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Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! 6-8 PM Narconon in Our Schools, Gov. Ed Money Pit and Loopy Legislation

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Kaye Beach

May 10, 2013

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty with Kaye Beach and Howard Houchen Narconon in Our Schools,  Gov. Ed Money Pit  and Loopy Legislation

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We are going to cover a lot of ground tonight.

First up are Colin Henderson and David Love,  returning guests to AxXiom For Liberty.  Colin and David are two untiring activists seeking to expose the deceptive and dangerous practices of Narconon and Scientology.

Colin Henderson sought help for his addiction at Narconon Arrowhead, a drug rehabilitation facility located in Canadian Oklahoma, in 2007.  He quickly became a critic of Narconon for their practices which he says are both deceptive and dangerous.

David Love, originally from British Columbia, was both a client and a staffer at the Narconon rehabilitation facility in Trois-Rivieres, half way between Montreal and Quebec City. He left in disgust taking with him masses of documentation on fraud and abuse in Narconon (NN) Trois-Rivieres (TR) facility in 2009. On April 17, 2012, Quebec health officials ordered the Narconon in Trois-Rivières to close saying that Narconon’s methods were dangerous for patients and violated Quebec’s health and safety criteria governing rehabilitation centers.

Colin and David will get us up to speed on the latest news regarding Narconon and help shed light on some of Scientology’s more insidious practices such as the one Howard Houchen encountered recently.

Narconon is a Scientology based drug rehabilitation program with facilities located worldwide including the state of Oklahoma.  Scientology has many fronts but all roads seem to lead gaining more recruits and money to fill the coffers of the church of Scientology.  Even so, you would not expect to find a trace of Scientology in a public school in the sleepy little town of Hugo Oklahoma.  Howard knows better.  He is going to explain how Narconon came to his child’s school and what he did about it.

Brandon Dutcher, OCPA

We will also get to hear Howard’s interview with Brandon Dutcher, the Vice President of Policy at OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) an Oklahoma individual liberty, free market policy research organization.  Howard and Brandon discuss the 91 million tax-payer dollars recently bestowed upon Oklahoma’s education system.  Brandon says that it is sheer folly to keep giving more money to this ‘failed government monopoly.’

Take a look at the numbers in Brandon Dutcher’s article for OCPA on the issue;  Oklahoma’s monopoly education system gets more money

Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Dir. OK-SAFE

We are also very pleased to welcome back Amanda Teegarden, the Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc. (Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise).

They say nothing happens by accident in politics and I am beginning to believe that this is true.   In the legislative process at least, I’m ready to vouch for it.  Amanda is going to shed some light on the process by examining two recent pieces of legislation that caused some confusion and controversy.   I think you will find this peek behind the curtain very interesting.

I will be sure to add any relevant links and articles after the show.

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A Distinguishing Discussion with the Candidates for OK GOP Chair

Kaye Beach
April 14, 2013

On Friday’s (April 14, 2013) AxXiom For Liberty radio show Howard and I spoke to Amanda Teegarden and Dave Weston, both candidates for Oklahoma state Republican Chair.

The OK GOP Convention will be held this Friday and Saturday. Details here
(If you care to listen to our discussion with Teegarden and Weston, here is the audio clip from that segment of the show.
In the interest of transparency I want to disclose that I support and have given my endorsement to Amanda Teegarden. I also did my best to treat both our guests in an equal and fair manner. Both candidates have my respect.

(You can find out more about the candidates, Dave Weston here and Amanda Teegarden here )

The following is a text based dust up of the discussion we had with the candidates from Friday’s show.

We began by introducing both candidates, giving highlights from their campaign web bio’s Howard then invited them each to give us 2 1/2 minutes on what they wanted Republican voters in Oklahoma to know about them and why they were running.

Dave Weston

said that we are at a critical point in our nation and we have to be sure that we can back five Republican Congressman and a send back conservative Senator to DC US Congress so that we can ensure Oklahoma values are preserved and we can hold Obama at bay.

Weston touched upon state concerns saying that “We’ve also got to be able to do what we can on the state level to use the powers of nullification- I know that is a hot button- to hold back basically, what I consider to be the encroachment of the federal government upon our state and upon our citizens”

Dave Weston emphasized the importance of fundraising.

