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Action Alert! House Bill 1559 – NO RFID IN OUR ID

Kaye Beach

Feb, 22, 2013

House Bill 1559 – NO RFID IN OUR ID!

HB1559 by Rep. Paul Wesselhoft would prohibit the state Public Safety  Department from installing Radio Frequency Identification tracking  technology in a driver’s license or state-issued identification card.

What is RFID?  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are very small information technology devices that are attached or embedded into anything that needs to be tracked or identified. RFID is great for tracking of objects, goods, and inventory.

In 2007, the Govt. Accountability Office official warned that:

“Once a particular individual is identified through an RFID tag, personally identifiable information can be retrieved from any number of sources and then aggregated to develop a profile of the individual. Both tracking and profiling can compromise an individual’s privacy”

HB1559 has been sent to the House Transportation Committee. However,  the Chairman of the committee, Rep. Charlie Joyner, refuses to schedule  the bill to be heard (which is very odd since he voted FOR this very  same piece of legislation in the past!)

Please email or call Rep. Joyner the member of the Transportation Committee and ask that he please give HB1559 a hearing. Do this right away! If this bill is not  scheduled on Tuesday Feb. 26-it will die.

Chairman House Transportation Committee Rep. Charlie Joyner charlie.joyner@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7314

Tell him that:

• The state of Oklahoma already prohibits the implantation of RFID microchips in human beings.

• RFID on our driver’s license and state ID cards would be the next  best thing to actually implanting them in our bodies because we carry  our ID documents with us everywhere we go.

• RFID readers are  becoming more and more prevalent and will eventually enable tracking us wherever we go revealing our travels, habits and associations.

• Tagging and tracking of human beings is inappropriate and violates our right to privacy.

• AND remind him that he voted FOR this legislation before!

RFID is for inventory, NOT human beings!

Oklahoma House Rules (still) Stink

Kaye Beach

May 18, 2011

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft bestowed his annual Skunk Master Award for 2011 to HR 1008, the very first measure voted on this session, addressing the rules. More specifically the award goes to the failure to accept the amendment offered to the rules that woulds have help to ensure a more fair and transparent legislative process.

This week, I am supporting a discharge petition that, if signed by 68 House members, would bring this much needed amendment back to the floor for a vote.  We are just days away from the end of session and I ask that everyone who would like to see our state legislature operate in a more open and fair manner, to please ask their state representatives to sign the discharge petition. (if you don’t know who your representative is, click here)

So far these Representatives have firmly  declined to sign the open government rule discharge petition;

Josh Cockroft
Ann Coody
Doug Cox
Charie Joyner
Steve Martin
Guy Liebmann
Charles Ortega
Steve Vaughan

Phil Richardson

(See, Our State Legislature is Broken! Restoring Representative Government – Mon-Wed this week )

HR 1008

OK-SAFE  At the beginning of each 2-year session, both the House and Senate adopt rules by which they will operate for those 2 years. These rules define not only the duties of the legislators and dictate their day-to-day conduct (no cussin’, swearin’, or spittin’), they determine how the legislative process will be conducted.

HR 1008 House Rules started from a template of last session’s rules and included changes offered by a 5-member committee who met prior to the beginning of session.

(If you’d like to hear an discussion about the pros and cons of permitting our state legislature to operate in a more open and representative fashion, listen to this conversation recorded at a Republican meeting about a week ago.  It sure convinced me!)

Writes Rep. Wesselhoft

“With the exception of the budget bill, there is not a more important bill or resolution than the resolution which governs or rules the House of representatives.

. . .This Rules resolution was amended by Rep. Charles Key to make it the most fair, democratic, and transparent manner to govern a legislative body in state history! The failure of the Key amendment and those who voted against it is the Skunk Master Award.

Had the Key amendment passed, it would have made state history, set a model for the nation, and been the Crown Jewell of Speaker Steel’s administration. Unfortunately, leadership forfeited a great historical opportunity.

The Key amendment failure insured that dictatorial power, if desired, would be summerly exercised by the chairs, the Floor Leader, and ultimately the Speaker.

Those few leaders have virtually absolute authority not to allow a bill or resolution a hearing; this abuse occurred numerous times, caused ill will among Democrats and Republicans, fractured the House and alienated many Republicans within their own majority caucus.

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