistrate. My requests were ignored, and became more persistent. Against my wishes four attendants grabbed me and gave me a shot of Thorazine to calm me down. It worked, I got an excellent night’s sleep.”

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OK2A Kickoff! Tulsa, OK Nov 7th with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America

OK2A Nov 7 Tulsa

OK 2nd Amendment Association Kickoff Event

Saturday, Nov. 7th 10 am

Join together with other Oklahoma gun owners to kickoff a new hardcore organization, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A). Initially, our main focus will be to advance Sen. Randy Brogdon’s Firearms Freedom Act in Oklahoma. A firearms freedom act will assert state sovereignty on behalf of Oklahoma gun owners similar to the Montana and Tennessee legislation, but with some tweaks to ensure success. OK2A intends to be a no-compromise gun rights organization similar to Gun Owners of America. Speaking of which, GOA founder, Larry Pratt will be coming to Tulsa to help kickoff OK2A!

Guest Speakers:
Larry Pratt -GOA Founder
Randy Brogdon -‘Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act’ Author
Art Curtis -OK2A Co-Organizer

“The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association is unwavering in its support of our right to keep and bear arms and its defense of the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law of our land. They are on the cutting edge of grassroots activism and understand it is not enough to just hold the line but that it is imperative that we win back lost rights. We at Gun Owners of America look forward to working together with OK2A to protect our gun rights.” ‐‐ Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America


3426 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74145

PDF Flyer

OK2A Nov 7 Tulsa

American Majority Activist Training 6pm Norman

American Majority Oklahoma will be conducting an “Activist Training Event” in Norman, Oklahoma on Thursday, March 12th from 6:00 – 8:30 pm.  The event will be held in the Lowry Room at the Norman Public Library located at 225 North Webster.

“American Majority Activist Training” is designed specifically to educate and unite liberty-minded activists from around the state by giving them practical ideas for successful activism and equipping them with creative ways to be more effective in their communities.

Topics for the seminars include: “Building Coalitions and Organizing Events”, “Hitting the Campaign Trail”, and “Holding Elected Officials Accountable through Effective Communication.”

Additionally, this event and all seminar materials are completely FREE to all participants.  Pizza will also be provided.

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will receive complimentary continuing education materials, communications curriculum, and a list of recommended reading materials to become better equipped and stronger activists in their communities.

To register for the event, please click here or, for more information, please contact Seth Brown with American Majority in Oklahoma City at 405-605-6338 or via e-mail at seth@americanmajority.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  You can also download the event flyer by clicking here.