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A4L Live! Friday Oct 22nd. Cory Bernardi Fights, Aussies Mourn & Oklahoma Pushes for Privacy!

Tomorrow on Axxiom for Liberty Radio: My co-host will be Howard Houchen, host of Road to Liberty and we will have as our guest Australian Senator Cory Bernardi. Senator Bernardi is a South Australian Liberal Party (think classical-liberalism) Senator who consistently fights for individual Freedoms, free-market principles, less central government, and sound money.  Also expect to hear representatives from local groups who are pushing for privacy rights.  (more below)

Listen live from 6-8 pm CST at Rule of Law Radio


“I am advised the Thompson family have broken no law, they have no outstanding environmental infringements, they have done everything asked of them by government, they are popular in their local community and nearby towns, and yet they still face ruin. They run a profitable business—or they ran a profitable business. But an over-officious and what would appear to be an overzealous government bureaucracy has cut the profitability of their business and their ability to access any capital.”

Senator Cory Bernardi to Parliament, 6:54 pm 28 Sept. 2010

Janet Thompson is from Howard’s hometown of Hugo Oklahoma.

More about the Thompson’s case


The Death of Property Rights

Please and join us for the
Funeral Service

To be held on the steps of
Parliament House Perth
11:00 a.m.
Monday, 25 October 2010

“wear black, and bring your truck”

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The Future of Property Rights and the Impact of Hyper-Environmentalism in America?


Also Friday on AxXiom For Liberty;

we will hear from Marcus Kesler from the Oklahoma Pirate Party about an upcoming rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol October 30th, from 2 pm until 5 pm, Freedom- Not Fear,  to call attention to the growing surveillance in our nation

And Kirk Shelly, representing the Campaign for Liberty about a petition drive to protect our personal information.

Radical communitarianism in the name of the unknown

From Classical Values

I don’t like other people telling me what to do.

One of the reasons I abhor communitarianism (and tend to see my political philosophy as the opposite of that) is because it vests communitarian thinkers with the self appointed power to tell me (and others) what to do. Provided, of course, that they come up with a claim to do so in the name of what they call “the common good.” “For the good of all.” It’s utilitarianism on stilts.

(Yeah, I’m making fun of Bentham who said that the idea of “natural rights” is “nonsense on stilts.” Perhaps out of respect I should call communitarianism “nonsense on steroids.”)

Anyway, my fear and loathing of communitarianism is not merely grounded in the fact that communitarians would tell me what to do. They would also disregard the Constitution, which they see as something there to be interpreted for the good of all (anything that “promotes the general welfare” is fine) — something in many ways analogous to the idea that “Natural Law” supersedes the Constitution whether we can define it or not.

Far from being a fringe philosophy, communitarianism is fast becoming the law of the land which will not only supersede the Constitution, but which is poised to reach out and touch every single one of us and restrict our lives in countless myriad of ways — simply because a group of people have decided they know what is in the common good.

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