“We have to establish a base, a foundation” says Weston drawing analogy with the Calgary tower in Canada that stands 626 feet high, and weighs about 12,000 tons with 7 of those tons being concentrated at the base of the tower located underground.

 “When you have a foundation like that you can go way up high and you can do really well”  “The foundation for politics is fundraising”   He says he hopes to build upon the foundation already established within the Republican Party noting that “we’ve raised a lot of money in the past and money is the mother’s milk of politics”

Policy is also important says Weston “but without the foundation in place the policy is not going to get us very far because we have the people elected that are going to be able to enact that policy”

 amanda 1

Amanda Teegarden began by speaking  about her work over the past 8 years to “educate, advocate and lobby the Oklahoma state legislature”   She  says that the Oklahoma grassroots has done well in their party political efforts and have been very successful in getting Republicans elected in the state.  But still, something is not quite right.

“There’s a disconnect” says Teegarden.

She explains that it was during the process of educating herself which included spending time at the capitol directly observing the policy making that she realized “that what the press releases say and how the party is being marketed to the public compared to what we are actually doing legislatively with those policies and the changes that are taking place, there’s a disconnect.”

Addressing that “disconnect between what’s being said and what’s being done” is of great importance to her.

Teegarden notes that she has a proven track record of bringing people together, educating them on the issues encouraging them to participate in the political process “so that we can enjoy proper representation.”  She vows to continue that work as OK GOP Chair.

On the issue of fundraising, she agrees with Weston that it is important noting that the state GOP has “fortunately been blessed with many people who have that skillset.  What is missing in Republican leadership, she says, is somebody who also understands policy and can bring that understanding level of accountability to the office”

I get to ask the first question of our candidates and my question is an open one.  I ask; What do you think is the biggest problem or stumbling block that exists within our GOP and what do we have to do fix that, to improve?”

Dave Weston says that he doesn’t believe that Republicans need to change their message.  Using the example of Scott Walker Wisconsin, Weston says it is apparent that “conservatism as it is still sells. . .Conservatism is the best way to govern best way to live best way for people to have moral values to have a moral government and so I don’t believe that we need to change anything as far as out messaging goes

“What we do need to do is improve the delivery of our message”

Weston says we were “out-executed” on the national level in the presidential election but says that ultimately the fact that many Republicans “chose to be frustrated and stay home” is the reason that we now have Barack Obama as president.

Amanda Teegarden says that she thinks the biggest problem is that, the policies that are currently being advanced . . .are running contrary to what our platform says we are about”

She says that the problem is not that our message is wrong but that tactics are being used to try and force people to accept what is essentially pablum in place of red meat.  Teegarden points to the selection of weak candidates in 2008 and 2012 as a big part of the problem.

Next, Howard wants to know how we going to bring in minorities and young people into the Republican part.

“What are we going to do to grab a hold of these groups that we are missing in the Republican Party?” He asks the candidates.

Dave Weston:  “As far as minorities are concerned, we need to quit calling them ‘minorities’  in my opinion, it is ‘ethnic outreach,’ number one so we’ve got to change the verbiage and we’ve got to treat them like they are regular people and reach out to them.”

Weston says he is encouraged by the efforts of one Oklahoma Republican Women’s club in attending Naturalization ceremonies on the 29th of each month.  He says they now signed up over 50 new republicans

Regarding the youth, Weston says that “our biggest detriment is that our meetings are boring” Boring meetings and disagreeing in a disagreeable fashion are the two biggest reasons why people don’t come back around.”


Amanda Teegarden says she agrees that we have to do more to reach these people and that she believes that having a party that stands on principle is attractive to these groups.

In the case of immigrants, Teegarden says that this is what they came to this country for; “. . .to enjoy the freedoms and liberty” this she says is the impression they have of the United States that brought them here.  “Immigrants, she says, would be naturally gravitating to the party that stands on principle.”

Amanda Teegarden says that she has actively pursued engagement with young conservatives.  For example, the recent Nathan Dahm for Senate campaign that she worked on.  Teegarden holds Nathan Dahm up as an example of a young candidate that is a true conservative and says that it is evident that there are young people that are willing to get engaged and that  she has actively pursued engagement with these young conservatives.

