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India’s Biometric ID: Optimism beats evidence

Kaye Beach

July 23, 2011

Biometrics for identification is not working as advertised and the word is getting out.

A few months ago on AxXiom For Liberty Live,  we spoke with David Moss, IT Specialist, Researcher and longtime campaigner against the UK’s biometric ID scheme.

“Optimism beats evidence in the drive to fingerprint the worldaccording to David Moss.

David’s work proves that India’s plan to bio metrically identify and number 1.2 billion of India’s people is bound to fail.  India’s ID card scheme – drowning in a sea of false positives by David Moss

This article, Aadhaar: on a platform of myths, published in The Hindu on July 17, 2011,  attacks “three big myths” about India’s biometric ID (called Aadhaar).

The author, R. Ramakumar writes;

It is said that the greatest enemy of truth is not the lie, but the myth. A democratic government should not undertake a project of the magnitude of Aadhaar from a platform of myths. The lesson from the U.K. experience is that myths perpetrated by governments can be exposed through consistent public campaigns. India direly needs a mass campaign that would expose the myths behind the Aadhaar project

Myth #3 deals with the enormous amount of errors that this system would produce.

There is no doubt that the system is unworkable and contrary to the governments expressed desire to use the ID system to help the people, this plan would actually cause hardship for many of the people enrolled.

Who really benefits from mass enrollment in India’s biometric identification system, Aadhaar?  It is NOT the people!

Please share this information and help India get the mass campaign they need to expose and stop this awful program from being forced upon them.

Aadhaar: on a platform of myths

The Aadhaar project, just as its failed counterpart in the U.K., stands on a platform of myths. India needs a mass campaign to expose these myths.

. . .The experience with identity cards in the United Kingdom tells us that Mr. Blair’s marketing of the scheme was from a platform of myths. First, he stated that enrolment for cards would be “voluntary”. Second, he argued that the card would reduce leakages from the National Health System and other entitlement programmes; David Blunkett even called it not an “identity card,” but an “entitlement card.” Third, Mr. Blair argued that the card would protect citizens from “terrorism” and “identity fraud.” For this, the biometric technology was projected as infallible.

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There can be no freedom when the government controls the people

Kaye Beach

Jan.10, 2010

Biometric identification, RFID tracking, Facial recognition that enables our whereabouts and associations to be monitored, international data sharing of our most personal information-Some are calling this the “Fusion Age”.  I see it as the age of enslavement!

Admiral Poindexter with his Orwellian “Total Information Awareness” scheme, chose to use “Knowlege is Power” as the motto of this reportedly killed project yet governments worldwide continue to impose biometric ID upon the people.

The time has come for a strategy to be put in place that ensures that the federal government does not get the control it so desperately is seeking. State laws must exist that prohibit the use of these technologies against citizens.  —*Mark Lerner of the Stop Real ID Coalition and the Constitutional Alliance.

I agree. We have to win this!

At present there are 26 states opposing REAL ID-we want to make that 50!  All 50,  armed with solid facts to support a sensible stance on state drivers licenses and ID.

In order for us to win we need your help. We need people committed to getting the facts out to their neighbors and to their representatives.  We need people who are willing to go the distance by being at their state capitols and watching what our legislators are doing so that we know who is abiding their oath of office and who isn’t.  We need advocates for limiting government and protecting our natural and legal rights that will take the initiative and use their creativity to find ways to keep our government within its proper bounds.

It will take all of this and more but right now we need financial support most of all so that all we have invested in so far can come to fruition.

My purpose is to ensure that our state stays true to our founding principles.

The Constitutional Alliance has been on the leading edge of the issues I care about the most and I am happy to tell you that Oklahoma is fully engaged.

Mark Lerner says;

There is nowhere in the country that I am aware of that the type and scope of legislation that will be introduced this upcoming session in the Oklahoma legislature exists.  State and national groups, churches from across the state, private citizens and many others including members of the legislature are working together.  To use the expression “The fight is on in Oklahoma”.  The template used in Oklahoma to create an environment that will allow the citizens to regain control can be applied throughout the country.

Today, I am asking you for your support to help the Constitutional Alliance continue its crucial work.