Next, I wanted to see what these two candidates thought about the controversial changes to the RNC rules even as I expressed my uncertainty that the question might be a rather moot point. (Moot because the Spring RNC meeting where this issue was being  addressed ended on Friday, the same day this show was airing and the fate of the unpopular rule changes from last Fall had presumably been decided already.   For some background in this issue follow this link )

I asked,   “What ideas do you have about fixing, if you think it is a problem,  the RNC adopted rule changes from the last RNC convention that basically in a lot of ways strips states parties of their power and control over convention delegates  what is your opinion on that and do you propose we do about it?”

Dave Weston says “Well, I mean, we seem to revert back to where we were before.   I think there are a lot of people who feel that that is an overreach.”

Weston goes on to say that it is his understanding that our GOP National Committeeman, Steve Fair is going to meeting where he will seek to get the rule changed.

(At the recent Spring RNC meeting held April 10th – 13th, Morton Blackwell led the charge to reverse the controversial 2012 RNC rule change that served to shift the balance of power within the GOP even further to the top.  It is reported that Steve Fair did indeed cast his vote in favor of reversing the rule change which failed by a narrow margin.)

Amanda Teegarden first asks for me to clarify that I am referring to Rule 11 that was adopted at the 2012 convention in Florida.  I confirm that Rule 11 is what I am referencing.

**Note: Here is another instance of my well known handicap with numbers surfacing.   Rule 11 was, in fact, the subject of controversy preceding the 2012 RNC convention but really I was referring to the RNC “power grab” rule changes.  Maybe I will get a little sympathy since these rules were renumbered at least once during last year’s battle over them.  In any event, Amanda connected with substance of the problems with these rules despite my bungling.  My apologies for the confusion**

Amanda Teegarden responded that the rule controversy served the purpose of helping the social conservatives and liberty group realize that the problem it was not one another rather, “It was the top down control effort on the part of the establishment to control the outcome,”

And stated unequivocally that that the rule “. . .needs to be overturned.”

“The Republican Party is supposed to be the Party from the grassroots up, from the bottom up, not a top down Party, that is what its tradition is and  in order to do that we have to have as much latitude as possible and freedom to choose our candidate as a state. . .”


With only about a minute or so left in segment, Howard gave Weston and Teegarden each 30 seconds to give their closing thoughts beginning with Dave Weston.

Dave Weston said that he just wanted to point out one difference between Amanda and himself and stated, “I do not want to subvert the will of the people at the ballot box.”

“I voted for Rick Santorum and Huckabee in the two previous presidential primary preference election but I don’t understand . . . obviously we can probably change the selection process somewhat, but don’t understand how you can go against the rules, we are talking about rules all the time and yet you are talking about going against the rules of not supporting the nominee and because of that we have Pres. Obama in office.”


At this point, Howard hands the floor to Amanda for her 30 second final thoughts and Weston continues concluding with “and that is not a good place for the GOP chairman to be in.”

Amanda Teegarden“It is the right of the people to reject the rules that was an unfair rule that was put into place and is currently being mischaracterized as what its intent and I believe that the core principles of the Republican Party are expressed in our platform and our public official should be held accountable to the platform and we should encourage them as a party and party officials to stand up for it and if I am elected as Chair that is what I intend to do”

Dave Weston interjects “Amanda you are saying our elections are illegal?”

Amanda Teegarden: “No.  I am not saying our elections are illegal”

With seconds to spare Howard and I close the show.

The comments made by Weston at the end are a head scratcher for me.  He insinuates that Amanda believes in subverting the will of the people at the ballot box and subverting rules.  I wish we had of had more time so that these points could have been clarified but there are at least two opportunities to hear these candidates speak and ask questions prior to the State GOP Convention.

Tulsa 912 meeting

Thursday, April 18th 6:30pm

Spirit Life Church (Evangelistic Temple) Destination Kids Building

5345 South Peoria Avenue Tulsa, OK 74105-6819

The High Noon Club

Friday, April 19th at 12 noon

H&H Shooting Sports, 400 S Vermont Ave #110 Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! OK State GOP Chair Candidates and Documentarian Debbie Lewis

a4l 55
Kaye Beach
April 12, 2013
AxXiom For Liberty Live!  Fridays 6-8 PM Central
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We have a great show lined up for you tonight!

Guests: Amanda Teegarden and David Weston-OK candidates for state GOP Char and Debbie Lewis, independent researcher, freelance writer and photographer and documentary writer for the new film Peddling Influence as well as other great documentaries.

Oklahoma Republicans are just days away from their annual state convention. This year the top order of business is electing new party officers including the state GOP Chair. First up tonight Howard and I will be speaking with the two candidates vying for that position- Amanda Teegarden and David Weston.

Amanda Teegarden

Amanda Teegarden has announced her candidacy for the State Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
Teegarden’s experience in grassroots education and activism convinced
her that “the only way to solve our current crisis is to truly become
the party of the people. Oklahoma has a strong history of populism,
based upon self-reliance, neighborliness, community and civic
involvement that accounts for the unique character so many people admire
in our citizens,”.

“That means making our precincts active enterprises for education and activism. The precinct is the smallest political unit in the nation and the most important. American government is designed to flow from the individual up to the precinct and beyond.  We need to actively encourage participation in these neighborhood areas so we can help citizens restore good government to our cities, counties, state and nation,”.


David Weston

Why I’m running…
I see two challenges which threaten our future. The first is complacency. We cannot afford to replace optimism with contentment. As has been said: “The arrogance of success is to think that what we did yesterday is good enough for tomorrow.” The second is discord. We can fight each other for control while our adversary marches on, or we can come together and work to achieve common goals. As Sallust explained: “Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord.” To keep moving forward, we must grant each other the grace of a short-term memory when we have been offended. This is why I’m running for OKGOP Chair.


Next up, a lady I admire very much, Debbie Lewis.  We will be discussing the new documentary Peddling Influence a William Lewis Films production written by Debbie Lewis.

The Lies, Deception and Dollars, New Film Reveals Dark Side of Media
Debbie Lewis      

Columbia, MO, March 1, 2013 – In a country where deceit has become the norm, shouldn’t we expect our mainstream media to expose the deception rather than cover it up?  Day in and day out our news and information coverage is spun in such a sinister way that we cannot trust what we see and hear.  And we know it…just take a look at the polls regarding media trustworthiness.  How did this nation go from the desire of a Free Press to a “bought and paid for” media?  Peddling Influence may have the answer.  Read More      

For more information, to view the teasers and to acquire your copy of Peddling Influence, visit William Lewis Films

More about Debbie Lewis;

Debbie Lewis is a concerned mother, independent researcher, freelance writer
and amateur photographer troubled with the obvious lack of representation in our government and the suppression of truth in the mainstream media.  Lewis does research for William Lewis Films productions, has written three feature length documentaries, Peddling Influence, Blood of Patriots and The Ron Paul Uprising and co-wrote Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2.  Her articles are featured in the international publication Namaste Magazine and the national publications Survivalist and The Sovereign and they appear at several locations on the web, including www.TakeBackWashington.com and www.SecuringLiberty.com.

Your questions or comments are always welcome!
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Oklahomans concerned about unmanned aircraft attend state Capitol rally

idp13 capitol 1

Photo by Dana Lawhon

Kaye Beach

Feb.24, 2013

From the Oklahoman, Michael McNutt, Feb. 23, 2013

Nearly 200 people attend a rally Saturday at the Oklahoma Capitol in Oklahoma City to support Oklahoma House Bill 1556 by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore, that would place regulations on the use of drones in the state.

Joanne Francisco, one of several people who came to a state Capitol rally Saturday with a face mask, said the encroachment of government on
her 4th Amendment right to privacy, such as the possible use of drones to spy on individuals, is a growing concern.

“Government is getting too intrusive, nosy,”
said Francisco, of Tulsa. “How do we know when our rights have been infringed upon? We can see a peeping Tom outside our window, but we
can’t necessarily see when we’re being spied on by a drone.”

The article highlights statements by Ryan Kiesel, Director of the Oklahoma ACLU, Amie Stepanovich, legal counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center and an expert in government surveillance, and Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director of OK-SAFE, Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise.

Read more

Oklahoma has three important privacy protecting bill active this session.  All of them need some grassroots support to help ensure that they become law.