But first, here is an update;

5 Leading Issues of 2010

The Constitutional Alliance is working diligently to provide citizens with the most current information on federal and state legislation on these important issues:

1)  The collection, maintaining and sharing of citizen’s biometric information (digital facial images, fingerprints, iris scans and so forth)

2)  The collection, maintaining and sharing of citizens SSN’s and other personal information in state DMV databases.

3)  The use of RFID chips/tags in identification documents.

4)  The use of CCTV/surveillance cameras and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Readers)

5) Any federal legislation that requires states to comply with federal standards/international standards for the issuance of state driver’s licenses.


It is crucial that we retain our ability to influence the direction of our government. Real ID and the Pass Act are global biometric identification and tracking systems. We must not permit such a powerful control systems to be imposed upon us.

Recently the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that the Real ID deadline was extended to April, 2011.  Many people now assume that there is breathing room, and that the States will address the Real ID Act and PASS ID Act legislation.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

The reality is that the other side is working diligently to come up with a compromise that will satisfy Real ID and PASS ID proponents.  We expect PASS ID to pass the full senate the end this month or early in February.

Our job is to provide accurate information and education so that citizens and lawmakers can make fully informed decisions.

Mark Lerner states;

We have an alternative to the Real ID Act 2005 and the PASS ID Act.  Our alternative keeps the federal government out of the business of controlling state driver’s licenses.  Our alternative would also insure that driver’s licenses have the document integrity needed and that each person could only obtain one driver’s license.  Our alternative insures each person will remain presumed innocent and not made to be subjected to the controlling measures of the federal government which removes the presumption of innocence.
As a not for profit entity, the Constitutional Alliance maintains focus on the educational aspects of the issues, however, If you are interested to learn about the different pieces of legislation in Oklahoma, you may email stoprealid@aol.com for a summarization of each of the bills.)

We all want good security for our nation but since when is security a zero sum game?  Are we supposed to believe that our security grows in proportion to the liberties we surrender?  That is what they seem to want us to believe.

The Stop REAL ID Coalition offers an alternative.

We have an alternative to the Real ID Act 2005 and the PASS ID Act.  Our alternative keeps the federal government out of the business of controlling state driver’s licenses.  Our alternative would also insure that driver’s licenses have the document integrity needed and that each person could only obtain one driver’s license.  Our alternative insures each person will remain presumed innocent and not made to be subjected to the controlling measures of the federal government which removes the presumption of innocence.
There can be no freedom when the government controls the people

The Alliance has just finished up its DVD, Stop Real ID. It drives the point home that with biometrics-

Your Body Is Your ID.
Mark Lerner is putting the finishing touches on a booklet he has been working on for us. This will give us one more tool to educate others (including our legislators) about the facts regarding Real ID and biometric identification.

We still have several important events that must be attended so that the right people get the solid information that they need.  Mark Lerner, a proven advocate, is serving as our consultant. We need to get Mark to at least four separate events around the state. These events start next week. The funds we are raising will be used for travel expenses, lodging, printed presentation materials, and pre-publication costs for the upcoming book.

The Constitutional Alliance is a non-profit 501(c) (3) that relies on the support of individuals like you and the  scope of our efforts is contingent upon your contributions.

We Need your Help Today!

On behalf of Alliance members who are working tirelessly to these ends, I ask that you make your most generous contribution today.
Donate Online at www.constitutionalalliance.org (top left side of page)

OR, you may send checks or money orders to;

“Constitutional Alliance Inc”

P.O. Box 2512, Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

If you need more information or would like me, or one of our members, to speak to your group about Real ID, Biometrics, RFID or any other surveillance and tracking plans, please let me know.

Thank You!

Kaye Beach, Grassroots Coordinator, the Constitutional Alliance



Please access materials available on our web-sites that demonstrate why so many states (26) and citizens are opposed to the Real ID Act and the PASS ID Act.

http://www.stoprealidcoalition.com and http://www.constitutionalalliance.org

*Mark Lerner

Mark Lerner was a confidant of senior people in the biometrics industry. After uncovering many improper acts by top people in the industry, Mark provided what has been called a “massive” amount of evidence to the government. After nearly a two investigation Mark came forward publicly when the results of the investigation were not revealed to congress or the public. Mark now leads the Stop Real ID Coalition and is a spokesperson for the Constitutional Alliance. Mark has testified before many state legislative committees and is in Washington D.C. on a regular basis supporting the rights of citizens.