Please see our action items on HB1556, HB1557 and HB1559 covering privacy protections regarding drones, phones and RFID chips;

Okla. Legislative Action: Three Important Privacy Protection Bills and What You Can Do to Help

Drones, Phones and RFID; PRIVACY Unites Left and Right in Oklahoma

ok dragonfly

Kaye Beach

Jan. 10, 2013

Despite the uncomfortable level of political division among Americans, there are still issues that bring us together.

This legislative session the left and right are pulling together for privacy.  I couldn’t be more excited about this development becuase when the battle between our right to privacy and big corporation’s desire to make money intersect, our numbers are everything.

On Sat. Feb. 23rd at the Oklahoma State Capitol, we will have an opportunity to assemble and to demonstrate those numbers and make it very clear to our elected representatives that Oklahomans expect their privacy rights to be respected!


Amie Stepanovich, EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, on drones and privacy

Ryan Kiesel, Director, OK ACLU

Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director od OK-SAFE  – Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise will be our Master of Ceremonies

IDP13 OKC flyer

Here is a copy of this flyer for you to download and share!

International Day For Privacy Oklahoma City

If you would like to connect with others online who are excited about and are attending this event, check out Oklahomans For Fourth Amendment Rights at State Capitol on Facebook.

KFOR reports Feb. 5th, 2013:

Unlikely groups join forces to support privacy bills

The Oklahoma Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union along with Rep. Paul Wesselhoft held a joint press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday to explain the three bills aimed at protecting the privacy rights of Oklahomans.

House Bill 1559: The first bill would prohibit the Department of Public Safety from installing RFID radio frequency identification in a driver’s license.

House Bill 1557: Another bill would require law enforcement, absent an emergency, to first obtain a warrant before they access the geo-location data stored by a cell phone.

House Bill 1556: Finally, the third bill would limit the ability of law enforcement to use drones for surveillance without a warrant. 

Read more from KFOR


Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live! Amanda Teegarden, Dan Feidt

Kaye Beach

Nov. 16, 2012

Listen Live-LogosRadioNetwork.com  click ‘Listen’ then choose your Internet speed.  Logos Radio Network is a listener supported, free speech radio network and your contributions are vital but you do not have to be a subscriber in order to hear the show.
Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live!  6-8 PM Central

 Howard and I will be covering a variety of topics including the latest on the Obamacare implementation and the resistance to the healthcare exchanges and medicaid expansion that are integral to the implementation of the health care reform law. Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE will join us to go over the Action Items for opposing Obamacare that were developed for the Rally for Oklahoma Healthcare Independence held last July following the mixed Supreme Court ruling on the federal health care reform law.

The roll out of Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) in the state of Oklahoma and the concerns that surround the use of these devices will also be covered.  ALPR can be a valuable tool for law enforcement or they can be mis-used to create a mass surveillance system that tracks our every move without a warrant or probable cause.  Unfortunately, there is ample evidence that they are being used in exactly this way.  Howard and I will explore what can be done to stop the unconstitutional uses of these license tag scanners.

We will also catch up with Dan Feidt, indy journalist and activist to find out what ever happened with the investigation into the wayward Drug Recognition Expert program in Minnesota that Dan helped uncover was giving drugs to Occupy protestors.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A Chicago County sheriff’s deputy told state investigators he was “in shock” after he saw his training partner give two young men marijuana to smoke in the back of a squad car. Read more


Your questions or comments are always welcome!

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Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Live: Narconon Arrowhead Update, Amanda Teegarden and Vicky Davis

Kaye Beach

August 17, 2012

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty Radio Live-

Listen Live online from 6-8PM CST on LogosRadioNetwork.com
First, we will get an update from Colin Henderson on the situation with Narconon Arrowhead.  We covered the problems at this Scientology based drug rehabilitation center in depth back on the July 27, 2012 show.
There has been a series of questionable deaths at the facility and the enterprise has been fraught with controversy ever since it decided to locate in Oklahoma.  The media, as of late, have begun to take the organization to task both on the local and now on the national level.
Colin has been working to bring his concerns about Narconon to the fore since 2007.  Tonight he will catch us up on the latest about Narconon Arrowhead since we spoke with him last and give us his reaction to the NBC expose’ that aired last night on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Families question Scientology-linked drug rehab after recent deaths

From Fox 25 OKC;

Narconon Arrowhead Legislation Planned

An Oklahoma Senator is planning to draft legislation in wake of the deaths at a rehab facility in Canadian, Oklahoma. Senator Tom Ivester says he plans to work with officials at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to author his legislation. Ivester says his legislation will be aimed at “regulating questionable practices of a drug treatment program with close ties to the Church of Scientology.”

Read more and watch the news cast
After that I am very pleased to introduce two good friends, Amanda Teegarden, the executive Director of OK-SAFE and Vicky Davis, former  Computer Systems Analyst and current researcher and blogger at Channeling Reality.  Both of these ladies are fact excavators-they read, research and dig to try and get to the bottom of things.   Together we will have a freewheeling discussion that will start with local matters (like current city planning misadventures in the cities of Norman and Tulsa) and then take a look at some interesting information that Vicky has found regarding the EPA, NATO and more.  If you are wondering what NATO and the EPA have in common, you aren’t alone and you have yet to hear about NATO’s ” third dimension”  Vicky Davis will explain.
Your comments and questions are welcome! The call in number is 512-646-1984


Show Notes

On August 28, your vote WILL count!   Vote for Charles Key for Oklahoma County Court Clerk!


GOA’s Larry Pratt coming to Claremore, McAlester

— Rep. George Faught to Join Discussion on Fast & Furious, 2nd Amendment Legislation

GOA is holding meetings throughout the country to help educate the public about the Obama administration’s failures with Operation Fast and Furious and how the President bypasses Congress to assault the Second Amendment.

Monday, August 20 in Claremore at 6:00 PM

JM Davis Gun Museum 330 N. J.M. Davis Blvd. Claremore, OK 74017



Tuesday, August 21 in McAlester at 12:00 noon

The Meeting Place 104 East Choctaw Avenue,
Downtown McAlester



Lunch will be available for purchase.

These events are free to the public and open to the media. No reservation is required but it would be helpful for planning purposes if you would call (703) 321-8585 or email eisler@gunowners.org if you plan on attending.

Are you a victim of Narconon Arrowhead?

The Inspector General’s Office of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health wants to hear from victims of Narconon Arrowhead.
They want firsthand accounts, in fact they need them. They will investigate any concerns you have and want to talk to you ASAP!
Local (405) 522-4058. Toll Free Number (877) 426-4058

Vicky Davis http://www.channelingreality.com writes in reference to the phenomenon of  cities instigating these boom and bust cycles;

It’s a localized version of Wall Street’s pump and dump.    The economic developers move in… create an atmosphere of boom time, the city has to build infrastructure for this development that they promise (that never comes).  The cities and counties have to float bonds to pay for the infrastructure, those bonds are securitized and sold on Wall Street – probably the same kind of scam as the securitized mortgages (sold many times over).
Pump the local economy…. then dump it because once they have the securitized debt obligations, the cities are on the hook.
Here are three pieces talking about economic development… once you could say ok, twice maybe coincidence but I keep seeing the same pattern over and over again.
The latest one I wrote is this –
Here is the story about Ireland
Read the last two paragraphs of this one:

Jailed man narrowly escapes fatal error in electronic health record

Tonight-Amanda Teegarden on FDR’s New Deal and Technocracy, Hour 2 the Death of Officer Terrence Yeakey on AxXiom For Liberty Live 6-8 PM

Kaye Beach

August 3, 2012

AxXiom For Liberty Radio

Listen Live from 6-8 pm every Friday on LogosRadioNetwork.com

Tonight on AxXiom For Liberty, I am pleased to welcome Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE.  Amanda will be joining me in the first hour to talk about LBJ, the New Deal and Technocracy in relation to current issues of the day.

More about ‘Technocracy’ at OK-SAFE

Get the Latest Action Alerts from OK-SAFE

Hour Two

Special guest Joe Cooley on the unresolved death of OKC Bombing first responder Officer Terrance Yeakey.

In the second hour I will be speaking with Joe Cooley who is one of the most knowledgeable persons there is on the death of Officer Terrance Yeakey.  Joe Cooley is a former Private Investigator and Security Supervisor for Profile International Security Services during the 90’s Has worked for Fortune 500 companies as a Fraud Investigator/skip tracer and graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Psychology

Officer Terrence Yeakey was a first responder on the scene of the OKC bombing.   His death in 1996 was quickly labeled a suicide without ever receiving any sort of a proper investigation.  The tragic loss of Terry Yeakey still haunts friends and family members to this day.  After hearing the details from Mr. Cooley, I think you will see why.

Unanswered Questions Haunt Family of Oklahoma City Bombing First Responder


Watch this Documentary– A Noble Lie Oklahoma City 1995

Your comments and questions are welcome!

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Show Notes

Smart meter info, handouts, decals, certified letter etc.  Go here- AxXiom For Liberty July 13, 2012 show notes (at bottom of post)

Are We being Tracked by ALPR Spy Cams? 38 State Law Enforcement Agencies to be Queried

Online book-The People’s Pottage (from the Mises Institute)http://mises.org/books/pottage.pdf

List of Injuries and Usurpations by Amanda Teegarden, OK-SAFE

Kaye Beach

July 10, 2012

At the Rally for Healthcare Independence held at the Oklahoma State Capitol on July 7, 2012, Amanda Teegarden, Exec. Director of OK-SAFE Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise, listed some of the injuries and usurpation committed by our elected officials.  These are all worth a closer look and I have taken the liberty of adding links that reinforce or expand on the points she made.

Listen to Amanda Teegarden’s speech;

Transcript of speech;

1.  “We have experienced the refusal by our elected officials to hear and advance legislation requested by “We the People” of their own home districts. Instead, these same officials have chosen to ridicule the people of their districts, manipulate the legislative process, make false statements about time constraints, ignore their own House rules, all the while justifying their actions.”

2. “Our officials have continued to grow government by the establishment of an ever increasing number of authorities, boards, commissions and trusts.  These are called the ABC’s.  These unelected bodies consist of people appointed from a small pool of  political insiders.  These entities meet in private and make rules that govern the rest of us, favor their friends with contracts, they are accountable to no one and do not represent or serve the people of Oklahoma.   These unelected bodies can solicit and receive federal grants, award contracts, issue bonds and incur debt that the rest of us have to guarantee.”

(ABC’s Click on the picture below if you would like to take a gander at the mind boggling number of Agencies, Boards and Commissions that exist in our state to manage just about every facet of our lives.)

3. “Our Elected officials, while claiming to be for limited government and reduced taxation, have worked to increase the size and scope of state government by implementation of something called Public-Private Partnerships. This corrupt ménage-a-trois is the model for the so-called New Economy – it marries Government with Industry and Academia. This European model is exclusionary in practice and is funded by the backs of the people in the form increased government spending and taxes, bonds, and tax credits for the government partners.
4.“Our Elected officials have increased the financial burden of the people of Oklahoma by approving ever-increasing state budgets – now at a whopping $6.8 billion for 2012.”
5. ‘Our Elected officials have levied taxes in a stealth manner – calling them fees instead. One such fee increased by 300% in one fell swoop. Officials justified this action by stating that “the fee had not been increased in a while”’

6. “Our Elected officials have continued to grow government by the establishment of an ever increasing number of A, B, Cs – Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Trusts.
-These unelected bodies consist of people appointed from a small pool of political insiders. These entities meet in private, make rules that govern the rest of us, favor their friends with contracts. They are accountable to no one, and do not represent or serve the People of Oklahoma.
– These unelected bodies can solicit and receive federal grants, award contracts, issue bonds, and incur debt that the rest of us have to guarantee.
– One such entity is the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Trust, or OHIET. Have you ever heard of the OHIET? They’re busy laying the foundation for “ObamaCare” in the state of OK, using Stimulus money and federal grants to do so, awarding contracts to companies their members have vested interests in.
-Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Trusts are the unelected “fourth branch of government” – advancing the interests of the rich and powerful, not the people of Oklahoma.”
7. “Agents and Agencies of our State Government are busy Reinventing that traditional institution – transforming the state of Oklahoma from a representative Republic -a government of, for, and by the people – toward a “Governance” model. The state and its agencies are to be managed by a “technocratic elite” for the use and benefit of certain corporations and the progressives in both parties.
This reinvention is being spearheaded by at least one recently instituted cabinet position – namely the Office of the Chief Information Officer. This agency is busy consolidating and concentrating power into the hands of a very few agents. Welcome to Government 2.0! Welcome to Technocracy! Governance by “Experts”!
8. “This state has entered into information-sharing compacts that allow the transmittal of highly personal information about you – your health, school, and work, your life and lifestyle choices, how many fruits and vegetables you eat and whether or not you exercise. This information is being shared across jurisdictions, across state lines, with the federal government, and with others unknown to us. All without the people’s informed consent.”

The assaults on Liberty continue with:
9. The stealth implementation of the REAL ID Act, creating a de-facto national – no, international -identification card, one that requires:
– The collection of personally identifiable biometric information
– Facial recognition quality photos on our drivers licenses and IDs
– And by refusing to pass the legislation that would have prohibited RFID tags in the OK drivers licenses!
10. “The forced installation of Smart Meters on our homes, in furtherance of the global Smart Grid
-These meters serve to monitor every activity inside our homes.
11. Oklahoma State officials have now allowed DRONEs to fly over Oklahoma – for surveillance of its own people. This is an inappropriate use of the military’s war fighting surveillance technologies. We are not the enemy! Those same officials are praising the deployment of drones on U.S. soil as evidence of ‘job creation'”
12. “Our Elected officials just this year put a cap on the use of freshwater in this state. Called the Water for 2060 Act, this law says that “the public policy of this state is to establish and work toward a goal of consuming no more fresh water in the year 2060 than is consumed statewide in the year 2012”; How are we to live, grow and prosper with such an egregious and arbitrary cap on freshwater usage?”
13. “Finally, our elected officials have been implementing, while denying that they are doing so, all the provisions of “ObamaCare” in the state of Oklahoma.”

They have allowed for the creation and advancement of an electronic health record on every single person, whether they wanted one or not.
– This electronic health record begins at birth with an electronic birth certificate, tracks us through school, into our work, and makes record of our lifestyle choices – virtually our every activity. This record continues until we’re dead, making “health care reform” truly cradle-to-grave.
– Health care reform allows for “human subject research” without the knowledge or the informed consent of the person.
– These electronic health records link the patient, the provider and the payer together – in a nationwide – correction! In a global health information network.
– Our Elected officials have continued to work to establish an “ObamaCare” insurance exchange in Oklahoma. These insurance exchanges completely redesign the insurance industry market and insert a middle man into the traditional business model. The end result will be increased costs for all of us.
– Our Elected officials have claimed that they can establish a “state-based exchange”, one that is different from the federal government’s version. What they are not telling the people is that there is only one way an exchange will work – and that is the federal way. Oklahoma has been laying the groundwork for this for years – is it likely they’ll abandon that now?
– Despite the people saying NO to the exchanges, there are still those who continue to press for their establishment in this state.

(Health Care Reform Defined)

14. The burdens on the people of Oklahoma are already great – we can carry no more. Whether by Compact or by Tax we must not implement ObamaCare!”

OK-SAFE Q and A about the 2011Joint Legislative Committee and Health Care Reform Law

Kaye Beach

Nov. 17, 2011

From OK-SAFE’s Blog;


AP reporter Sean Murphy on Tuesday asked OK-SAFE Executive Director Amanda Teegarden for some comments about the 2011 Joint Legislative Committee and Health Care Reform Law. (Teegarden spoke to this committee on 11/3/11 in Tulsa.)

Formed at the conclusion of the last legislative session to examine the impact of the federal health care reform law on Oklahoma, this committee held its’ fifth (and final) meeting on Tuesday, 11/15/11 in the House chambers.


Here are the questions that were asked (follow this link to OK-SAFE’s Blog to read the answers)

-Do you think the Oklahoma Legislature should ignore the federal requirement that a health care exchange be established? If so, why? 

 -What about the provision that provides if a state doesn’t establish an exchange, the feds will do it for them?

-Do you think the state should count on the health care law being overturned/dismantled by a the Supreme Court or a future administration?

-What are your thoughts about the ability of the tea party and other grassroots conservative groups like yours to successfully fight against the establishment of the exchanges and to resist the implementation of the federal health care law in Oklahoma?

-What are your thoughts in general about this task force and the work they’ve conducted, recommendations they should make